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Friday, December 18, 2015

It was a Big Hair Day

You've all seen by now that I have short hair.  Some times, I like to go a little crazy and make it stick up a lot. The day I wore this was one of those days.

Let's see.  I haven't updated you on the latest work crap.  So my whiny co worker who has somehow gotten out of having to actually get off her a** and do clinics got herself a dude to help her do her stuff.  She was then all sorts of happy and lalala for most of the week.  I still don't get why she needs help as I've done her job and what she does is a whole lot of busy work to get out of clinics.

Anywho, I was in bed reading last night when I got a text.  This text said 'Are you sitting down?' Dude quit.  And whiny was having a meltdown.

Now let's just start with the obvious.  Dude literally hadn't even been there for a whole week.  Four days to be exact and he quits????? That doesn't bode well for him.  Who does that? He hadn't even been doing the job yet as he needed to complete the special computer program training to be able to do the job.

And he quit?


It seems whiny has decided to email him asking him to please come back and I'm all like oh hell no. Why would you want him back after he quits before he even knows what the job is? Why would you want that person back?

Know that inside I am chuckling hard core.  Because whiny has done nothing but whine at how hard her job is and blah blah blah and then this happens.  Yeah I'm lol'ing all the way home.

Besides that, it's the same ole same ole.

So let's instead look at pretty makeup shall we?

First up the close up.

This is all Makeup Geek shadows but hell if I can remember which shades! I'm so sorry! I need to write them down when I do these looks.  I promise I will do better!

Now the full on big hair day face.

HEHEH.  Makes me seem so much taller when I have big hair! This is Ofra liquid lipstick in Bel Air and freshly dyed hair.  I've been trying to match Jaclyn Hill's color.  This is almost spot on.

As you can see, it's perhaps a soupcon too red. Ahhhhh there's always next time.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?