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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Purple Eye, Stupid Hair

We all have them.  Bad hair days.  Well this post is showing the world my bad hair day.  It was the day before hair dye day and I didn't really do much with my hair and boy does it show!

I also decided to wear a pink shirt and do purple eyes.  You all know how I feel about pink.  It's the same in clothes.  I'm not a fan.  But for some reason, I thought yeah pink and purple.

Just realized that I'm writing this post before Christmas and it will post New Year's Eve.  Like I said last post, I may have a few of these go up once a day so they aren't posting so far out after I've written them.

Nowadays, New Year's Eve means nothing to me.  I'm in bed so early that I never see the ball drop. Back in my party days, it was just another excuse to party.  When I was living in St Louis, I would be walking home at midnight while people were shooting their guns in the air.  It was always scary wondering if a bullet would fall and kill you.

Yes this does happen.  It actually happened where I live now about three years ago? A little boy got killed when someone shot their gun in the air and the bullet came down hit the four year old boy in the head and killed him.  They still haven't found the person who did it.

I'm not a fan of guns.  There I said it.  I just think they're dangerous and the wrong people get their hands on them and chaos ensues.

Will I be making a New Year's resolution? Nope.  I've tried, I've failed and I decided never to make one again.  As I mentioned last post, I do want to try to up my makeup photo taking game and perhaps try a video or two.

Those are my thoughts.  We shall see if the actions follow.

Now ignore my stupid hair and enjoy this very cool purple eye.  Why purple? Because I bought a butt ton of new colorful eye liners for my waterline.  They are from Colour Pop and they are very cool.

Here is the eye look first.

This is Makeup Geek High Wire and Caitlyn Rose with Colour Pop liner in No Shame.

Here is the full face.

This is Ofra Bel Air liquid lipstick.  Yes my pose is awkward and my hair is awkward.  The eyes are cool though eh?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?