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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Makeup Geek Cherry Cola, Glamorous, Fortune Teller, Colour Pop Blaze, Central Perk

Got my new universal remote all set up.  I was hoping I could just aim my old one at my new one and they'd sync up, but no, the company had to change the way things are done and I had to start from scratch.  What that entailed was finding the damn model numbers on my devices, some so small I could barely read them.  Stupid old age eyes!

But finally I got it all set up and it works great.  I always buy the same one over and over as I don't really need anything fancy.  My problem is, I keep dropping it on the floor and eventually, it hardly works half the time. Now I've got a brand new one that actually does all the commands correctly.  It's amazing how much better it works.

So the blizzard has passed.  I have 20 inches of snow on the ground.  My poor cats can't understand why they no longer can see the birds out back as the snow is blocking their view.  I went outside yesterday while it was still snowing and spent an hour and a half digging a path to my car, cleaning off my car and I dig it halfway out. At that point, I was cold, wet and discouraged as two more inches fell on top of what I had just cleaned.  I don't use a shovel, I get down on my hands and knees and use a dust pan.  It works better for me that way.

I don't know how I'm going to get out tomorrow to go to work.  I have a very long driveway and the end gets blocked even more by the snowplow.  I plan to go out later and clean off my car, dig the rest of it out and clear the road end of the drive.  I told my cats if I still had energy that I would try to clear it so they can see the birds again.  It's supposed to be full sun and 37F and 41F the next two days so that should help with the melt factor big time.

I'm just glad I didn't lose power.

Cross your fingers I can get out tomorrow.

All right, let's look at two eye looks I've done recently.

This is Makeup Geek Glamorous, Fortune Teller and Cherry Cola. This is what's called a halo look. Where the darker colors are in the inner and outer corners and the bright bling is in the center. I'm wearing my Ardell Wispies lashes-which are my fave and MAC Gigalash mascara.

Here is the next one.

This is Makeup Geek Blaze and Central Perk with Colour Pop Best O and Overboard liners.  This is without lashes as it was right before I figured out what I was allergic to.

I hope these show up on your computer better than on mine.  Since I switched to Windows 10 (which took 5 hours), my color scheme is off and I can't fix it.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Makeup Geek Caitlyn Rose, Pixie Dust

Holy sh*t people.  I've upgraded to Windows 10 and I feel like I'm in another universe.  My blog page is all weird, the colors are off, the page was so wide I had to change the zoom just so I could see the margins.  Am I missing something that would correct this? I feel like I've been all through the settings and the control panel and hate how off the colors and the page size are.

Help me someone!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all of you who sent me such nice thoughts and comments on my Christmas post.  That stuff really goes a long way in helping me know you are still out there reading my thoughts.  When it's been a while, I often wonder if I'm just talking to myself. So I thank you all for that.

The big blizzard is happening right outside my door at the moment.  It always kills me how people in the South react to snow.  They were originally predicting up to 33 inches of snow, I think I maybe got five, but I haven't been outside yet to measure or play in it.  You bet I'll be going out later making me a snow angel! The one issue is the wind at the moment.  I'm just hoping I don't lose power as that would suck.

Of course they made us go to work even though we had cancelled all the patients clinics, and just kept a few chemo appointments on.  But get this-neither the boss or her lackey showed up.  They took a snow day.  How messed up is that? I'm sorry, but you make me drive an hour wondering if I'll be able to get home and you can't be bothered to show up? That's not cool and not good for morale.

I was there three hours when the snow started and they told us all to go home.  I was literally going between 40 and 50 mph, doing the white knuckle thing as cars were flying past me.  Stupid jerks.  I'm from New York, I grew up driving in this crap. So I wasn't worried about my driving, I was worried some jacka** would hit me.  I passed three accidents on my way, one car flipped upside down in a ditch.  Gee stupid, you just had to speed  didn't you?

People never learn do they?

I almost wiped out once and that was in my neighborhood where it doesn't really get plowed and it was an almost 90 degree turn and I slid way off the road, but was able to get control and move on. I'm sure the person behind me who I'd just flipped off for being slow and stupid got a good laugh out of it. Chick was in a beemer (BMW) going literally 2 mph and I was not about to follow her for five miles at that rate of speed.  She pulled over to let me pass her when the finger flew.

She honked her horn at me in protest.  Whatever.

Now let's get to the eye looks.  Although I'm scared to see how it looks here on my Windows 10.

This is Makeup Geek Caitlyn Rose and Blacklight with Colour Pop Cry Baby and No Shame liners. This was the last photo I took where my eyes were so red that even Facetune couldn't fix it!

This is Makeup Geek Poison Ivy, Enchanted Forest and Pixie Dust with my LASHES! WOOHOO!

That's right people, the lashes are back! I am still loving the MAC 24 hour eye primer base too.  That sh*t is the bomb!

I hope you have liked these looks.  I have more coming!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Makeup Geek Typhoon, Appletini, Colour Pop DTLA, MUG Shimmermint, Secret Garden

Got another update for you. Remember how I mentioned the Sigma Dry n Shape Tower thing? I finally used it for its full purpose.  I got out all my dirty brushes  and got ready to go to town.

Here is what it looks like empty.

I got the middle sized one.  I certainly didn't need the huge one they sell.  The one issue I had was getting the elastic stretched out enough to shove the brush into it.  Once I got them all washed and put in the tower, I left it to dry over night.  The next day when I removed the brushes? They were perfectly dried and shaped back to their original just bought new shape.

I was totally amazed and am impressed big time.  Sometimes, I have a hard time getting the shape back without random hairs sticking out. Nope, not with this.  Oh and I bought this on my own.  These are my true thoughts!

Here it is all filled up with wet brushes.  See at the bottom, how the bigger brush heads go into the elastic for shaping.  I love it! Now I have Zoeva, Sigma, Morphe, IT and Real Techniques brushes in this.  It's not just for the Sigma brand.

Let's take a look at my eye looks.  First up is my Appletini tart.

This is Makeup Geek Appletini, Typhoon and Colour Pop DTLA liner with my Ardell Demi Wispies.

Next one is a similar color scheme, but cooler.

This is Makeup Geek Shimmermint, Secret Garden with Colour Pop liners in DTLA and Prance. I particularly love this one!

Hope you enjoyed these!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Morphe 35O palette, Colour Pop Overboard, Puppy, Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach, Mocha

Not sure I'm loving these super long titles telling you what shadows are appearing in each post.  What do you guys think? Do you like it or not?

Anywho, I have tons of updates from the past few posts.

First off, I have officially figured out what I am allergic to and have gone back to wearing my false lashes.  YAY! What is it that makes my eyes revolt?


Say that three times fast.  Actually, I've no idea how to pronounce it, all I know is since I stopped using the Target and Clinique brand makeup removers, both using this chemical as their main ingredient, my eyes have been better. None of the red, none of the tearing that washes my shadow right off, none of that.  I am a happy girl.

I did buy the MAC 24 hour eye primer base and I have to say this sh*t is the bomb.  I will never go back to the Soft Ochre paint pot again.  This 24 hour stuff is amazing.  The first time I used it, I had a hard time getting it out of the tube and a huge squirt came out.

It's sort of wax like and you apply it to your lids and set it with powder and I had no moving, smudging, creasing not anything for ten hours! I was freaking out.  Normally, I get the crease wrinkle and the tearing in the corner that removes the shadow.  Nope not with this stuff.  I've worn it three times now and I'm hooked for life.

I got my new hot water heater installed.  The total? $1035.  Would you like to see what was to be my new mattress?

Not quite what I had in mind! But one of those stupid home owner necessities you can't predict. The little tank on the right is an expansion tank so the release valve doesn't go off like my old one did. Some new government rule that you have to have one.  So now I do.

Now my gutter is coming away from the house outside and the ceiling of my front porch needs to be torn out and replaced.  I've also got the HVAC guys coming out to do maintenance on my heating and AC unit as well as replace the dryer venting.  Did you know dryer venting is freaking expensive? $200 for fifteen feet! Holy crap!

My mattress dream keeps getting farther and farther out of reach.  Maybe for my birthday?

Oh and there's a well known joke in the USA about plumber's crack and let me just say that is was a full moon for four hours that day.  Plus the water isn't hot enough for me so he has to come back and adjust that. I can just see the moon now..........

All right.  Let's see these two eye looks for today.

This one does have false lashes on.  I used the colors from my Morphe 35O palette.  I love those oranges! Plus I used Colour Pop Overboard liner on top with Puppy liner in my waterline.

This one is Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach and Mocha with Colour Pop Best O liner. This one I had falsies on as well.  These were taken before I took the lash break from my allergy hunt.

I hope you have liked these!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Colour Pop Weenie, Shameless, Porter, Kathleen Lights

My mind works in the most f*cked up way sometimes.  This past weekend I was changing the sheets on my bed and my mind drifted to all the things I've replaced in my house.  From the roof, to the dishwasher, heating and AC etc.  My thoughts went to my hot water heater and I realized it was the oldest of the replacements I had done.  I figured that would be the next thing to go.

After I finished making my bed, I went to start my laundry and thought I'll just check out my hot water heater and the drip pan underneath.  To my horror, the drip pan was full of water and of course it's a Sunday and I'm freaking out wishing I had my dad to call and ask what to do.  I grabbed a bunch of my kitchen towels and started soaking up the water.  Now picture that I have to reach way back in a closet between the wall and my washing machine to get to this water.  Yeah, not an easy task.  I ended up having to use kitchen tongs to get the towels in and out.

I then called three different plumbers as I didn't know whether this was an emergency or could wait for a weekday so I wouldn't be paying way more for a weekend call.  Only one of the three called me back.  That pissed me off as they touted themselves as 24 hour emergency service plumbers.  Yeah right.

So the one who called me back told me it would cost roughly $1000 to install a new one! Like I could say no as you sort of have to have hot water am I right??? Holy sh*t people!  You see the last time I replaced it was 2003 and my ex husband and I had just gone to Home Depot bought one and my friend soldered it into place.  Now I don't have a husband, nor that friend to help me do this on the cheap. Plus apparently, the government has decided to put new regulations on new installations that will cost me more.

Since I got all that water up the hot water heater hasn't leaked at all.  Part of me is hoping he can just fix it and save me a lot of money, but it is fifteen years old and my county water is awful with minerals and stuff.  Dude is supposed to come today after hair dye day to install it.

Sad thing is, I was saving up for a new mattress that I desperately need.  Last one I bought was 1998 and I've flipped and turned that one til I got no fresh place to sleep on.  Hopefully, I'll get enough from a tax refund to pay for a new mattress.

I'm still wondering why I thought about my hot water heater at that time on that day.  I never check it ever.  I have hot water, all is good right?

Now onto eye looks.  Remember I told you no face looks for now.  I've decided to try Colour Pop eyeshadows as I'm loving their eye liners.  The one issue I have with the liners? The stupid lead falls out if you're not careful with the way you open the top.  Trust I've had to pick it up off the floor more than once to have now learned my lesson.

First eye look is from Kathleen Lights new collboration called "Where the Night Is." I used Weenie and Shameless.  Oh and these are best applied with your finger, or a synthetic brush as they are sort of creamy. I also used the liner DTLA.

Now this is without false lashes-these are my natural lashes. Hopefully, I can go back to falsies!

Now next up I used Porter and Kathleen Lights (the name of the shadow) with the Best O liner. I find I'm wearing that burgundy liner a ton.

I particularly love this one-the colors are just amazing to me. Again, my natural lashes and I've got to pay more attention to the lower lashes as macro shows off a ton of evils.

Oh and please know that the ONLY photoshopping done to these besides cropping is to whiten my eye whites. Until I figure out what I'm allergic to-it's a must.  I refuse to do a ton of stuff. This is my almost 48 year reality.  I have wrinkles, I have bags and dark circles. It makes for me being very unpopular on Instagram.  Screw them.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Enchanted Polish December 2015, Chaos and Crocodiles Your Friendly Neighborhood Narwhal

Since Christmas, I have literally only worn two other nail polish.  These two you will see today. I've either had nekked nails or was nasty girl and had chipped polish for over a week.

That's why I haven't had any to show you until now.

Now I told you these are the only two brands that I am buying from right now.  I have totally stopped buying all other polish.

I have however, been buying makeup instead.

Have you seen the Sigma brush dryer system thingy?  Totally unnecessary, but oh so very cool.  I have one, haven't tried it yet.  That's for tomorrow.  I'll report back to you.  What it does, is hold your brushes safely upside down so water doesn't get into the handle (I"m guilty of not being careful about that) and has elastic bands that will reshape your brush heads as they dry.

I have used it for one brush thus far-I will be doing a major brush washing session this weekend and will take a picture to show you what it looks like full. Last weekend, I washed my foundation brush and used this Sigma thing to dry it and it worked really great.  The only issue I had was getting a huge brush head into a small elastic band.  I was scared I was going to rip the elastic out of the holder.  It held up to my stretching which is a good thing.  I'll let you know once I've given it the full on test.

My eyes are still allergic to something.  I wake up and the whites of my eyes are just burning and red and ugly. It's no fun trying to put makeup on when your eyes are like that.  I am hoping this last product deletion will pin point the issue.

I realized last night that the one thing I haven't stopped was my makeup remover.  I had tried the Target brand and thought that was giving me problems, so I got the way more expensive Clinique brand.  So far I have changed lash glue, I have stopped wearing lashes all together, I stopped the Target brand remover and I wash my makeup brushes as well as use higher end makeup. I put away my lash grower Latisse too. Still have the problem with my eyes.

The one thing I hadn't paid attention to? The Clinique remover.  Duh.

Last night I read the ingredients on both the Target and the Clinique.  Guess what???? The main ingredient is the same.  So I'm wondering if I'm allergic to that one ingredient.  When I went online it's a silicone derivative used in a ton of products.  All I know is I did not use any remover last night, just my Ole Henricksen face wash and this morning, my eyes are a little red, but much better.

That stupid lady at Ulta said oh no way my Clinique will make your eyes red. I believed her and never thought to go without just to see what happened.  I'm not convinced yet as I need to go a few days wearing makeup and not using the remover to see, but fingers crossed!

I want to wear my lashes!!!!!

All right, here are two incredibly beautiful holos.  You will see why I am so enamored of these two brands.

First up, Enchanted Polish December 2015.  This stunner is a blue green holo that is right up my color alley.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome is this???? I just love this one big time.  Next up is from the recent Narwhal collection by Chaos and Crocodiles.  No idea what a Narwhal is, but wait til you see this super holo.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Sorry, didn't realize this post would be so picture heavy-should have split it into two! But how gorgeous is this holo? Chaos is known for her super strong holos-it's why I buy what she makes!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Bronze Eye

Has anyone out there upgraded to Windows 10? I'm able to upgrade my 7 for free but when I went online to do research it still has a lot of bugs to it.  Plus it looks totally different to me and yes I fancy myself pretty computer literate, but on my 7.  Not some way far out looking new desktop operating system.  If you use it and really like it, could you let me know???

I have totally gotten into Colour Pop cosmetics.  Their eye liners and now their super shocker eyeshadows are awesome!  I have six eye looks all ready to go to show you.  My issue is back again to the eye tearing, the shadow smearing and my eyes being totally red.  I think I may be giving myself pink eye over and over.

Yes Miss Erika, I am washing my brushes once a week!

I am truly thinking that I may just be allergic to the lashes and the glue all together.  Now I have been using the cheap human hair ones, but they are sterilized.  I'm wondering if the mink ones would be better? One thing that I do know, is that I have very long natural lashes.  I only sleep on my left side at night, so my photo eye lashes are the bomb where as my left eye lashes are all wonky from being slept on for years.

One other thing that has made my lashes so long? Latisse.

Oh yeah people, it's an expensive RX, but for me it works big time.  Right now I am using an RX that expired in 2009, so that may be contributing to my eye issues, so I have stopped that as well.  The other thing I just realized today is that the eye base most YouTubers use, which is MAC soft ochre paint pot is NOT an eye primer. It's an eye shadow.


Well paint me stupid.  Why is the beauty world using this as their eyeshadow base and primer? For me, it is not helping at all.  I will be buying MAC 24 hour eye primer and will be reporting back to you on that one.

So the six eye looks I told you about?  Most are without false lashes.

You be the judge.

Today I just wanted to do simple but also pretty.  I was going for a nice neutral with a pop of shimmer.

This is Makeup Geek Preppy, Taupe Notch and Mocha.  Colour Pop liners in Prance and Overboard. I love that little pop of blue and the shimmer of the bronze liner.

Here is the full face.

This is Ofra Americano liquid lipstick.

What do you think?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another Blue Day Eye

Work has been work.  I actually worked almost a full shift New Year's Eve.  Everyone else left at noon, I stayed until four.  I really had nothing better to do, had a ton of work to get finished and I didn't have enough time off saved up to pay for me to be off.  Mom and I are going to Myrtle Beach in February and I need all the saved up paid time off I can get!

I did get asked by my coworker what the name of my blog is.  Inside I started freaking out as she's one who I talk about in a negative light on here.  I casually asked her why and she told me that her daughters were getting into nail polish.

Instantly, I grabbed my iphone asking if they were on Instagram.  I quickly ribbled off a bunch of way better nail art accounts than mine telling her that these are way better for her daughters to look at.  Plus I said, I haven't done ANY nail art in months.

Part of me misses stamping, but not the rest of it at the moment.

Since then, she hasn't asked me again about my blog.  Phew, awkwardness averted.

The other skuttlebutt is that once again people are being moved out of my office and to somewhere else.  It's not cool this moving around they make people do.  Your desk is the one place at work sacred to you and your space.  So far, I don't believe I'm moving.  Thing is, the people they are moving out are rarely in that office.

Remember, it's a tiny room filled with twelve tiny cubicles.  I showed you my corner when I first moved into it. I'll see if I can find it.  Anywho, since they aren't there, it keeps the noise level down and there are times when you have the whole room to yourself.  I like that.  What'll happen if they move a bunch of people in that are always there, the noise level, the heat level will all go up and it just won't be a good space to be in.

It just causes way too much anxiety all around.

Today I went with yet another blue look.  Just can't get enough of these! Oh and I actually think my pose is pretty good today. Enjoy my face while I'm showing it! HAHAH!

This is actually four Makeup Geek shadows.  High Wire, Pegasus, Center Stage and Houdini.  I thought this came out pretty cool.

Here is the full face.

This is Ofra Pasadena liquid lipstick. Isn't this pretty?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Many Greens Eye

The next three posts will be the last ones that show my face.  I had done these before Christmas and already had them ready to publish but for my stories.

In my depressive state of late, I let the a**holes on Instagram and social media get to me.  Normally I don't give a sh*t, but being as down as I am right now over my dad, I let them get to me.  If you haven't noticed, I took down ALL my photos of my face from Instagram.  I left my eye looks for now, but deleted my face shots.

The clincher was the comment that said "I hope that 2016 is better for you because you always look so sad in your photos."

Now I'm no model, nor am I a young hip chick. I refuse to do major photoshopping or paying someone to do high resolution editing.  You just don't smile in photos on Instagram and apparently my poses lack a certain happy note to them.  I've also lost close to 1000 followers there and I get that as I changed my content but I hate that I let the stupid bad comments get to me.  I'm trying very hard to not let it affect me, but reality is, right now it truly does.

I will never ever understand why people feel the need to be hateful and mean to others simply because they are behind a computer screen and feel they can say whatever they want.  Well people that's a sh*tty way to be and a sh*tty thing to do to a complete stranger.

I am still doing colorful eye looks, I'm just not showing my face anymore for now.

Today's eye I went all out.  Different shades of green as colorful as I could get away with at work.

Now this is Makeup Geek Dirty Martini and Karma with Colour Pop liners in Fast Lane and Kicker. You can see the silver liner on top of the green liner.

Here is the full face.

This is Ofra Mocha with this look.  I hope you like this!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Polish My Life Money Tree, Little Red Dress, Colors by Llarowe Aliens and Outlaws

Today I'll be showing you the one Christmas mani I did this year.  I did the same exact thing on the Eve but with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle.  Just simple red and green.

My nails are horrible.  They are peeling and gross and I've gone back to chewing the skin off around my nails which makes for not pretty areas that hurt.  I also have this split in my right thumb by the nail that just won't heal.  My dad always got these splits in his thumbs too.  Man does mine hurt bad.

For Christmas I got five pairs of slippers-yes I need backups! I got five Lands End sweaters as mine literally had holes in them and I was still wearing them to work (whoops!) and four bottles of Philosophy perfume and the matching lotion.  Yes I truly love that brand for their perfume and lotions.  It's the only brand I wear for those two things.  

I did not get any nail polish as I have sworn off buying any except for Enchanted Polish and Chaos and Crocodiles holos.  I can proudly say I have done well with this new rule.  If only I could say the same for my makeup stuff!  

Did you see the limited edition Chaos and Crocodiles holo collab with Emily de Molly? You bet I bought the one holo even if it's a berry pink.  Chaos does amazing holos that's for sure.  

All right, here is Polish My Life Money Tree and Little Red Dress.

Yes still have the nubs.  Next I did a lazy mani using Colors by Llarowe Aliens and Outlaws.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
It's really a very pretty holo micro glitter that sparkles big time in the sun.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas 2015

The last time I turned on my computer to write in this space was December 18.  Today is January 9.  I think that's the longest gap in time I've gone since I started this blog May 2011.

To be honest, I have not been in a good place.  Next weekend is the anniversary of my dad's death. I am no closer to being ok than I was this time last year.  It still feels like yesterday to me.  Christmas was hard without him there.  I drove to New York to be with my mom and my brother's family.  It was crazy warm and no snow, which for that area of New York is unheard of.  It was strange indeed.

I visited his grave alone and with mom while I was there.  Christmas day dinner was at his sister's house like it has been as long as I can remember.  The hardest part was sitting at that table, surrounded by his sisters who are all older than he was and not see him at the head of the table. I almost had to get up to walk away.  Instead, I just stared at my plate of food.  

I haven't felt like doing anything.  I haven't blogged, I haven't done my nails and I have been wondering if it's time to just end this blog.  These are the thoughts in my head.  

What I did want to share with you for this post are two things.  One is something that I've never seen on Christmas Eve ever.

Yup, that's two Santas on the golf course behind my brother's house on Christmas Eve.  Now normally there is a ton of snow and it's cold as sh*t that time of year.  I was totally looking forward to seeing the snow and was denied!

I was actually doing my niece's nails when we looked out the window and saw this.  She picked out the colors and the stamp designs. Some of you will remember I always show you her creations.

If you look closely, one hand is snowflakes, the other is Santa and his reindeer.  I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle. Two classics I only pull out at Christmas time.  The stamps are from MoYou London and my Mundo de Unos White.  

I just want to say that I do apologize to my readers who are frustrated or whatever feelings you may have since I changed some of my content here and for this big gap of time without posting.  I hope this post explains some of the why and I'll be doing more posts even if I need to make myself so I can get back in the swing.  

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?