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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chaos and Crocodiles Asset

I am working my way through a new meditation app.  It's called the Waking Up app.  It's done by Sam Harris.  He has a dreamy voice that's for sure.  Besides the daily meditations, he has what he calls lessons.  The ones I've done so far are pretty damn thought provoking.

The lesson he calls Free Will is especially freaky.  In it he says that the reality is, we have no free will even though we think we do.

Let's get deep people.

What he says is that we didn't pick our parents, we didn't pick the environment that we grew up in, that we didn't pick our genes or pick our soul.  Are you with me so far? We can agree on these things right?

What did you think after reading those statements?  What are you going to think next? You don't know.  One can't possibly know what is going to be the next thought.  As this would mean you would need to think before thinking.  Thoughts just appear, you don't choose them.

So where is your freedom of will? If your thoughts come on their own, that you're not actually thinking them into existence, how can you have free will?

Here's his example if you want to play along.  "He says to pick any movie you want, you're free to choose any movie you want.  Just pay attention to the experience of choosing.  He says that this is as free a decision you will ever make in your life.  You are totally free to pick any movie you want.

Ok now choose...........

Now choose another film and do it one more time.  Pick a third movie.

Did you see any evidence of free will here?  Let's look for it.  Set aside all the films you don't know so couldn't have picked.  There's no freedom in that as you couldn't pick one of those movies if your life depended on it.  But there are many other films that you are aware of that you didn't pick.

Now you absolutely know that Rocky 2 is a film but you didn't think of it.

Think about this.  Were you free to choose that which didn't occur to you to choose? Your Rocky 2 circuits were not in play for reasons you could not possibly know and could not control.  Based on the state of your brain a moment ago, Rocky 2 was not an option.

Where is the freedom in that?

Think of a new film and pay attention to the process.  Why did you choose the movie you chose?  As the conscious witness of your inner life, you are not making these decisions.  All you can do is witness these decisions.  You no more picked your movie in subjective terms than if I had picked it for you.  You have no control over which movie finally appeared in your thoughts.

Pay attention to how thoughts arise and decisions get made moment to moment, you'll see there is no evidence of free will."

Now what I have just typed is verbatim from Sam Harris's lesson, I've put it in quotes.  These are not my words, not my thoughts.  However, it hit me so powerfully, that I wanted to share it with you guys. After really thinking things through, I feel he's got a point here.

It's kind of freaky when you think about it.  He talks about how people sometimes wish they could go back in time.  That if they could, they would have done things differently.  But knowing what we just talked about before, would you really have done things differently if the reality is, you didn't choose what happened in the first place?

Think about it.

OK that's deep enough for today.  Let's talk super holo happiness.

I didn't do a silly bottle shot for this one and I did no art as I usually don't with super holos.

I give you Chaos and Crocodiles Asset.

How freakin amazing is this????? Chaos makes the best super holos hands down.  That's right, you heard it here first!  LOL.  Anyway, it's a gorgeous super holo and an addition to the Secret Agent set Chaos came out with a few years ago. 

Hope I didn't mess with your minds too much with today's topic. 

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Monday, January 28, 2019

Chanel Cavaliere, Polish My Life Milk Chocolate Goodies

Today is one of those mani for me days.  One where I choose colors just for me.  Usually, I try to rotate shades and do holos if the sun is out.  This day I wanted my favorite color brown.

Yes I know it's weird I love brown.

I've officially found and hired what I hope to be a good petsitter who will be around for awhile.  She does this on the side, so not dependent on petsitting for income so hopefully won't stop doing it for a long time.  So Myrtle Beach in February here I come!

Yeah I know, I took a week off.  I started this post last weekend and just had nothing to talk about, nothing to say.  Listening to the new part one EP from Julia Michaels.  So love her music.  Been waiting months for this album to come out and it's a part one? Dude WTF? Anyway, am on the second listen so can't say how I feel yet.

Her first EP had the song Pink, Make It Up To You and all the rest BUT the song Issues.  I read yesterday that Issues was number eleven on the Top 100 BillBoard.  Huh.  It seems that every song I really like is never the one that the world likes.  Oh well.

Driving home from work last week, I had the tire low light come on.  It was like 20F at that time and I just figured I needed to add air as it didn't feel like I had a flat tire.  I made it to the gas station near my house thirty miles away on the highway and saw that I was actually driving on a very soft almost flat tire.

My first thought, well my second thought after I thought sh*t, was damn I hope I didn't ruin my rims. I was adding air to the tire and it did come up, but it was so cold and the air thing was metal and my hands were numb that I just couldn't hold the thing long enough to try to get it up to the forty pounds it needed to be.  All I wanted was to get home and warm my hands.

It held the air for me to get home and knew I would have to call the tow truck in the morning. Next day, it was back to flat.  Called the tow guy and he was able to put enough air in so I could get to the garage near my house.  Turns out I had run over a nail so it was a slow leak.  It was also near the outer rim in a place where it just made it legal to patch it.  Otherwise I would have had to buy a new tire.

Now I know I already need new tires this Spring as I'm hitting 50,000 miles on my car.  I just wasn't ready to buy one then. You feel me?

So $100 later, I was finally on my way to work.  It was one of those days.

All right, let's get to the silly bottle shot.

This is Polish My Life Milk Chocolate Goodies and Chanel Cavaliere.  Here is the base.

Notice I actually took the time to file my nails into a nice shape.  They have since split and broken back down to nubs.  The Milk Chocolate Goodies leans khaki to me.  You can see in the second photo there is holo in the bottle.  It's very subtle.  Cavaliere is a gorgeous deep brown with shimmer.  I love it. 

Next I just added dots and my funky.

You can see the shimmer in the Cavaliere in these pictures.  Still working on a pose. 

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, January 18, 2019

Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury

Did I tell you what I got myself for Christmas? I bought it during the Sephora Fall 20% off VIB sale. It's the Foreo (pronounced 4, 0h) UFO device.  I also got all the masks that go with it.  Let me just say that I love this thing and need to use it more often.  It's like I'm saving it for some reason.

This device is touted as a sheet mask done in ninety seconds.  It has red light, green light and blue light as well as heat, cooling and Tsonic pulsations.  So depending on which mask you choose, the combo of heat/light etc is programmed.

For example, yesterday I did the night mask.  This one used the red light, heat and Tsonic pulses.  I usually repeat the mask twice as there is so much serum left in the package I hate to waste it. The one for oil control is called the Matte Maniac.  This one does red light, blue light and cooling with the pulses.  I have no idea if the different lights actually do anything, but in my mind it does!

I just love this thing! If you're looking into this, do not get the mini.  Splurge for the full one as the mini does not have the blue light or the cooling feature.  If you're acne prone, you want this feature.

My skin care routine has been quite simple as of late.  I did try some different brands and different items, but my skin kept reacting and I was getting raised red bumps on my left cheek.  It's not acne, it's just reaction.  So right now, I am using Dr Sam's Flawless Cleanser and her Flawless Moisturizer with Differin Gel in between.  It's calmed the bumps and my skin has remained clear.

Currently I am talking to Directv for the bazillionth time.  I hate more than anything talking to f*cking computers.  I get what they call loyalty discounts that are good usually for six months and then all of a sudden your bill is $63 more and you have to call back in and get passed around to different people until you get to someone who maybe can help and then they say sorry there are no discounts so I then have to threaten to switch to DISH and all of a sudden discounts are there.  It's a pain in my butt and I hate having to go through this.  Why can't my bill just stay the same? I haven't changed anything??????

So dude says there are no discounts available, but he can lower my bill by adding more channels to my listing.  WTF? How are you going to lower my bill by adding more channels that I don't want or need  when I just want my discounts back? I threaten to leave and demand to talk to a supervisor and he says I can transfer you to our Loyalty Department.  Yes this is what I want, I shouldn't have to call and go through this crap multiple times since I've been using your service since 1998.  Am now on hold for that department.

I talk to that loyalty department and they can't help me so I get transferred to another loyalty department and the fifth person I've talked to now in the past 23 minutes of being on this call as well as trying the online chat.

It's now been a 38 minute call and all I got was a $63 credit for this month's bill as apparently, there are no loyalty discounts right now.  So I'm told to CALL BACK  as they pop up all the time.  I am so pissed off right now, you've no idea.  This whole game is a load of crap and I hate it.

So while I calm down, let's take a look at today's polish.

This is a gorgeous super holo in gold.  This was the original bottle from when LSL first started making polish.  I've no idea if they are even still around or making polish.  Does anyone know?

How do you keep your loyalty discounts with ATT/DirecTV? I'd love to know.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

American Apparel Peacock, Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean and Bettina Clouds

It seems that the videos I added to my recent posts aren't working, so I've removed them for now.  It worked in the past, but not now.  I'll have to look into it as I like to show you guys the rainbows.

I'm seriously thinking of revamping my blog.  I'm a bit tired of the green.  Because of this, I've just spent the past hour researching other nail art blogs and websites that list the "best" nail art blogs. So so many of them are no longer posting.  I'm talking the great ones (IMO) from the past when nail art blogging was huge.  Like 2012-2016 or so.

I'm talking about All Lacquered Up, The PolishAholic, The Nailasaurus, Chalkboard Nails to name a few.  Are they posting elsewhere or just gave it up all together?

What happened to the blogging? Has another platform replaced it? I know personally, I no longer read blogs and I guess that most people don't read blogs anymore either.  What would be really cool is to do mini videos on Instagram like Yagala does. But I am no editing expert and don't feel like learning right now.

Maybe it's silly to spend money to revamp something that no one reads, but this blog means a lot to me and I've put countless hours into it since I started back in 2011.  It's my way of journaling I guess.

Even in my heyday, when this blog was at its most popular, I only got like 200 hits a day.  But those 200 people meant something and still do mean something to me.  A reader on Facebook yesterday mentioned how my past staged silly bottle shots was like my thing, my signature.  That started out as poking fun at blogs for showing the bottles as I thought, who cares? I'm here to see the nail art. But then it turned into something my readers liked.

I may need to revive that.

Maybe more people would stop by here if I didn't write as much and just focused on doing the nail art.  What do you guys think? Do you think a new design and less writing would get more visitors to this space?

I'd really like to hear your opinions.  Please.

Back when I started this blog, I did a mani using American Apparel nail polish.  Somehow it got featured on this website that I've forgotten, but have it printed out and have it somewhere in my house. Today when I see that mani, I just cringe.  I'll dig it out and paste the link here so you can see for yourself.

That was back when I used to post so many pictures.  Sunlight, regular light, close ups and macro. I've stopped using my camera to take my nail photos and have been using my iphone.  I need to work on better photos.

All right, here is today's silly bottle shot.

This is Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean, an original from when she first started making polish. American Apparel Peacock and Elevation Polish Con Tanto Affetto Yeti.  Another original bottle from when Elevation Polish first started.

Are there people still making polish out there?

I started with American Apparel Peacock.

It's a bit more teal IRL.  Next I added a layer of Cosmic Ocean.

See the gorgeous green shimmer? I love this and have since the day I got it.

Next I tried making a zigzag design with the glitter, but was a huge fail, so I ended up just adding dots and my funky.

Kind of a fail, but I kind of like how it came out.  Very wintery. 

Here is the mani I mentioned that won a place on a website long ago. 

Don't say I didn't warn you! This was back before I changed to showing my left hand.  Yes this is horrible, yes I am aware, but I'm still proud of being on that website.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Monday, January 14, 2019

A England Perceval

Back in November, I started looking for a new petsitter.  I could not find anyone willing to come to where I live nor was there anyone local.  I told you that was why I didn't get home for Christmas this year.  I found someone who told me that of course she would do it if I couldn't find anyone for my February Myrtle Beach trip.  She quoted me $17 per visit. I think I told you in a previous post about this that she was thirty minutes away.

Fast forward to now.  I messaged her telling her that I hadn't been able to find anyone else and was she still able to sit for me in February. She didn't get back to me until hours later. Her reply was basically, 'if I have to, I will, but I will need to charge more for traveling the distance.'

WTF huh?!?

I replied (I had saved the texts), you already quoted me $17 per.  Her reply was pretty sh*tty basically saying if she had to travel an hour roundtrip for a thirty minute visit twice a day, she would charge more.  Oh and she said she would help me find someone else but in a way that made it sound like a chore.  Now I get this people, but she already knew this math for the travel distance back in November when she told me $17.  At this point in time and her attitude, I didn't want her services anyway.  I texted back, no thank you, I will find someone else.  She wrote back you don't want me to help you find someone else? I didn't reply back, just deleted her from my phone.

I went back on Rover (it's a petsitting app and awesome), not expecting to find anyone, but came back with four people in my area available and wanting to sit for me! They all have been sitting for a while, just weren't on this app until now. I am interviewing three of them this week, but will keep all of their contact information as you never know right?

Three of them are local, literally six miles away if that.  I'm elated over this.  As I was of course worried about February Myrtle Beach, but you all know my Canadian fishing trip in September is my yearly retreat.  I told the three people that I am looking for someone long term, as I will always have pets and want to go on vacation.  So yay that's a load off my back.  You have no idea.

Let's see what else. 

Oh yeah, I got my a** chewed out by a patient recently.  This is something that happens and I try not to let it bother me, but this one went above and beyond.  I've been dealing with this person since May and they have not done the right thing since day one. So I was being accused of keeping them from their treatment, from talking to the doctor and why was I even involved in their care? It was bad. 

I have documented to the gills all the issues I've had with this person since May 2018 and it's a vast amount.  They actually ended up hanging up on me after I after I asked them to stop yelling at me. I called and left a voicemail for my boss, just in case they call to complain about me. This person tried calling right back and I refused to answer and let it go right to my voicemail.

I got an email later that day from them asking if they could see the doctor as I had offered in my original email, although they had denied that I offered, it was right there in writing. 

If they show for this appointment, I'll be shocked as every other one has been no showed. But if they do come, I will not go in the exam room and talk to them.  I promise you that. 

It got to me.  It upset me.  It's never fun to be yelled at and accused of things. 

All right.  Let's get to today's mani.

Seems I was too lazy for the silly bottle shot.  So here is A England Perceval, a stunning red shimmer.

I didn't do any nail art as this is too pretty, I was too lazy and I'm still waiting on my polish from Mexico!  Isn't this a gorgeous red though? So, so pretty.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Enchanted Polish I'm Kind of a Big Deal and I'm Kind of a Bigger Deal

Got the tunes going.  Today's jam is the Doors Greatest Hits.  Hello I love you........

Just a quick update-my blog has been repaired.  Commenting system is back.  So please comment away.  Let me know if you see other issues.  Let me know you're still out there reading this.  I'd hate to just be talking to myself, even though I usually am just talking to myself!

Today's topic shall be the ever frustrating online dating. Yes people, I'm still at it.  Been since 2012ish?  Nowadays, it's more for kicks and content than me actually believing I will find someone real.

I realized this morning that I have been alone for ten years now.  Holy sh*t that depresses me.  But only a little.  I'm one of those people who actually enjoys being alone.  Just once in a while, a girl needs a man if you get my drift.

Sorry mom!

Damn the Doors are jamming.  Picture me sitting writing this, cat on my lap and chair dancing.  Current song is LA Woman.

Anywho, back to the story du jour.

I got a message the other day from a guy who I knew couldn't be real. Hot guys just don't go on POF you feel me? His profile said his second language was English.  Keep this in mind.

I forget the message he sent, but after all this time, you get a feeling you know? We sent a few messages back and forth and he tells me that he works for the UN and is currently working in Australia.  Now I'm no expert on the UN, but are there offices in Australia?

I then ask him where he's from right? His reply is Georgia.

Do you get where I'm going with this? So I say, what's your first language? Your profile says English is your second language.  If you are from Georgia, one would think that English is the first.  No reply came and his profile was deleted.

Score another scammer for me.

Next up is a really cute guy.  He messages me Friday and I'm intrigued, but highly doubtful he's real. But I play along.  He says he's looking for love.  That should have been my clue to his fakery, but damn he was cute.  I message along saying if those pictures of you are real, why are you on POF? I get a reply of a "new" photo of him holding a sheet of paper saying "Kyle is for real."

See now I'm thinking maybe, just maybe...........

I notice however, no today's date on it.  BUT, I keep going.  He says he wants to text but wants to use some app called Whatsapp.  I've no idea what this is and wonder why not just regular text.  BUT I play along, because just maybe.............

I download the app, create an account and he now has my number.  He messages me on the app and I reply what's your number, you have mine.  I'm thinking, here's where it ends right? Nope, a number replies right back.  So of course, I immediately look it up on Mr Number app.

It comes back as a no named landline in NYC.

I've also reverse searched his imaging on Google and surprisingly no results.  So I'm thinking just maybe..............

I reply on this app, NYC eh? He says, yup, I'm originally from NY, but now in Virginia Beach. I say cool, where in NY, as I grew up there as well.  No reply.  No reply for hours.  Next morning, I check it and he had replied hours later, "lovely, how are you?"

What the hell kind of reply is that? At this point, I go back to POF and yes indeedy, his profile has been deleted.  He never replies again.  Should have known from the get. No man says I'm looking for love.

I knew he was fake, from the jump, but yeah, I guess I'm still hoping one day just maybe..........

All right.  Here we have today's silly bottle shot.

This is Konad Green and Red with Enchanted Polish I'm Kind of a Big Deal and I'm Kind of a Bigger Deal.

Here we have the base mani.  See if you can tell which nail is different.

So what do you think? Which one is not like the others?  If you said the ring finger, you'd be correctamundo as the Fonz used to say.  The ringer is the original I'm Kind of a Big Deal.  The rest is a Bigger Deal and leans purple.

I next stamped with the red and green Konad using Cheeky jumbo plate 06 and Bundle Monster plate BM H03.

Not the greatest thing I've ever done. I know it.  I'm still waiting for my new stamping polish so I can show you my new haul and try my new clear stamper.  Although it scares me!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Chaos and Crocodiles Stakeout

Today I am telling you the story of how I fixed my own leaky faucet.  Something my dad had showed me once how to do, but never got a chance to do it myself with his help.

So I turned to the ever faithful YouTube and looked for a how-to.  I actually found several that had the same exact faucet that I had.  For some reason, I was thinking that I wouldn't find the same set up.

Anywho, I watched the videos a couple of times, I went to Home Depot to get the supplies needed. Finally the time came for me to fix my own leaking faucet.  Something I had literally lived with for years.

Yes years people.

I told myself as long as I remember to turn the water off, all will be well.

I started with the leaking side.  I turned off the water and got to dismantling the faucet.  It was surprisingly easy.  I had the YouTube video going and it was spot on.  I replaced the washers and the main part of the hot side faucet.  After some fiddling, it was time to turn the water back on.  I tested the hot water and it worked!

Bolstered by my success, I turned off the water again and started in on the cold water side.  I replaced the washer and main part as I had on the hot side.  For some reason, this side gave me some issues.  I had to take it back apart.

This is where I forgot to turn off the water.

Imagine a super geyser of water shooting straight up out of the faucet to the ceiling and back down on your head.  Yes I was soaked, my bathroom ceiling was soaked and my floors were soaked.  I had forgotten the main rule.

Don't forget to turn off the water.

I was so mad at myself! I had to clean that all up and then finish what I started.  After I was done, the leaking was gone, but the water coming out was wonky. Somewhere in the fixing, I must have loosened some grit or something.  So I had to take off the end of the main faucet, bring it with me to make sure I bought the correct replacement.  I had no idea there are tiny numbers on the faucet screening having to do with aeration numbers and other things I don't get.

I went ahead and replaced that and now my faucets work great! The only thing I haven't gotten used to is when I brush my teeth and stick my head under the faucet to rinse (yes I do that), there is so much air mixed in the water flow that just makes it more difficult to rinse my teeth.

First world problems right?  I'll show you photos at the end of this post.

Now the polish for today is what's known as a super holo.  These are my all time favorite types of polish.  I rarely do art on top of polish like this.

Today, I give you Chaos and Crocodiles Stakeout.

This was an addition to the Secret Agent super holo set.  I'm glad I got it.  Can you see the rainbow goodness in this? I could stare for hours and usually do!

Here are faucet photos for you.

Just call me Ms Handyman!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, January 7, 2019

Elevation Polish Alphubel

My first post of the New Year has gone up.  My designer has messaged me so will have commenting system back shortly.  I have finished my house decluttering and cleaned the crap out of my fish tank yesterday.  Now I need to work on the outside.  Raking, cleaning etc. 

How about another work story for you? I know some of you out there live for them.  This is one that's months in the making and had just come to fruition. 

Back in time, not even a year ago, us navigators were interviewing someone new.  This person was from another state and was telling us how amazing the program was at her hospital.  She would not shut up about it.  On and on she went. My place does this, my place does that. 

I had decided I had heard enough.  I looked her dead in the eyes and said, do not come here, we don't have that and you will not be happy.  I suggest you stay where you are. 

Literally said that.  This is not a joke. 

A few weeks later, I heard she accepted the position and moved here.  She was to be over two different cancers and tumor boards.  She decided that she was going to become our boss, which makes me chuckle as she is a new nurse, fresh out of school and again, I've got the seniority.  So we all knew that wasn't going to happen.

Then whispers started.

She refused to do one of the cancers she was hired to do.  She refused to see people in clinic.  She refused a lot of things she was hired to do.  One of the doctors came to me asking if I was interested in picking up another cancer.  (I do three categories now.) This doctor asked if I could send him examples of my tumor board presentations to see which one he liked and wanted new girl to do. 

Next thing I know, someone else is telling me how she was talking smack behind my back.  Now I don't give a sh*t what people say about me cause I know I'm damn good at what I do.  I happened to have a meeting with my boss and mentioned it to her and it turns out that new chick thought that I decided what work she was to do when it was the doctor's idea and that she had refused to do it.

Next time I saw this chick, she tried to say something about it to me, trying to find out who had told me that she had been talking smack.  I just blew her off and refused to tell her and this of course made her mad as well. 

Right before Christmas, the rumor mill got all charged up and it's about her.  Seems that she has turned in her notice and quit.  Part of me feels bad because she moved here from afar, but part of me knows I told her to stay put and not move here.  Plus I know that she's not willing to work, to learn about how to be a nurse and refusing to do what she was hired to do so better off without her. 

I just love being right. 

All right.  Here is today's silly bottle shot.

This is Bettina Heavenly, Elevation Polish Alphubel and Konad stamping polish in Silver and Dark Blue.

I started with Alphubel.

This polish is a gorgeous baby blue with blue shimmer running through it.  I think it's awesome.

Next I ruined this gorgeous color but trying to double stamp and then schmeared it with top coat. I had forgotten the stamping rule.  This rule states to not go over the design more than once with the top coat brush or else it schmears.  I used a MoYou London Christmas plate.

Yes I did add my funky french with the Bettina trying to salvage this, but yeah.  It's just a huge fail.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day right? Also this can be fixed with acetone. 

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?