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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ofra Liquid Lipsticks, Honolulu, Mina

This is the last part to my three part series on these Ofra liquid lipsticks.  These last two shades I like, but they are ones that I'm not sure I can pull off but want to.  You know what I mean?

Am trying to come up with something to talk about.  I am just out of ideas people.  I did have a thought this morning though.  I love to watch the Food Network channel.  Lately, they have really gotten a bit out of hand with all the celebrity "chefs" having their own shows.  There is Valerie Bertinelli, Marilu Henner and now I see Patricia Heaton.  On the sister channel the Cooking Channel they have Tiffani Theissen and Tia Mowry plus a couple of country singers whom I don't know who they are, I just know the blond chick with the whiny high voice drives me nuts.

Since when are celebritys chefs? I watch Food Network to see actual I went to school chefs.  Not a bunch of older celebrity chicks cooking.  Nope don't want it, don't need it.

Whatever happened to Aarti Party or Ten Dollar Dinners and the like? Why is the new winner of the Food Network thing not have his own cooking show with his own recipes? Why is he just reviewing BBQ joints?  There was once one season of this chick who did easy French recipes that I really liked. No idea where that one went.

Am I the only one bothered by this new trend of celebrity cooking shows? Maybe I need to get a life and not worry about things like this? My mind is a wild rambling place.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a Young and the Restless soap opera realization.

Yes people. My mind is a scary place.

A reminder of the set I own.

We shall be looking at the darkest colors today.  First up is Honolulu.  This one I do think I can pull off on a day when I'm feeling fierce and bad a*s.

I have yet to wear this one yet-but in the tube, you can see some shimmer. It's the only one I own that I can see that in.  Isn't it gorgeous????

Now the last one is the one I really don't know about.  It's called Mina and it's pretty but damn does it scream here I am!!

Since these don't feather on my lines, I would be more inclined to try this out.  Other lipsticks I've tried in this color range were high maintenance due to the feathering issue.  I think this one with a good MAC liner and I'll be good to go.

Thought I'd show you all of these at once.  Yes I could have saved you from these three posts.  But what fun would that have been?

HEHEHE. My lips are invading the internet! No it won't "break" the internet like Kim Kardashian being naked. Yes I love these colors.  I am still wearing the hell out of them.

So what do you think of these? Did you like this three part series?  Are you now tired of my lips?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ofra Liquid Lipsticks, Miami Fever, Americano

Today is part two of three posts on Ofra liquid lipsticks. You had best believe that I will be buying more of Miami Fever when it's re-released today.  I need about ten backups I think! I've already worn it twice to work and can't seem to get enough of it.

I've decided it's time for me to see a shrink.  It won't be the first time in my life that I have needed to see one.  I find it rather helpful once I've made up my mind that I need one.  It's been nine months since my dad passed and I am still grieving like it was yesterday.  Although I am not crying to the extent I was then, it is still affecting me very deeply.

I find I am angry a lot.  Angry at the world.  Angry at my job. Just angry with a side of hard core depression.  It's not a good place to be.  Luckily my job allows you to get five free sessions and if you need more, insurance covers that with a copay.  I've made the phone call, I am just waiting to make the appointment.

Yesterday at work was insane.  I was covering my work on top of covering a coworker who had taken some time off.  I literally had another huge pile like the one I showed you a few posts ago.  I had a regular doctor's appointment in the morning and I brought my work with me to do while I waited!

When they checked my blood pressure it was high at 160/90. I never have pressure that high.  My doctor told me all about the effects of stress and that I need to be less stressed.


Now how the f*ck do I do that?

Another reason why I think the shrink will do me some good.  Hopefully some tips on how to not be stressed when your life is a big sh*tpile of stress.

Now let's get back to the lips!

Here are the colors once again that I'm showing you.

First up today is my favorite in collaboration with You Tuber Kathleen Lights called Miami Fever.

Ugh.  How gorgeous is this??? I die every time I wear it.  Yes this is my perfect lip shade.  At least at this moment in time!

Next is Americano.  This is a darker version of Miami with a bit more brown.

See what I mean? Still a stunner for sure.  I plan on wearing this to work a lot.  I am still in love with this formula and wear time.  I definitely recommend this brand to those looking for something new to try!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ofra Liquid Lipsticks, Sao Paolo, Mocha

This is the first of three posts showing you swatches of the liquid lipsticks I have from Ofra.  This is not a sponsored post, these are ones I bought myself.  But I still wanted to review them for you.  I had to break it into three posts as it just would have been too picture heavy and overwhelming for you!

Am listening to Frank Zappa "Dinah-Moe Humm." It's hilarious.

I think I have figured out a trick to false lashes.  Which has nothing to do with this post, but I just had to share it with you.  All the YouTubers say to let the glue sit for thirty seconds before applying the lashes.  Well that just wasn't working for me.  I realized that as a beginner I needed the glue to sit longer.  So instead of sitting there watching the seconds on my watch tick, I put the glue on and put the lashes on the table while I do my brows or whatever.

For me, it's about a two minute wait.  Then the glue is very tacky and when you press the lashes to your lid it sticks instead of before when the glue was still too wet the lashes just slid right off.  So this past Friday I actually got the right lash on in the right place the first try.  The left eye I still need to work on. But now I know what to do to make it less stressful.

So if you're a lash beginner, learn from me!

The world of liquid lipstick is new to me.  I really didn't understand it.  Lately I'm on a huge matte lipstick kick. Whereas the first time I got into makeup before nail polish, I was all about the layering. Liner, lipstick and gloss. Yeah that's a lot of upkeep.

I did order some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks but for me, they were too liquid and wet.  I made a mess of my face putting them on so I sent them back.  I figured liquid lipsticks just weren't for me.

Then I saw someone wearing Kathleen Light's collaboration color with Ofra that is a burnt orange color and I just about fell out of my chair.  I immediately ordered one as they said it was limited edition.  Almost ordered two then, but figured I'd start with one.

Let's just say it was love at first sight and first wear.  Ofra's formula is highly pigmented and not nearly as liquid so it made them easier to apply.  Plus, it didn't move from my lips.  Yes if you drank water it left color on the glass.  I'm talking about it sort of stains the lips and stays in place at the same time.  You don't have to reapply that often and for me, it didn't travel into my fine lines around my lips.  For me, that is huge.  As very liquid lipsticks and glosses do that to me.

Here are the colors I will be showing you over the next three posts.

You can see the label on the Kathleen Lights one is backwards! Today, I will be showing you Sao Paolo and Mocha.  I went from light to dark.

I did not use liner in theses pictures.  I did not do any photoshopping.  These are my lips in all their getting too close to 50 glory. Now normally, I would totally use lip liner first simply to get the crisp outline in place on your lips.  The Miami Fever one is a spot on dupe for MAC liner in Cream Kiss.

Here is Sao Paolo.  This is my least favorite one.  It's too light for me.

It's a gorgeous color, just for my taste, it's too light.

Next we have Mocha.

What do you think? Should I become a lip model? I wore Mocha to work this past Friday and it stayed in place, didn't feather into my lines and yes you can build up the color to make this a bit deeper.

Oh and lastly, I am a Chapstick junkie and this does dry my lips a bit, but at a tolerable level for me to not have to add Chapstick all day long.

Stay tuned for the next two colors!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Enchanted Polish May 2014, Dope Jam

Today I have two different Enchanted Polish for you.  The sun has been out lately so I've been able to wear holos again!

I'm excited about what's coming up here.  I have a three part series on Ofra liquid lipstick swatches in store for you. I hope you guys like it!

It's finally getting chilly here.  First frost actually this morning.  I love the cold!  My poor cats are all huddled up together as I either keep the windows open, or only put the heat on if it's below 65F in the house.  It's what I grew up with.  My parents house was always cold as it just cost too much to have the heat on a lot of the time. It actually snowed there yesterday already.  Yeah they get it there big time!  I do miss the snow though.

Nothing new to report at work yet.  I haven't run into the higher up yet and Annoying is being just that. Annoying.  She has one of those voices that just send shivers up your spine.  Oh and because she thinks she's all that, she missed work this past Friday so she could go give a talk somewhere else. She just moved to town and is already doing talks?

Yes I do lung cancer talks, but I was sort of roped into doing them and I certainly didn't volunteer as each time I do it I freak out.  Yes I know my stuff backwards and forwards, but you get in front of a room of people and my mouth gets all dry and I talk too fast and yeah it's not fun.  I'm due again early November.  So I need to start pumping myself up.

One of the doctors played a joke on me recently.  He can be a hard a** and he does make people cry and scared of him on the inpatient floor where his patients are.  I don't have a problem with him, but when he's mad it's a pain you know? So I get a voicemail from him asking why I gave one of his patients away to his partner when he could have seen the patient.  Now I'm like great he's going to yell at me.  So I text him saying call me so you can yell at me.

He gets on the phone and before he can even say anything, I'm explaining myself and then I hear him say he's messing with me and the other doctor is in on the joke.  So they are both laughing their a*ses off at my expense and I had to admit they got me good!  Things like that make me like my job.  I need more of those to happen.

All right, let's look at two gorgeous EP holos.

The first one is May 2014.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
You better believe I'm wearing Fall colors as they are my favorite.  I don't think this was a very popular color when it was released, but for me, it's perfect!

Now the last from the most recent collection.  Dope Jam.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes people, I wore a pink just for you.  Enjoy it while it lasts! HAHAHAH!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

JORD Red Sandalwood Mother of Pearl Watch

Now there's a puzzling post title for you eh? Doesn't really link to polish or makeup right?  Only at the outer fringes as a totally put together woman, which I do not claim to be.

First let me say this will be a very picture heavy post.  Very cool pictures I might add, but more than usual. Second, let me tell you why I agreed to do this review for you on a watch.

I first got the email asking me to review one of their watches in early September when I had crossed back into the USA from Canada on my vacation.  It had been sent the week before to my blog's email address, which I don't check very often.  I went on the JORD website and saw all these gorgeous watches made out of wood.  My brother has a similar wood watch that I have been coveting for a while now.  But more than that, my dad was a very good self taught wood furniture maker.  I would draw him an idea with dimensions for a coffee table, CD rack etc and he would make it for me.

Most all of my furniture my dad made for me.  So things made of wood hold a very sentimental value to me because of my dad.  Even more so now that he's gone.  Another reason I chose to work with this company is the fact that they are based in St Louis.  Which for those of you who read my drivel will remember that I am in love with St Louis. I lived there for seven years, went to nursing school there and the Arch is my talisman.  No joke on that last part.

Oh and one other reason why? Because I have never had a "grown up" watch before.  Remember the very first Swatch watches from the 80s that were scented and used to turn nasty colors on your wrist? Yeah, I was once a Swatch junkie but then I became a nurse and I now literally wear a man's digital watch from WalMart.  It tells me the date, the time and has seconds, a timer etc. All the things you need as a nurse.

So yeah.  I said yes I would love to review one of your watches.  They have worldwide free shipping, which for my international peeps is an awesome thing! So that's another reason I wanted to tell you guys about this brand.  I had told you I went on their website to see what they are all about and all of their watches are just stunning.  For someone who loves wood like I do, it's heaven on earth!

All of these different woods from sandalwood (my fave) to maple, bamboo and ebony are used to make different watches.  I was asked to measure my wrist with the ruler available on their website and I was sent their Red Sandalwood and Mother of Pearl watch.  Here is how it came when I received it.

This is right out of the shipping box.

This is once I figured out how to open the box.  HAHA! Yes I can be a little scatter brained at times. I actually took a knife and tried to pry the lid off!  DUH!

This gorgeous watch comes wrapped around it's own little pillow.

These are the other items in the box.  Extra links, a polishing cloth, warranty card and instructions on how to wind it and set the time.

Here it is out of it's box.  Now I personally love wearing a man's watch.  Some of it because I can't see small dials anymore! But I have always been a lover of sandalwood oils and woods and this watch is absolutely perfect for me.  It has crystals around the face that sparkle in the sun and the face is made with mother of pearl, which we all know has that cool multichrome thing happening.  The smaller dials are for seconds, timer and 24 hour timer. I have yet to play with those.

Shall we just sit and stare at the beauty for a moment?

Now the round tag in front gets removed once you're ready to wear it.

Here are some more pictures of this beautiful watch in the sun.

This was taken on what's left of my felled tree.  Do you see all the different colors in the grain of this watch? Stunning.  I can't stop staring.

Of course I had to take pictures with the Fall leaves and colors! How beautiful is this watch?

My idea of a styled picture.  I wish I could have captured the glow from the mother of pearl for you!

A close up of the back on my wrist.  It has a double lock clasp, hidden underneath.  You can really see the grain here.  Care is simply lemon or orange oil extract to keep it shiny and nourished.

One last picture.  This is on my wrist.  It has a nice weight to it, like you know it's well made and will last a lifetime.

Now, I want to tell you about the awesome customer service I received.  I told you earlier I measured my wrist. Well apparently, I didn't do it right and when I first got this watch it was way too big. I was sent a postage paid label by email to ship it back and have links taken out.  I didn't have to pay for that service and neither does anyone else who has this issue.  It's one of their perks like the free world wide shipping.

Once I got the watch back the second time, it was still too big.  I was offered another shipping label like before, but it made more sense for me to take it to a watch dealer where I live so I could try it on to get the right fit.  I was assured that if they somehow ruined the watch removing links that I would be sent a brand new watch.

I wish more companies had such great customer service such as this does.  I am very impressed with that as I have dealt with a lot of companies in my life and know what I expect and JORD went above and beyond that for me.  The free world wide shipping is huge for me as well.  Especially hearing from you guys how much you get charged to have stuff shipped overseas to you.

Overall I am very happy with my new watch that I think is just gorgeous and can't wait to wear it more!  I am impressed with their level of customer service and I hope that you guys will go and at least check out JORD and see what other beautiful watches they have there. Who knows, you may fall in love like I did and buy one!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wood Watches For Women

Monday, October 19, 2015

It's A Green Eye Look

Did I tell you that Stupid quit her new job already? I believe I did.  Well, it seems she has said to my coworker that "it was not a nurturing environment" and she just couldn't work there.  It also seems that her coworkers "were mean to her" I translate this as, Stupid not doing any work, which is her MO and they wouldn't put up with it.

They didn't even have her work out her two week notice.  She's just gone.

The other part of my yearly eval from my last post involves the new Annoying.  You guys still need to help me with names for her.  Once my beat down was complete, I simply asked her what Annoying's position is.

You should have seen the boss's face light up with admiration for her.  In theory, she's "just a staff nurse" like I am, but she's the only one on the floor five times a week so she is to be the boss's eyes and ears and help the flow run better.  The boss went on and on about how Annoying used to be an assistant nurse manager somewhere else and how she made a breast health program from the ground up.  That she has all this energy and all these ideas for new things and she asks questions like why is it done this way when all of us should be asking that very question.

The boss just couldn't stop gushing about how awesome she is.  So the whole "she's just a staff nurse" is bullsh*t.  She's in charge of this area and will also be the snitch to tattle on the rest of us when she sees things that shouldn't be done.  I went and told my coworker in confidence only to find out five minutes later that she went and told someone else.

The boss came after me again this week.  Complaining about how I do things and that they should be done this way not my way.  Well, it's quite obvious that she has absolutely no idea what I do and she has no clue what you need information wise to see a patient that has been treated elsewhere and is coming to see you.  The doctor I mentioned last post jumped up to sort of defend me and then went to the other staff involved in my process to tell them to not listen to the boss, that she cannot change things, which thankfully is true.

It just added another layer on the sh*tfest and another con for staying, another pro for leaving.

I am still in a state of decision making.

All right.  Today we have a gorgeous green and brown eye look for you that I think is quite pretty.  I think my blending is good and my ombre effect is good.  I'm still working on correct photo taking and my stupid eye wouldn't stop tearing and the inside corner shadow kept coming off.

Was very frustrating!!!!

Once again, I didn't get my damn lashes in the right place.  I find it very difficult to close my eye without squeezing my eye if you know what I mean, which then makes it hard to place the lash where it needs to go. It's driving my nuts!!!!

However, I am in love with this green and brown look and think I really did a good blending job!

Once again, I used all Makeup Geek eyeshadows.  If you want to know colors, let me know.  I think there are seven colors used here! And PS did you know you can curl false eye lashes? Yup, once they are in place and the glue has pretty much dried, you can use your curler and go to town.  I haven't tried before putting them on, but I have done it after and it works great!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Enchanted Polish Monster Ink, Reign Beau

Was just going over my stats for this blog.  For some unknown reason, I was getting like 400 hits per post in August and early September.  Now I'm lucky if I hit 75.  Any ideas what is going on there?  Is it the whole back to school thing?  Or what?  I'm interested to know.

So for all those who want to know.  I finally had my meeting (yearly evaluation) with my boss.  It did not go well. Every year I've been there so far I always got the exceeds rating.  No one ever gets the top one which is excellent-you'd have to be super nurse for that.  This year the new boss gave me simply the fully meets one. Let's just say this hurts and it hurts bad.  I looked at her and said I feel like I just got slapped in the face.  That I bust my ass all year long and once a year I look for a slap on the back and a good job with my exceeds rating.

Why didn't I get it this year?

Well let's just discuss what was said.  I'm fabulous at what I do, that not one patient has ever complained about me, gotten lost etc and I get a lot of work done.


However, I don't attend staff meetings (very few of the staff actually do) and I don't attend the morning rounds. I looked at her and said I could care less about staff meetings.  I'm here to take care of my patients and I do a good job of that. I said I don't have the time to go to the morning rounds or staff meetings.  You have given me so much work to do that I have no time to do anything else.

Her reply? Well then maybe we need to take some of that work away.  Staff meetings are important. There are new staff that don't even know who you are blah blah blah.  She also said that some people have complained that I am difficult to talk to.  Here we go again.  Remember I told you I had made up with that coworker and now it's on my eval?


Yes by this time I'm crying.  I said I've not had a good year, my dad passed away, I made up with that coworker and I don't agree that I should only get a fully meets rating.  She was undeterred.  Seems she had a peer do an eval on me as well and this person obviously has no idea what I do and made detrimental remarks about me as well.

Basically it was a sh*tfest and I was the target.  Since when is a f*cking staff meeting more important that taking care of your cancer patients? Do I want to be a part of that kind of mentality?

For the first time since I started working there, I really am thinking about quitting and finding something else.  I refuse to bust my ass and not be appreciated.  I refuse to have someone look me in the eye every other day of the year and tell me how fabulous I am and what a great job I do to turn around and stab me in the back on the day that matters.  Believe that I have been going through the pros and cons in my head since that day.

I texted one of the doctors I work with to say I feel unappreciated and not sure I want to stay anymore and he replied screw her, we love you etc.  But he's one doctor once a week and I'm just not sure it's enough anymore. I do plan on talking to one of the very high ups when I see her next to ask her to keep an eye open for other opportunities for me.  Or maybe it's time for me to move home and hang out with mom and the rest of my family.

How do you know when it's time to move on?  I used to love what I do and now I'm not so sure.

To be continued................................

Now here are two very new and very gorgeous Enchanted Polish.  First up is Monster Ink. I see this as a purple, but I know it also looks pink.


Sadly, I did not have sun for this one.  It's a subtle holo, but still oh so pretty!

Next is Reign Beau.  Another subtle stunning holo.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Check out the rainbow on the bottle! This is oh so pretty.  It chipped the very next day as my nails are still weak and bendy from the gel damage.  It should be all out soon, I hope!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's a Blues Eye Look

Did I tell you that my little office is never vacuumed as housekeeping claims they don't own a vacuum? Uh huh. And the world is flat right?

So before one of my coworkers left for another job, she bought me a cheap vacuum to use. Periodically, I pull it out and vacuum getting under everyone's desks etc.  This past time Annoying is at her desk as I'm vacuuming and when I get to her desk she doesn't get up.  I ask her if she'd like me to vacuum her area.  In a minute she says.

Do I look like your maid?

I ain't gonna stand there and wait for your sorry a** to let me vacuum your area.  You know where the vacuum sits, do it yourself.  That's what I was thinking.  What I did was simply turn it off and put it away.  All the others in the office move and take their chair etc and are appreciative.  Not her.

Why oh why am I being tortured this way???

Tomorrow is the day my tree will be cut up and hauled away.  Do you know how much it costs to cut up a tree and grind a stump? $1000USD at least.  I was blown away when the first guy I called told me that.  I had no idea. I figured $100 or something like that.  Nope.  To do it right they have to bring in this special equipment etc.  I was like thanks but no thanks.

I called around and their prices were similar.  I decided the stump would have to stay. My mom says she's going to make it into a flower garden.  I told her to have at it.  I finally found someone who would just cut up the tree and haul it into my back woods for me for $200.

Now that's in my price range.  I hate that I have to pay it of course and I'm very sad my tree fell over. I loved my crooked tree.  It made a statement.

It said, "I'm not perfect and I'm making a statement."  Like I live my life.

Went to the grocery store yesterday and bought a bunch of fancy stuff to treat myself.  I decided I'm going to make my own lunch as I'm tired of cafeteria food and eating pizza everyday. Now I have hummus, capers, blue cheese, smoked gouda, honey ham, salami and bagel chips.  Gonna be good!

All right.  Let's get to the blues eye.

I think I used about eight different blues for this!

I did not get my lashes anywhere near where they are supposed to be.  You can see the huge gap. Dammit! I'm still practicing.

Here are the colors I used.

I pretty much used the eight colors top middle of this palette for this look.  I just kept piling it on. Too bad you can't see much difference in the final look.

Oh well.  That's what practice is for!  I wore a brick red look to work yesterday.  It was cool.  I may have to recreate that for you.

Is there anything you guys want to see? Any eye look ideas? Let me know.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Sunrise Eye Look

Oh people.  It's getting thick at work.  The drama continues.  First of all, Stupid quit her new job already.  I don't think she's even been there two months yet.  I would find it hard to believe she had another job lined up.  She'd really be stupid if she quit one job before finding another.

Annoying tried to get in my face during my clinic this past week.  Telling me that patients were asking whether they were having a procedure that day, which for one is none of Annoying's business as she has NO idea why that patient is being seen and two it ain't up to her to tell my patient anything before the doctor has seen them. She is not the doctor and if she went and said anything, then they'd ask all sorts of questions again that she can't answer and it would snowball.

I didn't even bother to turn away from what I was doing so she was facing my back as I told her that the doctor would explain everything.  She then said well do you know how long it'll be? Now I'm more pissed than I was.  I said firmly the doctor will get there when he gets there.  She slinked off without a word.

That very same clinic, I had a patient go off the crazy deep end and they were ranting and raving in the hall when Annoying decided she should try to calm her down.  I looked right at Annoying and said leave it alone. Just leave it alone.

Then we are all told that our clinical coordinator decided to step down from that position and has taken the rest of the week off.  I think it has to do with Annoying.  We are being told "she's just a clinic nurse" but reality is, she thinks she's in charge.  I think the boss must like what she's doing to not stop the situation.

Speaking of situation-anyone out there love the song, "Situation" by Yaz? From back in the day? Just added it to my itunes as I don't listen to the CD anymore.  So I be grooving at my desk while I write this.  Yes I am stuck in the 80s.

All right, want to show you my eye of the day.  I wore something similar to this to work earlier in the week and decided to recreate it and jazz it up.  I am calling it my Sunrise eye. I did two looks for this one as I wasn't sure the one without the black eyeliner looked good.

I'll let you decide.

Here is the half closed one.

And the closed eye look.

You can see here the brown fade into the orange then yellow.  I am in love with this look.  I think my blending is spot on here, there are no harsh lines and I just think it's awesome.

I used all Makeup Geek eyeshadows.

I used these colors for this look.

Hope you like this one!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

OPI Oktoberfest, Essie Alligator Purse

For some damn reason, I seem to have lost the ability to take good polish pictures.  I've been trying so hard on my eye looks, that these two nail polish photos are crap.  I don't know what the hell my problem is.  Obviously, I need to figure it out!

Oh and it has finally happened people.

My gorgeous leaning tower of Pisa tree has succumbed to the elements.

Those who pay attention know about Hurricane Joaquin and the Nor'Easter from this past weekend that dumped a butt load of rain on the East Coast.  Well, I woke up and my poor tree was on the ground.  Ripped up by the roots due to the saturated ground.

You bet I'm sad.  That tree has been a trooper for years.  People kept asking me if they could chop it down and I always said no.  It was still alive and living its life and it'll fall when it's time.  I really do feel bad as I loved that tree.

Let's pay some homage to my tree.

I knew it wouldn't hit anything if and when it fell so that was another reason I let it lean away. However, I didn't expect it to fall so far over toward my neighbor's driveway.  No it isn't in her driveway, it stops right at it.  I will need to find someone who can cut it up, dig out the stump and I'll need to move those blocks somewhere.

So freakin sad.

Anyway, I wanted to show you two totally Fall colors that I love.  One being from last year's OPI Fall collection called Every Month Is Oktoberfest.

This is a purple leaning shimmery awesomesauce of a polish that I just love.  Dark and vampy just like I want my polish to be.

Next is one of my all time faves ever.  It's an original black label Essie called Alligator Purse.  I probably should buy a new one.  But I've never checked to see if it's a core color or not.  It's a burnt orange creme and you all know I love me some burnt orange.  I had to add some Seche Restore, but it shook up just fine.

My camera is showing this way too red. Picture burnt orange dark pumpkin color.

I'll be back next post with another eye look.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?