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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Enchanted Polish Space Ghost

I had told you that Mom and I went to Myrtle Beach.  It was the first time there without my Dad. We've been going there since I was fourteen-now I'm forty eight.  That's a long time.  I've told you before that I love Myrtle Beach to visit, but I wouldn't live there.

Anywho, my Dad always did all the driving.  Typical man who just never got lost.  Me, I'm clueless about what direction is east, north etc.  So Mom and I decided we were going to go to this mall to watch the new Star Wars movie.  Mom was the copilot with the map.  Can you see where this is going???

Yup, we got lost.

I was yelling at Mom the street intersections asking her which way to go and she was yelling back saying she didn't know where we were and I would yell back you have the map! The part you're missing is the f-bombs flying back and forth between us.  I would say "we're at the corner of such and such-which way do I turn?" Her reply would be, "I don't know where the f*ck we are!" My reply would be, "you have the f*cking map!" And so on and so forth. It got so bad that finally we both just started laughing and said that Dad was in heaven laughing his a** off at us.

BTW, that movie was so amazing.  We wonder just how much Mark Hamill was paid to be in that movie.  If anyone knows, please tell me!

The other cool thing we did in Myrtle Beach was to go and have lunch at the place we always ate at growing up. It was always a special occasion fancy place.  It was so popular and crowded that we would have to wait outside for an hour just for a table.  I remember as kids how that part sucked! It has been years since we had been there.  I mean years.

We got there and had a nice lunch.  It was a nice remembrance of times past.

We went to both Tanger Outlet malls.  I always stock up on stuff when I'm there.  New nurse shoes, new Jockey undies at the outlet store, new Coach purse.  This time I got a bunch of Crabtree and Evelyn lotion.  I love that stuff but the store here closed.  It's always better to pay outlet prices.

All right. Today's polish is not that pretty.  I again didn't have any sun, but even when I personally saw this in the sun, it didn't help the matter. Plus, it has micro glitter, which is a b*tch to remove.  Oh and to top it off, the blue stains bad.

Yes, this is not good at all.  It would have been better off just being a pretty blue jelly.  But the glitter doesn't add anything to this at all.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Enchanted Polish Vintage

It's been a long time since I've sat here and written down my thoughts.  It's been a rough period of time for me. I've been overly depressed about my dad's passing, plus things at work have gotten bad.

I'm not going to get into the work stuff today.  What I want to say today is that I was truly thinking of quitting this blog.  I lost the love for nail polish and the nail community itself.  I tried makeup and while I am still rocking the colorful looks at work, I've stopped taking photos of them. I also gave up the false lashes.  Takes too much time!

The other issue I was grappling with is the fact that people out there feel it's OK for them to sit behind their computer screen and say sh*tty things to a total stranger.  I've never understood that. People today hate their life that much that they have to put a total stranger down to make themselves feel better.

A recent comment I got was this one, "you need to stop badmouthing other people, makes you look like a bitter b*tch." Gee, I didn't know we were BFFs and you can tell me something like that.  You know nothing of me or my life, just what I say here.  If you don't like what I have to say then f*ck off and go read someone else's blog, or better yet, start your own so I can go write nasty sh*t on your posts.  I pay my ten dollars a year to own this space.  So I can say and do whatever the f*ck I want.

Now if my mom were to come at me seriously and say, Fingers you really are sounding bitter, are you OK? Then I'd have to take that seriously.  But from some random a**hole out there? Nope.  Not happening. No more.

Normally, this stuff doesn't bother me, but between the depression, work and missing my dad, this comment just made me want to quit it all.  So I did.  For a time.  I went three weeks with no polish on at all.  I stopped looking at Instagram.  I deleted all my makeup posts. Then one day, I started wearing polish and taking photos, but not cropping them etc.  Then more days and I got the photos ready.

Then today, I decided to write a post.  I had gotten some messages that people were missing me and my blog and asked me to come back.  That really made me feel good.  I'm not making any promises, I'm here now.

Now the polish I wanted to show you is one that is gorgeous, but I had no sun to show off its glory.


This is a beautiful holo and I really love it.  I need to wear it again in the sun for full holo-ness.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?