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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Enchanted Polish Miami Peach, Lynnderella Connect the Dots

Today we shall be seeing glitter.  We all know that is a rarity here. Since I've not been in the mood for nail art, I figured I'd try to jazz it up somehow for you.

I promised you coworker updates today. Oh and there is so much to tell!

First, let's update on my back hurts.  This past Friday, she once again had a melt down crying hysterical yelling how she knew 'this place would f*ck up my vacation' and on and on. I was on the phone with a patient and turned around gave her the look of death and stuck my hand up in her face in essence telling her to shut up.

She kept on.

The others in the room were all coddling her and telling her not to worry that all will be taken care of. But she's still crying yelling carrying on.  I'm wondering if she's on some sort of pain medicine and it's affecting her this way as she's never been like this before.  I've worked with her for seven years now and this is the first time I've seen this type of behavior from her.

She had a clerk who was supposed to help her but come to find out my back hurts was a b*tch to work with, sending nasty emails if this poor clerk did something wrong. Now this clerk came from the cafeteria and had NO medical knowledge of any kind. So to expect she would know what a pathology report is or a CT scan report is is ludicrous.

So that clerk now refuses to work with her and is looking for another job. Isn't that nice? So my back hurts is so awful she is making people want to quit. Her hysterics are all about her and for some crazy reason she thinks the place would absolutely stop running with her not there.

No one is that important.

No one.

I have to admit, I lost my sh*t over her behavior.  It has been three weeks that this literally has been going on and I can't take it any more.  I went straight to my boss and tattled. You bet I did. My back hurts has gone too far this time and she isn't the only one in this office of twelve people.  It seems the boss had just gotten off the phone from someone else complaining about her so it wasn't news to her.

I know my boss didn't talk to her on Friday so I'm thinking she will this week as her f*cking Hawaii vacation starts this weekend.

I told my boss there is no way she will come back from vacation all healed and her back better. And the new hired nurse to do breast with her will start while she's gone and I swear right now that I bet my back hurts will scare her away.

Shall we make a wager now?

I promise you I'm at the point that if she does this sh*t again, I will get in her face and tell her off.

Now the other coworker who I thought was sane until she sent that ultimatum email? Let's call her Ms Princess has gotten into it with a nurse practitioner over patient care.  Apparently there was a screaming match literally while there were patients in exam rooms.  Not cool.  So that NP went to my boss and tattled on her.

Yeah it's been hell at work lately.

Let's look at Enchanted Polish Miami Peach.


Now I love cremes but damn they show off all the bumpies from my gel technique! And no I'm not loving this by itself.  So let's see what happened when I added Connect the Dots.


Actually, I did add a layer of Colors by Llarowe Aliens and Outlaws first but it wasn't enough. I have totally forgotten how much I love Connect the Dots.  I even own a back up bottle of a glitter!!

I wish the sun had been out as you would have gotten the holo sparkle in this too. Oh and this is the last one with my long nails.  Next few will be with way shorter nails!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?