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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Enchanted Polish Pinecone, LSL Rock My World

I am now writing my fourth post in a row.  I'm trying to get ahead as I'm taking off time at Christmas and don't want there to be any lag time for you my peeps out there.

What I haven't told you before now is that on the day I am writing this, it's actually my dad's birthday. 12/12 is his day.  It's the first birthday that he's not here.  Then it'll be the first Christmas without him here and then unbelievably, it'll be an entire year since he passed.

That is the part I can't fathom.  That almost a year has gone by.  I am still not dealing well and still seeing a shrink.  The only thing I see right now is the last three days of his life.  I can't see anything else right now and I want to.  Hopefully with time, I'll be able to think about the other things.

I think about what I got from him.  I certainly got his blue eyes and his pale skin and his premature gray hair. I got his love of music.  He used to sing these stupid songs that you would swear he made up.  But in fact they were always real songs from his youth.  I have no idea how he remembered them all.

We all got his stupid humor such as "who's buried in Grant's tomb?" and "how many shots in a six shooter."

I just miss him.  Happy Birthday Dad.  I so wish you were here.

Well now that I've become a huge crying mess.  Let's look at some pretty polish eh?

First up is Liquid Sky Lacquer Rock My World.  A stunning light purple holo.  Oh and a warning-super nubs are a coming.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous is this color?????? Even on the nubs!

Next is a color just for me.  It looks like I dipped my fingers in chocolate.  This is Enchanted Polish Pinecone.


Yes I get that I didn't do the greatest clean up.  Those that know this, dark creams are the hardest to clean up well.  Some A-hole on Instagram made a nasty comment about this.  I blocked and deleted them.  I don't play that on my social media.

I am a place of happy and truth.  Not that nasty crap.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?