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Sunday, March 30, 2014


I have added a TON (thirty pictures worth) of polish from my stash.  Please help me find homes for these pretties.

Here is the link!

Happy Shopping!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

February and Roses

I have a confession to make. I actually started participating on Facebook.  Yeah, it only took like three years, but I'm there.

I actually started my own holo lovers group.  If you are a holo freak like me, please do join my group.  It's called Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks.  We talk holos and more holos. It's pretty cool so far.  I've no idea about these things, so I'm learning as I go along.

The sun has not been around much lately.  They are calling for snow again.  At least this time they are saying it'll just be flakes flying with no accumulation.  I am convinced Spring just ain't coming this year.  My daffodils are almost blooming.  The other thing I had done earlier this month was cut my 6 foot climbing rose bush down to the ground. So far there is no sign of new growth.  Damn I hope I didn't kill it.  The problem was, it was looking so scraggly and several branches were dying and it just didn't look healthy at all.  A coworker told me to cut it down and it'll regrow.

I sure hope it does.  Otherwise I will be very sad because this rose bush grows the most gorgeous salmon orange color flowers.  So pretty and unique.  Cross your fingers people!

I'll post pictures of them if they do in fact grow back this summer.

Now onto the mani for today.  Here's the silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish February 2014 and Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight & Roses.

I started with skittles.

Yup I told you I had to nub again. I am still having issues getting the shape right.  Next I was inspired by the very awesome Judyrox on Instagram.  So I taped and freehanded and it's a sort of failure but what the hell right?  She totally inspires me and does these amazing geometric perfect designs.  Swoon.  Anywho, here are the results.


Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

Close Up
Not quite as perfect as hers by far, but notice anything? No smearage.  I used Seche this time for the final top coating.  As much as I love HK top coat, it is thin and seems to smear my final results.  So I will use both from now on.

Are you guys liking my new freehand stuff?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Black, White and Red Tribal

This next mani is inspired by two different manis I saw on Instagram. The awesome Pshiiit and So Nailicious.

I fell asleep dreaming of the color combination I was going to use.  Do you ever do that?  Dream of manis? I do sometimes.  Trust me, it's not like it happens all the time.

I had to give my lung cancer speech at work this last week.  I don't know what it is about public speaking, but damn do I freak out every time.  I mean, I know my sh*t and can talk about lung cancer all day long with coworkers or patients, but get me in front of thirty people and I lose all composure.

The last time I had done this speech, I read verbatim from the slides I had created.  Wow that was bad. This time I decided to wing it.  I thought that would fix everything.  Nope.  I can say I didn't suck as bad as I did the last time, but it was far from perfect.  The second I got in front of the people, my hands started shaking, my voice lost all confidence to it and my mouth went dry as a bone.  The last time I gave this speech, I forgot to have water with me and man was that bad to have cotton mouth with no water. I was smarter about that this time.  I had juice and water.  My 45 minute presentation was over in 30.  Yeah.  Afterwards, they told me I was good, but talked too fast.  This also happens when I get nervous.

I was telling the MD I was working with after and he told me they give people beta blockers to stop that reaction of the shakes and dry mouth etc. Beta blockers are usually for blood pressure and heart stuff. Nope not taking that just for a speech. I joked to him that I'll just take a big dose of valium and it'll be all good!

At least this is only twice a year for the new nurses.  I actually thought about volunteering to do other topics. WTF is my problem????  Luckily, there aren't any others ones that I can do.

Do you get like this during public speaking?  And no, please don't tell me to picture them naked.  Not gonna help!

Here's the silly bottle shot for today.

This is Essie Blanc, Orly Liquid Vinyl and Chick Wild Rooster.

I started with skittles.

Next I did a combination of tape and freehand to finish this off.  I am VERY proud of these results.  The damn topcoat smeared it, but I think if I switch to Seche it'll fix that issue.  Here it is.

What do you guys think? Yes this took a very long time so I was pissed when it got smeared.  Pshiiit actually commented on my IG account saying she liked it!  That was pretty cool to me.

Definitely trying to do more exciting things!  Hope you are liking it!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Distressed Blues

Spent all day yesterday at a Prostate Cancer Seminar.  Interesting stuff, I tell you.  For those who pay attention, you will remember the hoity toity ladies room I showed you last year.  Well this seminar was held in the same Country Club.  Ah the life of the rich. On the way there, I just couldn't stop staring at the huge fancy houses along the way. It's definitely not an area of the city I frequent.  I kept saying to myself, 'do people live there?' Wow.

The ladies room was all sorts of fancy last year, but this year? Totally redone.  I wonder if they do that every year? This time, it was awash in lilacs.  Plus the actual stalls had floor to ceiling doors with fancy shelving in there and fancy hooks for your purse.  I did not take pictures of that.  Of course, no paper towels to dry your hands, it's all soft cloths for the rich people hands.  Heaven forbid dahling.

Here is a picture of the updated ladies room.

Oops, just realized my caffeine free pepsi is in the picture- so uncouth of me.

This was the anteroom to the bathroom. I kind of like this set up better than last year. For those who didn't pay attention, here it is from last year.

Which one is better? Why the newer version of course!

Anywho, it was a good albeit long conference.  What totally gets me is how often people would get up and walk out to do whatever.  Some forgot to turn off their phones, some weren't even paying attention.  It was like these people have no freakin politeness and it was so disruptive and irritating.  At one point I had to shush the people.  These are adults, mostly doctors and acting like this.  Such a sad commentary.

Now onto the mani at hand.  Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Picture Polish Ocean, White Wedding and Cosmos with Liquid Sky Lacquer White Christmas.

I started with a full mani of White Christmas.

I do love this holo!  Next I distressed this with the Picture Polish blues.

Tie dyed blues.  Pretty cool eh?  I broke my ring fingernail yesterday, so back to nubs I'm afraid.  Next I doodled with my new brushes.  Here are the results.

I'm finding this HK glisten and glow topcoat, although it's awesome as all get out, does smear my designs. I'm going to try my Seche to see if I can stop the smearage next time.

This did come out pretty cool, maybe not the coolest thing ever, but I like it!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Storm Break

Today I have something very special for you.  A brand new, unreleased prototype holo. It's dark, edgy and steel grey linear.  Stunning people.  It was sent to me to try out to see if it is worthy and I totally think it is. Hopefully it will go on the market so you can get your own!

Before we get to that however, a fun work story.  I had to go to an inservice for high level disinfection. I was all prepared to be bored out of my skull as I usually am at these things, but this dude teaching it had my attention.

You see, in my head and neck cancer clinic we scope people.  Which means we have a scope, which is a long tube that has a camera on the end that the MDs stick into people's noses and down their throat to check on their cancer.  I am responsible for cleaning these scopes.

Well, this dude was telling us how if we ever were involved in a hospital lawsuit that if we don't do the exact manufacturer's instructions, that even if we didn't do anything wrong, if we didn't follow those instructions, we are liable.

He started talking about those Clorox and Lysol commercials and how they say they disinfect?  Have you actually read the label?  NOPE? Go do it now.  I'll wait.

Did you read it?  The commercials mislead you into thinking you're miss happy housewife, spraying things, wiping down things and you're killing all sorts of nasty germs right???  Well it's so NOT true.  Again, read the label.  You must preclean the area, then use enough wipes or spray to keep the area wet for ten minutes for some products out there.  One wipe dries in 30 seconds or so.  So how many Clorox/Lysol wipes would you need to keep said area wet for ten minutes?  Certainly not just the one you see them do on TV.

This is known as not following the manufacturer's instructions.  A majority of people don't.  I know I don't. So this topic fascinated the hell out of me since I use Clorox wipes every day.  But not to the specifications of the label that's for sure.

The same thing goes for dishwashing liquid.  Do you do what the instructions say? Or do you just squirt some in there to make a pile of bubbles?  What are bubbles really? Just air and air doesn't clean dishes.  Plus the bubbles obscure what's in the sink.  You could cut your hand on a knife.  So you really are just supposed to use one drop like the commercial says.

Makes you think doesn't it??????

On that note, let's see what I have for you today shall we?

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Spring Fever and Storm Break with China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around.

I started with skittles and I apologize in advance, my fingers are horrible.




How awesome is this steel grey holo??? I love it!

Next I doodled with my brushes.  Here are the results.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun


Close Up
Unfortunately, I smeared the hell out of it with my top coat, but I do think this is a pretty cool mani. I just wish my hands would heal so I wouldn't have to black out so much!

Do you love this new holo?  Would you buy it?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Pastel Fun

Yes I am still trying to get Spring here with more pastels.  I mean the calendar says Spring arrives in a few days and where the heck is it?

So the big announcement at work last week?  That the powers that be will be monitoring computers to see who is on social media or non work related sites during the hours of 10-3pm.  So I guess that means that if I'm on there after 3 I'm good right?  Who the hell knows.  What I do know is that I used to read my blogs at work when I had a couple minutes to spare.  The Feedly program doesn't let me leave comments if I'm using my ipad or iphone.  I've tried to tell them, but they don't care.  So I apologize to my blogs out there-until I find out if this is really true, I can't take the chance.

What I don't get is-if they're so worried we are on Facebook-why not just block it like they have many sites on our computers at work, such as dating sites and porn.  Makes me think the people who are supposed to be watching us are actually on Facebook.


Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Square Hue Yellow Submarine, Groovy Love and Flower Power.

I started with Yellow and Flower.

Yes Winter is killing my hands and nails.  I now have two nails that are ugly as sin and had to be covered up. My gel is needing to be fixed every few days and I didn't sign up for that.  I'm getting tired of doing the gellin.

Next I took my brushes and doodled.  Here are the results.

I've been using my Konad stamping polish for the designs as I'm still unable to use regular polish so far.  I am LOVING this mani!  I think the colors are perfect together and the design is simple yet very cool.

What do you think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pastel Tie Dyed Tribal

They're calling for snow again.  It was 73F yesterday and today it's 35F and supposed to snow 4-6 inches overnight. Then by next Friday? Back in the 70s.  It's like Mother Nature whiplash.  I'm so over it.  It's almost Spring by the calendar, but I'm still waiting for it.  I just hope they are wrong about the snow totals, that the storm goes more north and that I can get to work tomorrow.  It was two weeks ago that I couldn't get to work because of the snow and it's like deja vu all over again.

Instead of doing a sacrifice to the Gods, I thought if I did a pastel mani, that maybe Spring would come and stay.  So far, not yet.

My hairdresser asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot for her.  Since my hair is a crazy red, it would show how fab she is doing color.  This was supposed to happen two years ago but never did.  We may have to do something drastic-maybe a new cut-even though I'm trying desperately to grow it out, or some funky color that will get me in trouble at work like my pink stripes did.

All I know is I will have to go in for a color touchup two weeks after my full hair dye session so it's fresh and bright and there will be a makeup person, professional photographer and obviously my hair dresser will do my hair.  I have never had these type of pictures done before.  I'm hoping they will come out good, although I usually don't photograph well.

It would be nice to have a decent picture of myself for posterity.  Don't you think?

Anywho, onto the pastel happy mani.  Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is the entire set of pastels by Lime Crime.  Peaches & Cream, Milky Way, Once in a Blue Mousse, Pastelchio, Lavendairy, Crema de Limon and Parfait Day.

I started with Milky Way.

Next, using the distressed technique I used last time, I used all the rest of the colors to create a tie dye base,

I could have stopped here. As this is a very cool mani all on its own.  Instead I took my new brushes and added tribalness.  Here are the results.

Pretty cool eh?  I actually really like this one!  Got a lot of compliments on it.

Here is a picture of my new brushes.

They look huge here but believe me, they are teeny tiny brushes.  I've been having fun playing with them.  I can't stop doing tribals and different designs with them!

Are you ready for Spring too?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?