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Friday, December 23, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Pumpkin Pie

So I've decided to give Siri a try.  Ever since I got an iphone that included it, I turned it off.  Just figured it was a gimmicky type thing.  But every time I go get my hair done, my hair dresser uses Siri for all sorts of things.  So I decided I'd give it a try.

The default voice is a female American voice.

Oh hell no.

I downloaded the Australian male voice as it was either that or British.  Sorry UK! So far, I have used it to call my mom and I texted her once as well.  I have my location turned off and I keep forgetting to try to use it.  The other day I wanted to call the police, and I kept asking Siri to look up the State Police phone number and Siri wasn't getting it.

Maybe there's a trick to using it that I haven't figure out yet.  I just Googled it and found a site that lists 69 uses for Siri. Very cool information to be had there.  When I was getting my hair done and downloading Siri, my hairdresser told her Siri "I love you Siri"

To whit, Siri replied something like "Hold me tight" She and I started laughing so damn hard we were crying as it was so unexpected.  The website does say to ask Siri important life questions to see what humorous things Siri says back.  I definitely need to use it more to get in the habit.

Let's see.  Work stuff.  Ms Princess really didn't talk to me last week at all.  Not that I'm complaining whatsoever. It seems they told her that when her replacement starts, she will only be given a week to show her the nitty gritty as it were before she is moved out of the position.

I mean if she didn't get to keep the job as she isn't doing it right, why would you want her to teach the new person wrong???

All I know is that I keep my head down and do my job.  It's kept me surviving for this long!

Oh why did I want to call the police??

I was driving home from work this past Friday and this guy was driving like a damn maniac.  I mean I drive fast, but I don't zip in and out of lanes almost causing accidents like this guy was doing.  I didn't want to call 911 as I didn't think this was an emergency per se.

He had a vanity plate, so it was easy to remember and when I got home, I called the local State Police to tell them and guess what?? Dude gave me attitude big time.  Like how do I know he hasn't gotten off the interstate and why am I not still following him?  Gee, I'm sorry, I was trying to do the right thing.

Next time, I'll just start a high speed pursuit and do your job for you.

For today, this is one of my other first Liquid Sky Lacquers.  Pumpkin Pie.

Indoor Sun
Indoor Sun
This is like a light burnt orangey brown holo and of course I love this kind of color! This is a strong linear holo, where the other LSLs I've shown you this week were more scattered.

I much prefer linear, but that's just me!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Autumn Thyme


I was NOT hacked by Moscow! It was a hacker pretending to be PayPal and I fell for it! People do NOT do like I did.  PLEASE click on the from link and see who is really sending you stuff.  I gave away everything.  I've since had to cancel my credit cards, checking account, mark my credit report and social security stuff.  They actually tried to get $1000 from me today that thankfully they didn't get as I had closed the account.

I feel so stupid!  People please be careful out there!!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program..........

I bought seven CDs yesterday people.  Ever since I loaded my music onto my iphone, it's way too easy to just go to the itunes store click a button and boom it's there.

What did I buy this time you ask?

The newest The Pretty Reckless even though I said before I wouldn't.  I resampled it and decided to get it.  Then this guy from the dating site turned me on to a new to me band called One Eyed Doll. They freakin rock big time.  I highly suggest if you like metal punk to check them out.  I had to buy all of their CDs for a complete set.

Yeah, I'm like that.

Speaking of the dating site, I have a funny for you.

Got a message from a guy who's handle is "romanticperv".  Original right??  Anywho, he tells me he lives close by, is 6 feet tall and blond etc etc.  There is no photo with it.  I reply need a photo, I don't talk to people without a photo.

To whit, he replied, I can send you one, but I want you to know I'm married.  To whit, I reply, I don't do that.

He then replies, I just want to be honest with people.  To whit, I reply, your wife would be so proud.

And dammit if he didn't reply back!  I thought we had something, a connection of sorts!


Another tangent, I got a postcard in the mail that the hair product Wen has a class action lawsuit against it. Claims are that it makes people's hair fall out.  If you don't know what Wen is, it's a sulfate free, cleanser free conditioner type product that says it will clean your hair with conditioner.  I tried it a few times, it was OK but it did take color out of my hair which it claims it doesn't do.

This was years ago.  Apparently there must be some data base that keeps track of people who bought this product.  Got mine from QVC.  The post card told me to log in and pick whether I wanted a flat $25 or if I had proof that it made my hair fall out, which it didn't do to me so yeah I picked the $25.

It's a tank of gas!

Now let's look at the very first Liquid Sky Lacquer I bought.  Autumn Thyme.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh yeah people.  This is a gorgeous light grassy green holo and I love it.  Every time I wear this, I wonder why I don't pull it out more often!!!

What new music are you listening to?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Wink

Remember when I told  you how Sam was sick and constipated? Well, update time! He is doing so much better. He has gained back a pound he had lost, he has been running and playing as well as talking to the outdoor birds again like he does.  He and I had been doing 3cc of Lactulose medicine followed by 10cc of water three times a week.

Lately though, it seems like it's too much laxative and he is having loose poops, which we don't want of course. So I have decided I'm going to cut it down to 2cc and go from there.  I don't want him to get sick again.  The only thing he is still doing is vomiting actions, most of the time just dry heaves, but sometimes water like stuff comes up.  I haven't figured out when or why this is.

I'm just so happy he is doing so much better.

Here he is! My big boy who is fourteen years old and still plays!

Woke up the other morning to an email telling me that Moscow hacked my PayPal account.  Nice. So I had to prove I was me and upload all my banking info again and now they want your drivers license.  I still really haven't figured out 1Password yet and really need to do so as it will generate a new random password for you.

In four days, I will be driving to NY where it has been 17 below 0 and there is tons of snow. I cannot wait! I love the snow and cold and plan to play in it with my niece and nephew.  Then Christmas will be all over.  This year has flown by!

All right, let's look at another Liquid Sky Lacquer.  This one is called Wink.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this pretty? It's a light blue with a pink purple flash. You can see it better in the bottle shot.  It is a bit brushstrokey, but I didn't add a top coat which most likely would have covered that up.  Was feeling quite lazy that day!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Natural Nails Or Not?

The saga continues with that patient's wife who has been yelling at me. I told you about her a few posts back how she put in an official complaint email about me.  I did have to respond to that and refute each point stating how each and every complaint she had was a lie.

She hasn't stopped since.  It is insane how this woman has it out for me. When they came to see the doctor the first time, she sat on the exam table and made her sick husband sit in the chair next to her. She then watched the CMA draw blood from him telling her which vein to use!  No she isn't medical whatsoever.  During the appointment, she demanded coffee like she was at Starbucks not the doctor's office.

The next day, I literally busted my a** pulling strings, calling supervisors so I could get all his remaining testing he needed done the next three days. Trust this is unheard of to get these tests done this quickly.  I had them all set up for them.  When I called her to tell her all about this, it still wasn't good enough.  She started yelling at me again and she said "this is very inconvenient right now" like her husband's cancer is inconvenient to her.

Isn't that awful??

She then asked me a ton of questions, which had been answered in the doctor's appointment the day before, but I went through it all with her again until there were some I couldn't answer but told her I would find out for her and call her back.  Oh no that wasn't good enough so she demanded I get the two different doctors to call her to explain this stuff.  Within ten minutes, both doctors had called her and talked to her.

The next day I was off.

Did that stop her from talking bad about me?

What do you think?

She apparently had an issue about something and stormed into the clinic and just started going off on one of the nurses there, throwing my name out there basically saying I'm a piece of crap who hasn't done anything for them.  There was a nurse talking to a patient on the phone sitting next to this commotion right? The patient on the phone could hear this woman screaming and thought they were in danger from this woman.  I felt bad that this nurse got the brunt of this wife as I had been trying to shelter everyone else from her behavior.

But on the other hand, now my boss has first hand experience with this woman so if she had any doubts about what I had told her was going on went out the window.  I ended up writing a four page document detailing all she has done and said the past week so if she continues to abuse me, we will make her sign a behavior contract and if she doesn't abide, she will be banned.

I sure hope that happens!

So that is why I could care less when Ms Princess was crying on me at the time.

All right.  Moment of truth.  Are these my natural nails, or EZ dip gel nails?

This is at arms length.  What do you think?? Look pretty matte and natural to me!

Now let's see macro.

Were you fooled? Obviously in macro, you can see the bumps and dents of the EZ dip gel.  This is three dips of the clear gel with matte top coat.  I'm pretty confident this will pass at work once the polish ban goes into effect.  I am determined to keep my length!

What do you think? Any tips for me to make them look more natural? This is also after a week of wear with no polish at all.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight and Roses

A few posts ago, I asked you guys to write me some apps you use on your iphone.  Well no one did so I went on the internet and googled and just started looking up apps in the app store.  I was asked to mention the ones I use at the moment.  I took screenshots of my iphone so we could go through them.
Here is page one.

New ones I just added are the Camera+ which is very cool for taking pictures. Netflix as I plan on signing up so I can see the Gilmore Girls reboot.  Journal I told myself I was going to do and haven't. Evernote for writing documents and scanning things-looks cool but haven't really played with it much. Plated is the food delivery service I've told you about.  You'll see that in a future post. Albert is a budgeting app that tells you where your money is going each month thing-really like that one as well as Mint.  It's a pain to enter all the info but once you do these two are to help you stay on financial track.  I really use these two daily.  Elevate is a brain game app that I like as it exercises the brain, Curiosity is like news and 1password holds all your passwords and I haven't quite figured it out yet.  But it will be cool once I do!

Here is page 2

I added TMZ, the other food delivery ones I was looking into Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, Credit Karma is awesome I use this all the time to keep up with my credit.  Chase, Wells Fargo and T Rowe Price are banking apps.  Headspace and Calm I really haven't used.  They are for meditation stuff. 2Do is for lists, LinkedIn for professional stuff, sky guide is cool as sh*t if you love looking at the stars the same as the moon app. Love those.  Just added 8 Ball Pool which is cool but doesn't follow official pool rules.  POF for dating and some TV channels.

And lastly, page 3

You can see I have four Mixed Sh*t categories for stuff I never use and didn't want cluttering up my space. Don't do Truebill as it sucks a**. It is supposed to help you with you budget etc but doesn't work for crap. That's why it got relegated to page 3. Now I did try having all these apps do the notifications thing, go in the notification center etc.  What that did was kill my battery.  It went from full to half to waking up to it being at 9%.

Oh hell no.

So I turned all that off except for the app icons.  I do like seeing those numbers.

There you have it.  Now PLEASE send me apps you like!

Today we have Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight and Roses.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Holy crap ignore my dry skin!!! Send me the names of your favorite hand lotions!!! This is a gorgeous pink holo. Just for you pink lovers out there!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

So I can't talk smack about the new girl as I'm starting to like her.  She tells me I'm amazing and that I do a really great job (natch) and of course I have to agree with her! What I don't get though, is that if she thinks what I'm doing is the closest thing to true nurse navigating (which I made up myself), why isn't she doing it with her patients?  It's one of those conundrums.

The drama continues with Ms Princess.  I am so tired of her pulling me out of the office so she can cry on me. You'd think she'd be embarrassed but oh no she isn't. You look at her wrong and she cries. The latest is that they have hired her replacement.  She found out through the grapevine, which I agree is a sh*tty way to find this out.

So she pulled me out into the hall to cry about that.  Asking me to tell her if I hear anything about her. I had other things on my mind which I will get into at a later post, and I just shot mind arrows at her forehead the whole time she was crying on me. Don't say you haven't done that to someone who annoys you!

Another morning, I had just gotten to work, my coat still on and she starts asking me about December 26 as I have taken it off to go to NY for Christmas.  She started asking me if there was going to be clinic or conference that day as there normally would be on a Monday.  I told her I assume so.  She kept asking, I kept saying I assume so.

She didn't like that.

I told her that the doctor is on vacation this week and I can't ask him to find out for her that day.  I thought it was a closed conversation.

I forgot this was Ms Princess.

Later that day she pulled me into an exam room and started crying on me again saying I was mean and she doesn't want us to fight and made me hug her and sh*t.  In my head I'm thinking what the f*ck is going on right now?  What fight?

Oh wait it gets even better!

The next day I was off and the next day I worked, the new girl told me how Ms Princess had talked smack about me behind my back about our supposed fight.  Now mind you, I know damn well Ms Princess pulls this sh*t, but to be confronted with it like this just boggles my mind.  She's crying asking me to tell her if I hear anything about her and yet she's talking smack behind my back the very next day when I'm not there?


I cannot wait for her to get the f*ck out of my office and go away and let the replacement start.  You have no idea just how tired I am of her and this crap.

I want to mention that today is my dad's birthday.  He would have been 72 and I miss him a lot.

Today we have a gorgeous purple cream, created by Rescue Beauty Lounge in concert with Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up.  The first blog I ever followed.  I give you Mismas.


This is the old formula back before everyone insisted on five free crap.  The formulas on these olders RBLs are insanely good and I wish she never changed her formula.  I think it's partly why she ended up closing what was a very profitable and great nail polish line.  I miss those days.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A England Perceval

Remember back a year ago or so I was doing that food delivery service called Plated? How I loved it but it was just too much food for me.  Well, I've signed back up as they have made a smaller minimum order and I jumped on it.  My first two meals are going to be Fontina and Brie grilled cheese sandwiches with Fig Compote, the other being a Gnocchi in a Parmesan broth.  No I'm not a vegetarian, it just happens I picked those two.

I think I've told you that I watch the Food Network all the time.  I consider myself a foodie, even though with my Crohn's disease, I can't eat what I want.  If it's something I really want to try I do anyway!  I've decided that I could show you pictures of my plates from this service in some posts if I don't have polish to show you.

Or I could do pictures just from my life sort of thing.  It's still a work in progress in my head.

When you read this it will be 18 days until Christmas.  Where the hell did this year go? I've no idea. It will also be almost two years since my dad died.  It still feels very raw to me but I am doing better than I was two years ago for sure.

I had one of the worst days last week that I've had in a long time.  First that patient's wife who yelled at me put in a formal complaint against me for which I had to meet with my boss.  Then yet another patient yelled at me and started calling me a liar, which I am not ever so that really hurt and the icing on that day was that I found out one of my favorite patients had died.  She had been with me since I started working there in 2009.

For her to have lasted this long was a feat and I had gotten close to her and really liked her.  It was very hard to see her decline and to see the changes in her the sicker she got.  So yeah I cried several times at work that day.

Cool thing was, my boss knew that I would not have done what that patient's wife was claiming in her complaint.  I ended up calling her the next day and she and I apologized to each other, which was cool, but the formal complaint had already done it's damage.

Oh and there was a fairly new nurse there on Thursday, not there on Friday.  She had been fired. I am trying to find out why as we are so short staffed, that unless she did something bad, I would have thought they would have put her somewhere else.  I'll let you know once I find out...........

Today I decided I wanted an in your face red polish.  Here is A England Perceval.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is not a true holo, but more a softly scattered one as A England is known for.  How pretty is this?  I just love it.

Just noticed that my 128 GB iphone really only has 113GB available.  Is there really 15GB in hardware in there for iOS 10??

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising

I wanted to thank you for the feedback when I asked if you'd still come here if I didn't have nail polish pictures anymore due to the impending ban at my work.  There was one who said they wouldn't, which I get.  This is supposed to be a nail polish blog and without it, I get that some people won't come back.  Since the ban hasn't happened yet, I honestly don't know what I will do.  I might be too lazy to polish just to take it right back off.

I did however, find the holy grail matte top coat to trick them at work into thinking I have naked nails. I have it on now and it's genius.  It's from Oceans of Beauty where I get my clear dip gel from. My code FPM20 is still active, so if you haven't used it yet, you still can. I will be getting back ups of this matte top coat for sure.

I finally transferred all my music from my 3GS iphone to my new 7+ iphone.  I figure since I have 128GB I should use it! Listening to it in the car, there are pros and cons.  First of all the sound quality is amazing.  I had no idea the 3GS ruined the sound quality.  Then there is the issue that I can't get it to play as loud as I would want.  It's already maxed out at 30 and I've got it on 25-26 most of the time. I have tried both using Bluetooth as well as the USB cord.  The only difference is the way it shows on my display.  I prefer the display with the cord, but then my phone doesn't fit in the little space without bending the cord.

The one thing I cannot stand is when a text message comes through it is loud as hell.  I mean jump out of your skin scary loud as I have the music so loud.  I'm not about to turn that off every time I get into the car.  I had hoped that by using the USB and ipod setting, this wouldn't happen, but it did. I do love the sound quality though.  But I haven't decided if the other cons outweigh this one pro.

I've also been downloading apps like a mad man.  Again, I have all this space and I've decided I'm going to use it! I'm not a gamer person, so these are for life stuff.  Helping with your finances and saving and telling you where your money is going each month sort of things.  A couple of journal apps, but haven't done those yet.  If you know any good help with your life apps, please let me know!

Or just any good apps, let me know!

All right.  Today we have one of my top favorite green polish.  It is CbL Gemini Rising.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Let's all just take a moment and stare.........................................................................................

Damn that's a pretty one don't you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Illamasqua Phallic

Oh yeah people. It's the day where I wore my favorite named polish.  I'm telling you, unless there is Divine intervention, February 1st is coming and I have to wear my sacred colors.  Those who have been with me since the beginning know it's been YEARS since I last wore this polish.

I decided a loss in the nail polish battle needed Phallic worn as a sort of f*ck you to the establishment.

Did I tell you that my boss made me get my flu shot while I was sick? I can't remember if I did or not. The deadline was December 1st so I had told her back in August that that was the day I would get my shot.  Well she had other plans.  It made my cold stick around much longer.

I also left out an important detail in the meeting I had with the second in command.  JCAHO had been doing a mock survey that entire week.  This is the people who determine whether you get certain certifications etc. Apparently, my department didn't do well at all.  It was the clinic and the treatment room that had a lot of things wrong with it.

Once the second in command found out I worked in that department, she just kept referring back to the fact that our area did poorly.  The timing of my meeting couldn't have been worse.  I doubt things would have gone differently, but that fact alone made her less inclined to even hear what I had to say.

As I write this, it's the last of my five days off I get every year for Thanksgiving.  It's just how my schedule works. I've been piddling around the house, I raked my back yard, cleaned my back gutters and got caught up on a ton of magazines I had.  I'm also babysitting my neighbor's cat.  She watches mine when I'm gone and I watch hers. It's a cool arrangement.

I've got nothing new to discuss at work except the new girl who was told she was hired to overhaul the navigator program is hitting walls from people who don't want to change as they've been doing the same thing for years.  She said to me that if this isn't why she was hired, that she would move on. As she designed from the ground up the program at another hospital.

I don't envy her this job at all.  I do my thing, keep my head down.  Oh and occasionally get torn a new one by family members.

So I called the patient right? Introduced myself told him that I would be with him through this and setting up his appointments etc.  He was very nice and appreciated it.  Next thing I know, I got a call from the wife.  And she went off on me.  How dare I call her husband and what did you say to him and that this is her life and this is her husband and she will not be disrespected and on and on.

I just sat there at my desk dumbfounded as I had no idea where this was coming from.  (Actually I do, it's fear etc) When she finally had enough and had hung up the phone, I must admit it brought tears to my eyes as I was already sick with a cold, my voice was hoarse and hard to understand and there was no reason for her to go off like that.

The doctor I work mostly with summed it up nicely.  He said some people are just a*sholes.

I am looking forward to meeting her.


All right.  Let's look at the aptly named Phallic.


Sadly, I couldn't get a good shot of this.  It's a deep dark blue with blue shimmery glitter in it.  I simply love this.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I mentioned last post that my mom was here.  She's expecting a post about this as I always complain that she wears me out.  So here it is mom! Yes she wore me out yet again! She doesn't know how to just sit.  It isn't in her.  Never has, probably never will.

We got a lot done around my house.  She stained my deck and front porch.  It looks amazing.  The day we went shopping, we decided to stop and get some lunch.  I parked the car and as we were walking to the restaurant, something blew past us.

It was a four point buck running at top speed toward the building the restaurant is in.  He did not stop or slow down and plowed right into the brick wall at full speed.  He fell down to the ground, bleeding from the mouth and his back legs weren't working.

Mom and I were hoping he was just stunned and would get up.  He didn't.  It was a very sad thing to see.  I tried to talk calmly to him, trying to soothe him, but that didn't help.  By this time, the manager had come out of the restaurant and I told him to call the game warden and get them here fast.

Mom and I went inside at that point.  I could see the game warden's vehicle arrive.  We asked the waitress what ended up happening.  She said sadly, that the deer didn't get any better and they had to put him down.  It was the saddest thing.  Where I grew up, the deer are almost tame and you can walk up to them and feed them apples and stuff so I just love deer.

We have no idea what caused the deer to race into the wall like that and where we were was a mall/shopping center and not really a place where you would think deer would be hanging out.  The waitress told us she thought it had maybe gotten hit by a car or something like that.

What she told us next had mom and I just shaking our heads.

The waitress said that the people who were sitting in the booth where the deer hit demanded a free meal as they were "traumatized" by the incident.

Why are people so stupid??? People will stop at nothing to get something for free.  It just irritates the crap out of me.

Then I go to hair dye day and my hairdresser tells me about how she went to the local Walmart and saw this...........

Don't worry, this has been on TV and in the newspapers so I'm not taking anyone's privacy.  Do you see what's in the cart???? Yup that would be a gutted buck.  In Walmart.  Not something you see everyday right???? This is why it made the news.

So I had two deer stories for you.

Now let's look at a polish I haven't worn since 2011.  Again, since February is coming, I'm wearing my precious ones.  This I actually got from Brazil in a trade.  I give you HITS Hera.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh and yeah, I let my nails grow out long too before the ban.  How stunning is this???? It's such a tiny bottle of polish only 6ml.  They aren't five free and they stink like old polish, but they have amazing holoness!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Chaos and Crocodiles Subterfuge

When did it get to be almost December????  Holy crap this year is going by way too fast.  My mom has been here and gone, I've been sick with a cold and I just haven't felt like blogging.

It's looking like as of February 1, my hospital will totally ban all nail products for all staff and naked, natural nails are all that will be allowed.  How they will police this with the doctors and nurse practitioners etc, I have no idea.  I took it up to the second in command at my hospital and they didn't want to hear what I had to say.

It had already been decided by then.

Here's what happened.

One of my coworkers is on the infection control committee and told me what they were proposing. Of course I flipped out.  Nail polish is my hobby, the thing I do you know?  I went to Facebook and asked in one of the nail groups for help. Anything from proof that nail polish is safe to what does their hospital policy state.

I got some good stuff and passed it on to my coworker to show at the meetings.

What I then found out was, she couldn't go to the meeting that counted as she had a family emergency.  I decided to take matters into my own hands at that point.

I emailed one of the doctors in Epidemiology asking if he could spare some time to talk to me about this issue. This was after I had emailed around trying to find out who actually approves and makes these policies.  Seems he passed my email on to the second in command who reached out to me and a meeting was set.

I met with my superior first and she helped me get my thoughts down on paper and get a good presentation going as I couldn't just walk in there and say I think this sucks.

I had a counter proposal I had gotten from someone on Facebook called the 96 hour rule.  This is that you have to have fresh regular nail polish on every 96 hours.  All their proof is against gel nail polish and acrylics.  They had nothing on regular nail polish.  I pushed that point.

I was very nervous and the time finally came to meet with the second in command and the head of infection control.  My presentation started by saying that I don't understand this rule.  That all of their proof is not about regular nail polish, yet they are banning it anyway.  When I started comparing it to when I was in high school and we weren't allowed to were shorts, yet miniskirts were allowed, they cut me off and basically said it's a done deal.

Of course, I kept going trying to get my point across.  They weren't having it.  I mean they were totally nice about it.  A bit condescending saying they really like that I felt comfortable enough to come and talk to them about this.  That they could see I was passionate about this topic, but they already made up their minds.

It seems they have decided that the 20-30% of people who wear nail polish are causing 100% of the infections in the hospital and by banning polish, it will totally eradicate infection.

Ummmmm yeah right.

So I asked them what would happen when they find out that it isn't nail polish causing infection, but bad hand washing or something else.  They claim they will revisit this issue but I know right now that once they ban nail polish, it ain't coming back.

I haven't worn polish for over a week now.  I do still have my clear EZ Dip gel on as I refuse to give up the length I've gotten with it.  I am trying to figure out the best matte top coat to use as the shine from the dip gel process gives me away.  I actually flashed my "naked" nails to my boss earlier this week when she mentioned that the second in command had told her that "I did a good job" with my presentation.

She couldn't tell and said I had nice nails.  I can totally tell and she was across the room so I don't think I've gotten the right combo yet.  I also know that when I do wear polish on top, it sometimes stains the gel and that would totally give me away at work that I don't have naked nails.

I am really sad about this.  As stupid as it is, nail polish is important to me.  Having my nails done is important to me.  I'm not one to slap polish on take a picture for this blog, then take it right back off. When I asked you guys before if you would be ok with my still doing this blog, but without nail polish pictures, no one said anything.  So I'm not sure what to do here.

Tell me something.

Since I knew this day was coming, I started wearing ones I've been saving.  This is C&C Subterfuge.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I am so in love with this brand!!! I've also not bought any new polish in forever.  They did tell me that they would show my presentation to the people who decide on new policies.  Part of me is still hoping they will let regular polish through.  February 1 is going to come way too fast for me.

What are your thoughts?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, November 11, 2016

Custom Holo Dust & Cat Hair

I realized I haven't updated you on the office sitch lately.  There isn't much to tell.  The mister issue is no longer an issue as the new girl has stopped turning it on.  I see that she may turn out to be sort of cool and funny if she would just drop the snotty I'm better than you attitude.

I sneaked into my coworkers meeting to see what they are saying about her as she emailed me saying she felt like they didn't like her.   I told her I would say something to them but she asked me not to.

She obviously doesn't know me well enough yet as of course I said something to them.

But what they said back to me I had no idea as I have been so busy it's not even funny.  They told me that she treats them like her minions and expects them to drop and do her bidding when she wants them to.  I think part of it is she doesn't know them well enough to realize they will get it done that she doesn't have to stand and watch over them.

I had no idea the new girl was doing this stuff to them.  And here I was trying to stick up for her. Well I'm stuck between them, Ms Princess and the new girl.  It's too stressful!  I'm not going to say anything to the new girl about my talking about her to them.  I did say in this meeting that it's hard as the new girl and I want to change how things are done, but feel that while Ms Princess is in limbo waiting for a person to take her job from her, that it would be disrespectful to talk changes in front of her.

They suggested I tell Ms Princess that we are going to talk about these things but with no hard feelings.  Have they forgotten who Ms Princess is with her crying jags???? I've been so damn busy I haven't even been able to talk to her or help her with her work load.  There is a girl out sick and stupid me volunteered to pick up her job as it's my MD.  I have been so overwhelmed it isn't even funny.

There really hasn't been anything worth mentioning happening lately.  Although I did ask about my back hurts at her new job.  It seems she portrayed herself to know more than she really does.  Gee isn't that how she always was??? I just find that hilarious that she lied to get a new job, saying she was better and more knowledgeable that she truly is.

So perfect.

All right.  Today I realized I always show you the green custom holo from More Nail Polish.  She actually made me five in total.  Here is the brown one she called Dust and Cat Hair after some of my stories I've told.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
You all know how I love me my brown.  This is the perfect chocolate brown holo for me.  I thank you Cathy for making these for me!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Enchanted Polish Dime Piece

The saga that is my car repair is finally over.  What is the final tally of time that elapsed from the hit and run to me getting my car back from the repair shop?

Six Weeks.

No joke.

Let's do a quick recap for those who haven't paid attention. My car rear bumper was hit while it was in the parking lot of a grocery store.  The a*shole didn't leave a note.  Two days later, I had the estimate in hand, ready to send to my insurance so they could do their thing.

That's where the drag happened.  My claim guy tried to make me go through my comprehensive, which has a deductible of $500 for me.  This is clearly a hit and run and should be run through uninsured motorist per Virginia law.  My deductible for this is $200.

A huge difference in money for me.

My claims guy fought me at every turn.  I finally called my broker to call him and school him on insurance law. She even went several levels above him before he finally realized he wasn't going to get away with this.

Then he tells me "the check is in the mail."  I never ever get it.  I started emailing him daily telling him I didn't get it today over and over.  He finally says, OK, I'll cancel that check and reissue a new one.  I never got that one either.

After several days, the dumba*s figures out oh yeah, duh, I've sent those checks to the repair shop, not to you. Well this raises another eyebrow as the repair shop never called me to say, we have your money, let's make an appointment to fix your car.  Trust I told off the person on the phone about this when I called to set up my repair.

I'm told four days to fix my car and I drop it off on a Monday.  The rental car I got was a baby poop orange Ford Escape.  Automatic.  I hate automatics, but they don't have stick rentals.  Oh and I'm used to driving a little Honda Civic.  This Ford is a behemoth.  I felt like I was driving a bus!!

Oh and this car was a piece of crap.  I would mash the pedal to the floor and the car would rev it's RPMs to the 7000s but go nowhere.  It was like the car was trying to figure out what it was supposed to do.  Finally, it would catch and take off.  It was annoying as hell as I like my speed.

I had that car for four days.  I went to get my car from the shop and was all excited.  It looked brand new all over again.  The hail dents were gone, there was a new bumper and new paint job and clear coat.  I do see some buffing marks on the side that I can't get out. It's like it is under the clear coat.

I have a one year warranty on this and I'm going to wax it myself today and then see what my mom thinks when I show it to her.  If she says it's that obvious, I'll go back to them to fix it.  But the shop did a good job. They detailed my car as well.  Vacuumed, polished, cleaned the glass.  It looks damn good.

I did complete the survey my insurance sent me after I got my car back.  I gave them all ones, which was the worst rating you could give.  I also told them this story.  It should not take six weeks to fix a bumper.

It just shouldn't.

Today I wanted an in your face holo as if the work ban truly goes through, I wanted to wear ones I have been saving for special occasions.

I give you EP Dime Piece.  Watch your eyes.................

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is insane!!!! I so love holos this outrageous!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Elevation Polish Sunrise 2 Holo

I'm obsessed with a new song people! I saw that The Pretty Reckless has put out two new CDs since I last checked.  I sampled them both and the newest CD is too soft and poppy.  If you know who this band is, you know they are way more hard core and far from a pop band.  So I didn't get that one, but the CD from 2014 seriously rocks.

I've had the song, "Why'd You Bring a Shotgun To the Party" on repeat.  I sure hope they aren't going soft on me like their new CD.  That would suck.

It appears that the nail polish ban at work is getting closer and closer to reality.  It's going to the Medical Executive Committee and I'm told that's just a formality and as of January 1st, no more polish.  I fought the good fight and am still planning on doing clear EZ Dip gel with a matte top coat as the shine will give me away.

Yesterday when I did my nails, I did three dips of the clear and stupid me then decided to add a layer of pink. No it's not thick at all as clear gel is super thin.  But I need to figure out how many dips I can get away with and not get caught but also to not break a nail as I finally have some.

I also need to see if the clear stains from the different polish.  I'm thinking no as I won't have it on for as long a period of time as I do now.  I have two months to figure this out.  If you guys have any thoughts, let me know.

I'm sort of still thinking of emailing the higher ups to just voice my opinion on how stupid this ban is.

In America, tomorrow is election day.  If you watch South Park, you know the options are "The Douche" vs the "Turd Sandwich."  It's pretty apropos in my opinion.  Neither one is a good choice. I'm betting not many will vote as neither one is a good choice.  I keep thinking that some crazy write in or one of the lesser parties like the Green party will win.

It's going to be interesting for sure.  I mean yeah it'll be cool to have the first female president, but Hilary? There's just too much scandal and secrecy there.  I won't even mention the other.

Now this polish was a custom holo for me.  It was an actual polish called Sunrise by Elevation Polish that she added holo to for me.  It's a scattered holo, burnt orange.  I love it and haven't worn it in forever.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't it stunning? It reminds me of my favorite Essie, Alligator Purse holofied.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Enchanted Polish November 2013

We have a lot to get to today people so I'm just going to get right to it.  First of all, you must get the new Green Day CD.  It rocks as all their CDs rock.  They had a show on TV the other night of them in concert and I was just mesmerized as I love them so much.

The new girl is still doing the stupid mister thing. The next day I had told her to turn it off, I get to work and it's going so when she left the office, I turned it off.  Of course, she turned it right back on. I told her she had to turn it off in a few minutes.  She said ok, but 'forgot' to do so. I finally just told her again to turn it off and 'we aren't going to do this every day.'  She mumbled something and I've no idea what, but the next day it wasn't on.

I'm turning my car in Monday to finally be fixed.  It's about damn time, but I hate the fact that I'll be in a rental without all my easy access stickers on the windshield.  Going to be four days of hell but I need my car back to new for my own happiness.

Now for the BIG deal at work.  Ms Princess is not being offered the job she is doing right now. I told you that she had applied to get the official title and job that she's been doing for six years. Seems the doctors don't want her or like how she does the job.  But of course, they expect her to continue doing it until they find someone else.  That's the sh*tty part and I do agree that's crap to do to someone.

What she did with this is the crap part.  She came to me in my busy clinic asking me to come talk to her.  I didn't know what had happened at that moment so I told her that I'm in the middle of my busy clinic.  She looked at me crying as she does all the time saying I'm just asking for a minute. So I had to go into an exam room and she told me what happened.  I would be upset too, but I'm also thinking the three MDs I'm working with right now are looking for me.

The next day she pulled me into the hall for another of her drama talks. Crying again, she tells me she will tell the boss that she is only going to do this job for another month and that's it. I'm thinking to myself, "great they will expect me to do it as I did it last week when she was off."

Later that day, I went to my boss and jokingly said 'do you not like me anymore?' She looked at me funny and I told her how Ms Princess had pulled me from my clinic and couldn't the boss have picked a better time to tell her this? Then I asked if I was next on the chopping block. As now I am the last one of the originals left.  She said to me, "you'll quit over the nail polish ban before I let you go." Which was nice to hear.

But then she dropped a bombshell on me.  It seems Ms Princess tried to throw me under the bus when she was told she wasn't to be offered the job she is doing.  Now I'm under no delusion that she's all about herself, but to find this out kind of sucks big time.  To my face she is all crying and boo hoo no one wants me, but to the boss, she's stabbing me in the back.

That's f*cked up big time.

It's not my fault that you do so little work and waltz around like you're the sh*t that you were denied this job.  I bust my ass each and every day and my boss knows it.  Oh and the other thing my boss said to me then was to make friends with the new girl.  I almost brought up the stupid mister, but it seemed so f*cking petty at that moment that I let it drop.

Oh one last funny for you.

One of my patients is a rather cranky woman.  She is just not nice.  When I first talked to her on the phone she and I sort of butted heads as I don't take crap from anyone.  Now she and I have a rapport. So she was getting chemo yesterday and I went and told her to be nice to my staff.  The nurse was there just looking at me funny as I said this.  I told her not to worry that she and I have a friendship of sorts.

Then my patient looked at me and said "when I first talked to you on the phone, I thought you were a mean old cranky woman." I looked at her and said right back, "that's because I was talking to a mean old cranky woman." She and I just busted out laughing.  It was a cool moment.

All right, I've talked enough.  Here is the gorgeous EP November 2013.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How freakin gorgeous is this??? Maybe if they do ban nail polish, I'll start painting my toes!

Oh and I promised you guys a look at me, my new hair color and my new glasses.  So here you go.

You can't really see the blue ombre on the side pieces-but you can see the merlot and purple highlights that my hairdresser does for me.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Enchanted Polish Rare Magic

It was finally cold this morning when I got up.  This past week it was 87F and I had to turn on my air conditioner! Crazy for October.  Now it's 38F out there and I'm loving that much better.  Although where I grew up is getting snow right now.  I love snow but not in October.

So I still have not gotten my car fixed.  It's now been five weeks since it was hit.  I told you how I keep emailing the guy telling him I still haven't gotten my check yet.  They actually stopped payment on one check and resent a new one that I never got either.

Want to know why?

Well it seems that the jacka*s that is taking care of my insurance claim sent the check to the repair shop so that's why I haven't gotten it.  Oh but you'd think that if the repair shop had my check, they would have called me to set up the repair right?

Nope.  That didn't happen either.

This whole situation is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and I am pissed.  The repair shop took my money and probably figured it was payment for work already done.  Trust I will be calling them tomorrow to b*tch at them for this.  Plus I got sent a link for a survey from the insurance company. Believe that once this situation is completed, they will get my wrath over this whole debacle.

Oh and I told you I had an incident with the new girl already.

I was covering Ms Princess while she was off last week and in doing her job, needed a schedule from the new girl.  When she handed it to me, I realized the dates were a week old. Now it's not part of my job so I was questioning if this was correct that this schedule was a week old.  The new girl looked right at me and said in the most snotty, snarky voice, "I wouldn't give you the wrong thing. I know how to do my job."

Oh no she didn't just talk to me like that!  She shall pay for that.  But for now, I just glared at her and went about my business.  It's going to be fun working with her all right.

Oh and I told my office mates that they owe me for telling her to turn off the mister. Why they couldn't just tell her I don't know. But she better not have it on when I come to work on the daily. Something may just happen to it.

Now here is the last of the new Enchanted Polish. I'm not sure I like it.  These pictures aren't telling the whole story. Yes it's gorgeous in the sun. But out of it, it's like a green grey nasty color. It's weird.

Here is Rare Magic.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes this is gorgeous here-but out of the sun it's not.  It's like Engineered to Destroy from the Mishka trio from back in the day.  My nails are long here! And yes, for now, I'm still doing my EZ Dip gel and polish.  My job will most likely ban it, but for now, they haven't.

I have figured out that I may still do the dip but use the clear gel and top it off with a matte top coat so I can at least still have my nails even if they are bare.  I think that will fool my boss well enough that she won't know they aren't my bare nails.

What do you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Enchanted Polish Love Potion

I am sitting here listening to the new Lady Gaga CD and I'm just not sure what she's doing here.  I miss the sound of her Bad Romance CD.  These songs are just not doing it for me-but I've only listened once so far.  I do love A-Yo.  That song rocks big time.

So it's official.  My back hurts is gone.  I didn't even say goodbye as she was in a meeting when it was my time to go.  I left her a post it.  Sad really that after all the years she put in there that there was no party or anything like they do for other people who have left.  Now I'm one who wouldn't want a party or anything like that.  But I think she might have expected one.

All I know was she was on the phone making her weekly physical therapy appointments, the first one being her second day at her new job.  Her comment being, oh I hope they aren't mad at my new job! Then she was trying to figure out how to bring her special desk and stand mat with her.  She is still under the illusion that she will just be sitting at a desk.

That is far from reality.  She is going back to clinic work at a very busy clinic.  She will not get a chance to sit down as she will be rooming patients and cleaning scopes.  I guarantee she will hate it. And there ain't no way my boss will take her back.

Now onto the other issue that has arisen.

The new girl.  I'm still working on a name for her.

I've told you my office is a small box, no windows in the basement with literally twelve cube desks in it.  I come in last week to this awful overwhelming smell like a nasty plugin scent.  Me not having a filter says loudly, "what stinks in here?" A couple of my coworkers motion back to the new girl but say nothing.

I walk back to my desk and I see that the new girl has one of those fragrance misters that are electric. I could see the mist pouring out of this thing.  She happened to walk out of the office at that moment and my office mates all look to me to tell her to turn it off!


So when she walks back in, I look at her and tell her she has got to turn it off.  That it stinks and I just can't take it.  She turns it off.  All is good.

But is it?

Nope.  The next day, I get to my office and once again, she has that damn mister going. I say to her again that you have got to turn that thing off.  Her reply? "Oh but's it orange this time." Of course I don't give a sh*t what it is and I tell her to turn it off.  I do say that I'm ok with her turning it on for like five minutes in the morning if she wants, but no way is it ok to have that thing going all day long.

Know what else I found out? Seems my boss has the exact same thing in her office so the new girl is copying the boss.  Get a life dude.  My boss has her own office and can run a mister all day long. But if you share an office with twelve people, you cannot do so.

Oh and she is acting like the sh*t boss now that my back hurts is gone.  She and I have already had words.

That's for another day.

Here is another of the new Enchanted Polish.  This is Love Potion.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is for all you pink berry lovers out there!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Enchanted Polish Bewitched

Went to the eye doctor the other day for my yearly exam.  I can tell that I needed new glasses.  I have been wearing the same frames since 2011-just changing the lens when I needed a new prescription. My doctor and I are about the same age and we shoot the sh*t while I'm there and talk smack about the medical profession and its stupidities.

He could tell I was stressing out while I was trying to read the blurry letters on the far wall.  He told me that I HAD to order this particular book that he thinks is fabulous.  He told me that if I didn't like it, he would pay me the money I spent on it.  What's the title you say?

"The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck."

No joke.

So yeah, I trust and like my eye doctor so I ordered it right up after I left his office.  I have it in my possession, but have not finished it yet.  I just think the title alone is hilarious and yeah I admit, I stress out about too many things that just don't matter.

Oh and I picked out new glasses!  The pair I've been wearing has blue filigree on the side pieces and has very small lenses.  Since I've had to switch to progressive lenses, I really needed a larger lens so I can see better as I'm having a hard time training my eyes where to look for close up vision.  Me and the glasses lady went through over thirty pairs of different glasses.  I finally managed to get it down to one pair.  I don't have them yet, but here's a picture I took of the sample pair in the office.

See the blue ombre on the sides? The frames themselves are a brushed matte dark blue and since my eyes are blue, it makes them pop big time.  I can't wait to get them!

Just wish I didn't have to pay almost $500 for them! That's a big fat ouch right there.  But I need them and haven't had new frames in five years so will see if I can get this pair to last that long!

Still waiting to get my car fixed.  Haven't gotten the check  yet from my insurance. It's really starting to piss me off.  I keep emailing the guy.  Stuff like haven't gotten it today. Nope not today either. On the daily I send him an email.  Tomorrow I plan to call him and be like WTF dude?

All right.  Here is the next stunner from Enchanted Polish.  This is Bewitched.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Goes with my new glasses doesn't it??? This is a gorgeous cornflower blue with a subtle holoness to it.  I really like this one too!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Enchanted Polish Wicked

Holy sh*t people!!! You seriously need to stop what you're doing and take a seat for this one.

Are you ready???

Do I have your attention??


Yes you heard my correctly.  My back hurts has officially turned in her resignation.  I promise you I never saw this one coming. She has been doing her job now for at least fifteen years I think? I've been there seven years now and I know she'd been there for quite some time before I got there.

I'm in shock big time.  Where is she going you ask? Back to regular clinic nursing.  A completely different type of medical problem, no longer doing Pink October stuff.  Again, I'm shocked.  She has lived her life for the pink for years.  Has tons of certifications and letters after her RN.  To go someplace completely new and foreign to her where she will actually be expected to do work is incomprehensible to me.

The killer is? She got that special desk, special mat to stand on, two weeks in Hawaii and the clincher? She is still only doing part time as her back hurts.  How is she now going to go to rooming patients, doing vital signs being up and moving when she can't even stand at her desk and do work now? Right now she comes and goes as she pleases.  Does work or doesn't do work as she pleases. She will now be expected to actually do something at this new job.

It's also a demotion as she had the navigator title and now is just a clinic nurse.  So yeah big pay cut city as well. I feel sorry for the new girl as she just started and my back hurts is hardly there to train her and now she's quitting to leave the new girl to fend for herself.  Nice right?  They have not decided on a last day yet.  She is in negotiations with the boss.

My thoughts are that she will regret leaving.  That she will realize once she leaves that she had it pretty good in her comings and goings. We are pretty much left to ourselves to do our job.  The boss is not hovering making sure our sh*t gets done.  She is leaving that behind.

Oh and the people she's going to work with?? I know for a fact aren't very nice.  So a little more icing on the cake for me.

But then I realized something.  I myself have said if they ban nail polish I may quit and do something else myself.  Why wouldn't I regret the anonymity that I have now just like I said my back hurts will? I'm betting I would big time.  I like to do my job as I have created it.  I made it what it is and what I've created is pretty damn awesome compared to what the person before me did.

Would I have the same regrets as I believe my back hurts will??  Maybe...........

Now today we have part of the new Enchanted Polish collection.  Five stunning new colors to die for. When I first saw this one, Wicked, my first thought was hmmmm Holiday 2014 and December 2015. But when you swatch them side by side, they are all very different indeed.

Here is Wicked.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
The base is green with flashes of blue and pink and gold.  It's stunning for sure.  It freaked my camera out so I wasn't able to truly capture its beauty.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane

I thought I'd use this post to talk about my big reveal to you guys last week.  I got a lot of really nice comments from you out there and I really appreciate them!  None of you had any idea of course, as I don't go around telling everyone I meet.  Most people that I work with have no idea.  They usually find out if I get admitted to the hospital for surgery.  Which is coming due.

I usually have surgery every three years since my first one in 1989, but my last one in 2013 was actually after a four year hiatus from being in the hospital for surgery.  So if you do the math, it's been over three years now and I've had this for so long that I know my body very well.

I no longer get Crohn's sores in my intestines.  I only get them in my mouth now. They are painful as hell and make it hard to eat and talk depending on where it decides to show up at that time.  Every surgery since 1998 has been due to adhesions that have wrapped around my intestines causing blockages.  So they go in, clean out the scar tissue and I'm good to go for another three to four years. I can tell when my intestines are slowing down from this.

I usually just call up my doctor and tell him when it's time.  The sh*tty thing at the moment is, my hospital doesn't have the right kind of surgeon there to do my surgery.  So I'm trying to hold out as long as I can!!!

Now you know why my online dating never goes very well as I surely cannot hide a pouch and an IV on my body.  I refuse to not tell someone the truth.  People have told me to not tell someone right away, to let them get to know you better first.  All I can say to that is it would hurt me worse when they turn around and run screaming away as I would have more feelings developed than if I just tell them from the get go.

I was working one time as the charge nurse listening to report when the nurse with me said "I'd rather be dead than have one of those pouches" as the patient we were taking care of had one.  I turned, looked her right in the face, whipped my pants down, pointed to my pouch and said "What the f*ck do you think this it?" I can still picture the shock on her face.  I told her she needs to not say such stupid things when she doesn't know any better.  I told her that I would be dead if I didn't have one.

I still chuckle to myself when I think about that story.  Whipping my pants down and the shock value were priceless to me.  I hate the taboo surrounding this.  One day I've thought about writing a book of my life with this disease.

One day I just might have enough stories like this one to share.

Today we have a gorgeous polish I wore for me.  Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane.


I filed my nails down a bit and shaped them.  They were getting a bit long! I'm hoping my next post will be a new Enchanted Polish holo!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Polish My Life Storm Clouds, Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

Today is update day.  I have several.  I finally got my car insurance to approve the repairs to my bumper.  I am still waiting on the check however as the guy's office is in Florida and due to the Hurricane, didn't work on Friday.  I don't want to set up the repairs until I have the check in hand. It's going to suck to have to drive a rental, but they said it should only take four days to fix.

As you read this, I will have gone to the eye doctor for my annual exam.  I will be getting new glasses as I can tell my prescription has changed as I am blind as a bat! I've also been wearing the same pair for four years plus and it's just time.  I noticed big scratches on the lens the other day and it's just another reason to get a new pair.

Yes I've got bifocals people! I don't do contacts.  Just can't do it. And wouldn't you know, a patient complimented my glasses the other day and when I told them about getting new ones, they told me to keep these frames.

My back hurts hasn't been too annoying lately.  Sad to say.  She has finally been increasing her hours, not quite at full time yet, but working on it.  Her new side kick is a weird one and I'm still getting a handle on that one.

But Ms Princess has been a crying mess per usual.  One jag was warranted I think.  Remember she had officially applied for the job title that she is already doing.  They are adding a side clinic to her regular one and hired someone to do that already and didn't tell her! She found out through the gossip channels.  I have to admit, that is sh*tty indeed.  It's the same doctor she works with and I know if my doctor hired someone behind my back for my job, I'd be pissed.

The icing on her cake? They expect her to do this job, work out the kinks in a new computer program for this new person to take over.  So being the princess she is, told me that now she's doing the work of two people. I told her to stop, that she's still doing the same job, it didn't morph into two separate jobs.  It's hard to explain as I can't go to in depth here.

Then I'm in clinic Friday, busy as hell, and she waltzes in as she does, and gets in my face.  Picture a room with a long table with three computers in a row.  I'm at the right computer, another person is at the far left one with a unused computer in the middle.  She's standing on my right, talking to the person at the far left, right into my right ear.  I told her to go away and get out of my face.  Oh she didn't like that of course.  I told her to go over there and stop talking around me.

At this time, I'm on the phone trying to get someone to come fix my computer.  She doesn't know what the issue is, but offers her stupid two cents which is to tell me that the computer guy had come and fixed it yesterday and her doctor was using it with no issue.  Now you all know I'm a computer geek and everyone at work comes to me to fix their computer issues so do you really think I'd call the computer guy if the computer wasn't broken????

Even if it had been fixed the day before? So yeah I lost my sh*t on her and she walked off in a huff saying "you can't talk to me like that." So now she's not talking to me which is completely fine with me.  She completely got in my way and in my face and she's known me long enough to know better.

Oh and I'm still fighting the nail polish battle at work.

Today we have Polish My Life Storm Clouds with Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas.  Mismas is the last name of the person who does the blog "All Lacquered Up".  She created this color way back when.



I just love this purple Mismas.  Haven't worn it in forever!  I next did a simple funky.  Please ignore the damn cat fur.  I didn't see it until I was just cropping the photos!


I love these two colors together! Aren't they pretty!?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?