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Monday, March 30, 2015

Painted Polish By Lexi Bells Of Ireland

Today I bring you my half of a twinsie post I did with someone on Instagram.  I saw a post with the shoutout asking for people to do this with her.  I saw the image and figured this was something I could do and offered to do a twinsie post with her.

Here is the print we were to recreate.

Looks pretty simple right? Well look again.  These flowers are six sided and all I know how to do are five sided flowers.  Yes people. The attention to detail has now gotten my ass involved in something I wasn't sure I could even accomplish anymore.

So it's about a month or so until my birthday and I've already bought myself my presents.  I got myself a Filofax planner and a set of 150 colored pencils to go with my coloring books.  Check it out, it's not even polish!  I've actually been very good lately and haven't bought any new polish.  That will change soon as Chaos and Crocodiles is putting out a new set of "soft" pastel holos that I must have. I've no idea what that means, but they are so pretty I must have them.

We all know the drama I went through to get a set of the Secret Agent collection because back then, stupid me said I didn't  need it.  I ain't making that mistake twice!

I need to go through and do another blog sale.  Just seems like the brands I have, people aren't really buying. Like my Rescue Beauty Lounge ones.  I don't have the motivation for that kind of project at the moment, so it's a moot point right now.

Let's get to this shall we?  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Painted Polish by Lexi Bells of Ireland.  It's a gorgeous light scattered holo and I love it.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
You can see the scattered holo here and it's just gorgeous.  Next I went ahead and did my five sided flowers as I knew I could accomplish that.  I worked really hard on this, trying to get the flowers spaced just right.  I used my Mundo White and Cream to make them.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
What the hell I did to mess up the last photo on my pointer finger I've no idea, but it made me feel like a big fat failure.  I had worked so damn hard and the flowers are spaced just like the pattern and I go and ruin it.  When I tried to fix it, I made it even worse.  I told the girl I was doing this with that if she didn't think I was worthy, I was ok with that.

She actually thought these were cute and decided I did ok.  That made me feel better.

Why are we our own worst critic?????

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Barielle Bling It On Spring Collection 2015

I've been reviewing Barielle polish for a few months now, and so far, I've really liked doing it.  Until I got the newest set in the mail.  Yup, as I hinted at last post, it is all about the glitter.

Anyone who's paid attention here at my blog knows I'm not a fan of the glitter.  Once in a great while, I'll pull out the black and white glitter, but really I don't even own any other glitter polish.  As I looked at this set, I thought, how am I going to review something I really know nothing about?

I decided to be a professional and do my due diligence and wear each one and tell you all about them and you guys can ooooh and aaaah all you want!!!! I know a ton of you out there are all about the glitter.

Because of this, this is one huge picture heavy post. So let's get started.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Barielle Golden Halo, Shooting Star, Amethyst, Sea Urchin and Angel Dust.

These are a combination of regular size glitters with microglitters in the base.  Except for Amethyst, which is all the bigger glitters.  I wore them by themselves except for Golden Halo.

Let's start with my least favorite, the green one.  For some reason, this one was thick and gloopy and did not want to play nice.


I'm sure if I added some thinner, it may have helped this polish spread easier.  I just didn't think this one was very pretty at all.

Next let's look at Angel Dust.  Now this one it's a stunner for sure.  I actually can see myself wearing this one over something dark and vampy, or even on a nice pastel.  I wish the sun had been out as I bet the shimmery colors would have been even more gorgeous.


This is me saying that I actually LIKE a glitter! Look at those pretty pinks, blues, oranges etc in this polish.  It's like tiny little Easter eggs on my nails!  What is hard to see is the microshimmery glitters in the base.  It's there, trust me.

Next we have Shooting Star.  Now this is a gorgeous blue on blue fest.  Barielle has declared April to be blue month-so wear all your blues!  I already have an idea of what to do with this glitter for later in the month of April for the Blue fest.



I even had to give you an extra picture for this one as it's so cool. See how the microshimmer glows within the base? It really is a cool thing! Picture putting this on top of your favorite colors and just adding that whole different dimension.  I have future plans for this one!

The last one I have for today is Golden Halo.  This one I did plain and on top of a white polish.  We shall start with it by itself.


Now this one is interesting as it has pink glitters with gold microshimmers.  You can see the gold flashes on the nails.  It's really cool.  Now here it is on top of a plain white polish.


For some reason, my camera is messing with the gold microshimmer, but it's there and it's very cool!

Except for the first green glitter, the formula on these were perfect.  They went on easy and level and the glitter laid flat, which I'm told is something you want in a glitter!

I started this review hesitant and wondering if I even should do it and I'm ending it telling you that I actually really like the combination of big and micro glitters in these polish.  My favorites are the blue Shooting Star and the Angel Dust pastel glitters.

These will be available on the Barielle website starting April 1st.  Trust me, if you love glitter, you're going to want to get in on this Bling It On collection!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Essie School of Hard Rocks, Illamasqua Viridian

Oh yeah, we are going old school polish today.

I have three posts to write today and I've nothing to say.  I hate it when that happens.  I haven't felt like doing anything lately.  My mom is coming to stay for a week and I just told her that my house is a mess.  Visually, you wouldn't believe me if you just walked in my door.  Things are in their place, but if you look closer, there's litter dust everywhere and now I'm finding glitter everywhere.

Glitter you ask? You'll have to wait for my next post for that.

I am still in deep grief over my dad's death.  I still can only see him dying and in the casket.  Another part of me still can't even believe it's real.  I have his obituary and pictures of he and I on my desk, which I'll have to move before mom gets here.  I might be in the car driving and hear a song, or have a thought and it just devastates me all over again.  I'm not talking just normal tears, I'm talking full on curl up in the fetal position loud, tear your heart out sobs.  This is at least a once a day occurrence.

This happened this past Friday on my way to work.  I looked in the mirror and I had two streaks going down my cheeks from the makeup I had cried off.  I know I need to probably see a shrink, but I just haven't been able to get myself to do that yet.  I'm still going to work-except for Thursday-took that day off, and I'm still doing my nails etc.  So I'm telling myself this is still all normal grieving.

Whether it is or it isn't, doesn't matter to me right now.

OMG something in my trash can has gone over to the dark smelly side.  Holy sh*t people!  I just lit some candles and sprayed the garbage with Glade spray.  HAHAH.  Where I live, you have to take your trash to the dump and today as I write this, it's Sunday.  I'll end up putting it in my trunk later today.

Just a little bit of lighter for a minute.

All right. Here's your silly bottle shot.

This is Illamasqua Viridian and Essie School of Hard Rocks.

I started with all Essie.  I love this color.


Oh how gorgeous is this???  It's one of the few Essie's I own and you can see why!

Next I simply did a stripe down the middle with tape.  I just wanted to show off these two colors.


Note to self, make sure to wear Viridian by itself! Look at that shimmer!  Swoooooooon! I just thought these two together are amazing.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Operation Vegas

You are going to love this holo!  I went back to the dark and vampy I was going to do before I chose the green one instead.

Wanted to update you on my NexGen nails.  I am still going every two weeks to get fresh nails. There is nothing like a fresh set of nails.  My nail guru Diana, asked me if I ever thought of not polishing my nails and just leaving them naked.  I looked at her and said, "why would I do that?" With a smile on my face.  She was serious.  I again said, now why would I do that?  I just know all 200 of my readers would be devastated if I didn't have new manis for you to see.  But I also told her that if I were to ever stop polishing, I would do the classic pink and white, instead of the sheer pink I do now.

My NexGen post is still my top post of all time.  I actually got a comment from someone asking if NexGen was thicker than Gelish.  I had to google Gelish and saw that that is only gel polish, not a gel dip technique.  When I answered her comment, I explained the difference.  NexGen is a brand of gel dip powder that is activated with a liquid, sort of along the lines of acrylics, but not nearly as thick and not as bad for your nails.  I told her if you have someone who knows what they're doing, it's really no thicker than several coats of nail polish.

Here is my latest set of nails.  Now remember, these are my nails, they just have a protective layer of gel on top so they don't peel and break.

You can see my real nails through the sheer pink color of the gel powder I choose to use so it doesn't interfere with my polish color.  But you can choose any color so you wouldn't even have to polish your nails.  Diana actually had to cut down length, as I was getting into talon land!  HAHAH!  I have now had these for six months.  I will never go back.

All right.  Let's get to the silly bottle shot for today.

This is Chaos and Crocodiles Operation Vegas.  This was actually not in the Secret Agent set, but was a limited edition released with the set.

I did a full mani with Vegas, the stupid sun decided to hide for this part.  I had to resort to flash.


This is one freakin gorgeous deep dark vampy holo.  It may just be my favorite one so far.  It leans more purple IRL and I prefer a red leaner, but damn will you look at this?????

Again, you have a one coater, although I always do two, and an amazingly strong linear holo presence in this as well.

Next, I took inspiration from an Instagram account called m_a_tom and added my own holo twist to it. Oh and the sun came out for this part!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't it gorgeous? Simple, but oh so pretty and doesn't take away from the holo happiness.  I used my Mundo White and Pipedream Polish Light of Day for the flowers.

I cannot get enough of this brand.  This is the fourth one of the eleven I got.  Stay tuned for more!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Night Vision

You know what that title means don't you????  The sun came out and I am continuing on with my love of this brand's holos.

Remember when I said I knew it was St Patrick's Day and I wasn't wearing green? Well guess what-I inadvertently wore green on the actual holiday.  Dammit! I hate when that happens! I was going to wear a deep dark and vampy holo, but realized I hadn't worn green in awhile.  I try to keep the colors rotated and I check my Instagram to see what color needs some love.  It never dawned on me that the green I chose would end up being worn on the green holiday!

It was 70F here two days ago, then yesterday it was like 45F.  I'm ready for Spring.  It has been said that it had been the coldest February on record for Virginia where I live.  Based on my damn electric bill, I believe it!  My daffodils are about to bust open their pretty yellow flowers and my driveway already needs to be sprayed for weeds.

Now that's something I'm NOT looking forward to.

Do you guys ever watch the Bill Cunningham show? It's like a cross between Maury and Jerry Springer, but with lie detector tests.  I always wonder why people would go on TV and air their dirty laundry for all to see.  Dude, I would never do that.  What makes me giggle every time is when they fail the lie detector and they're all like, "no man, that test is wrong!"  Like you're really going to beat a lie detector test on a show where you know damn well you're cheating on your lover.

Ah the high quality TV that I get sucked into.  Do other countries have shows like this?  I know the UK does, as sometimes they end up over here.  Like last year, there was one guy I actually liked, but didn't get a new contract and went back to the UK.  His name escapes me right now, I'll add it at the end here.

Let's do the silly bottle shot.

This is Chaos and Crocodiles Night Vision, Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising and The Devil Wears Polish Equinox.

I started with all Night Vision.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This brand does NOT disappoint with the holo happiness.  Another one coater for sure and just look at the strong linear holo once again.  I cannot get enough of these!

Next I did another tape mani, but it's hard to see the Gemini.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ugh, I am so in love with this brand!  Please Chaos maker-make me some more of these babies!

Oh and that UK TV show? Was the Jeremy Kyle show.  Damn did I really like that one and it got cancelled.  Is he still on in the UK?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily, American Apparel Peacock and Passport Blue

Oh yeah people.  I'm pulling out the polish that I haven't worn since I started this blog almost FOUR years ago! Holy crap have I really been doing this for that long?

The American Apparel polish I will be showing you today actually got me a feature on their website back in the day.  It ain't a pretty picture by today's standards.

Shall we have a laugh?

OMG! How freakin horrible is this? There must not have been anyone else wearing this brand of polish when they put me on the "best of" site.  Let's see here, this is my cinderella hand, which is the one I used to show in the beginning.  My cleanup is awful, my skin is dry, my cuticles need help, my stamping is scary........can I stop now?  BUT look how long my nails were.  These are my REAL nails.  I used to only do my nails once a week on Sundays, then I went to twice a week now to my current three times a week.

This was a formula that I did all the time back then. I'd pick two polish and show how regular polish can be used for stamping.  The one accent nail was the opposite of the rest.

I think by doing them once a week, it helped me keep some length on there.

How about I redeem myself right now?????  Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily, American Apparel Passport Blue and Peacock.

I started with all Aqua Lily.


Oh how I love this polish! The shimmer is amazing in this one!  My pose is way better than before, but still needs work, I get that.  But overall much improved from back then.

Next I did a TON of tape and came up with this.


WOOHOO! Redemption is mine beeyotch!  Go ahead, sing my praises people!  I'm listening!

I would like to take this opportunity however, to thank American Apparel for the feature back then. It made me feel like I was the sh*t, when clearly I wasn't.  I had that article posted on my wall at work for a very long time. It made me proud of myself and I thank you guys for that.

I'd also like to let you know, I've much improved and wanted to show off a little bit.

What do you guys think?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude, Bruised and Recherche

Yup, it's an RBL day! It's been way too long since I've cracked them open and since there is no sun to play with my Chaos holos, I decided to use these instead.

My damn Google keeps crashing.  It's making me mad! Stupid non wi fi back woods house I live in! Yes I use my iphone as my internet.  I tether to my laptop and lately I've been having issues with Google just messing up.  As in, not letting me click between tabs that I have open etc.  Anyone have a clue as to why this is?  I end up having to reboot my computer and it's just a pain in my a**.

Went through the car wash yesterday.  Even though I knew it was going to lightly rain today, I had to get the salt and dirt from the two snows we've had off my car and especially off the undercarriage. Imagine my shock when I got home to see that it looks like someone had clipped my back driver's side corner bumper.  There is no dent, but there was black rubber goo as well as a few scratches. I was pissed!

I've no idea how or when this happened.  I don't remember myself doing it.  At work, I always park in the same exact spot and it so happens it's on the end of a corner and yes I have had someone hit and run on that same corner before.  No note no nothing.  Coward.  I hate that people can't freaking own up to an accident or mistake.  It happens. Own it.  So I ended up having to use my own insurance to get that corner fixed.  I still park in that spot though.  The spaces are so small and tight, that in my mind I feel that would lead to more dents than parking on the end like I do now.

I may have to rethink that thought.

I think I mentioned that I was doing some new things, adult coloring books and zentangle.  Wanted to share my very first zentangle with you.

You can Google zentangle and see the different kinds of doodles.  This has crescent moon, hollibaugh, mist, scoodle, tipple and florz.  No I did not make these names up, nor did I name them. Though I will admit, they are silly names!

It's just something for me to try.

All right, it's silly bottle shot time.

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Recherche, Opaque Nude and Bruised.

I started with all Nude.


Mannequin hands alert! Before we go on, have you seen the new NCLA set of nudes out now? Note to NCLA-I would LOVE to swatch all of them for you! I'm one of those people who love nudes in all colors!

Anywho, I did another tape mani as I love them.


Remind me to wear Recherche all by itself sometime! It's my kind of dark and vampy!  This is not perfect, but it's pretty cool and I love these colors together!

PS-yes I'm aware it's St Patrick's Day.  But I'm that kind of rebel-no green for me today.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Subterfuge, EP Vampires Suck, October 2014

We continue on at least for today with another of the gorgeous Chaos holos.  The sun then went away and I haven't been able to play with any more since.  I refuse to wear them and use a flash.  They are too pretty for that and deserve better!

It's finally been warmer here.  My daffodils are already popping up! I'm ready for warmer, but wanted to get some yard work done before the daffodils sprouted.  Oh well, too late for that!

I've been outed from my secret meeting group at work.  I thought it was supposed to be top secret as we are going to fix things, but then we had a staff meeting (yawn) and my boss told all who was in the group and why. My coworkers were in that meeting as well and I'm quite sure they were shocked as well as freaked out that I was in a group.

Freaked for two reasons.  One, they are thinking I'm going to change their job description-oh how I'd love to, and two, I'm not a joiner.  So they're probably like WTF? It was awfully quiet when I got to work the next day, I'll tell  you that!

What is it about staff meetings and boredom? Why are they always so lame and unnecessary? I'd rather walk over hot coals than sit through one of those.  And why are there always those who are so freaking gung ho about them? Get a life people!

Oh and as far as my raccoon goes? I've been waking up in the night, going outside and bringing the bird feeder inside so he can't eat all my seed.  I feel bad about it, I hope he's not starving, but I can't have him bring his buddies and have a feast every night!

One last thing.  I got home from work and my gorgeous betta (remember him?), who still has no name, was lying on the floor of his tank.  Usually, he's swimming around and he comes to see me when I put my finger on the tank.  This time, nothing.  Um yeah, freaking out people.  I don't need something else to die in my life, especially on the two month anniversary of my dad's death.  I grabbed my betta book and it simply said to do a water change and add aquarium salt.  I did that and went to bed hoping he would be ok.

When I got up, he was back swimming around like normal, although he didn't eat any breakfast.  I hope this means he's feeling better.  I'm so damn glad, you've no idea.  Oh get this, some lady spent like $200 for her 10 year old goldfish to have surgery.  Seriously?????

Would you spend that kind of cash on a goldfish?

All right, enough babbling.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish October 2014, Vampires Suck and Chaos and Crocodiles Subterfuge.

Oh yeah people.  It's a yellow holo!!!!!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Just like Decoy, this is one gorgeously strong linear holo.  I'm a sucker for yellows and believe there needs to be more yellow holos in the world!

I didn't want to cover this up too much, so I simply did some stripes and left it at that.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
OMG! I am in love! Yellow and brown and holo???? Yes please!!!!  What say you about this?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?