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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bettina Green, Chaos and Crocodiles My Favorite Color Is Unicorn

So my back hurts should be in Hawaii by now.  I have no idea whether the boss talked to her as she told me she would before she left.  Am thinking not as my back hurts most likely would have come back to the office crying and having another freak out.

Tomorrow starts the two weeks of hell for me and my coworker as we try to do our own job plus cover hers while she's gone.

Let me just start by saying that while we each do our jobs a little differently, there are many things that are the same.  So when my back hurts sent us an EIGHT page document detailing the duties she expected us to follow, I was taken aback.

I was also pissed and offended.

Let me give you some examples so you will understand.  We all have doctor conferences we run.  We type up summaries of the patient's chart and make several copies stapled together. So when my back hurts wrote in this document HOW to make copies and where to put the staples? I mean WTF? Do you think we are truly that stupid?

Another example is telling us WHERE the conference takes place. Um duh, we all use the same conference room. How about stating where to place the copies in the conference room. I mean eight pages of stupid sh*t like this that did not need saying.  She didn't say anything to me about this so I didn't bring it up.

All I know is her practice is getting the bare mininum and that's how it's gonna be.

The other issue is she will not be taking care of her back while on vacation so is she going to come back part time like she's been doing the past three weeks? That was only supposed to last two weeks and it seems to just keep going and going.  Her new partner will be starting when she gets back and I'm betting the new girl won't last very long.  I'm going to start a pool.

Mark my words.  My back hurts refuses to change how she does things even though they are stupid and unnecessary.  The new girl is not going to want to just be someone who is told what to do and to do it like she's been doing it for the past thirteen years.  Yes it has been that long.

My boss wants me to have lunch with the new girl telling her how I run my stuff, but it won't make a damn bit of difference as my back hurts won't allow anything new.  It's really quite sad.

Oh and Ms Princess cried three times on Friday.  I've no idea why whatsoever.  She just said thank you for being my friend and we'll talk later.

Yeah ok.

Here we have Bettina Green.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Gorgeous as all get out, but maybe I could make it a bit better?

Here it is with Unicorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ahhhhhh.  Now this is my type of color.  I am in love with this combo big time!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nails Inc Savoy Hill, Chaos and Crocodiles My Favorite Color Is Unicorn

It's finally happened! Blogger has finally fixed the reading list area.  Before if you tried to remove a blog, the list wouldn't even load.  This has been broken since the day I signed up for this website in 2011.  I had to fix an error on my last post and I was at work so I went to that area just for sh*ts and grins and I was shocked that it actually loaded and let me unfollow blogs.

I was listed as following like 500 blogs.  An insane amount that no one can keep up with.  Plus, a huge majority of these blogs have quit blogging.  People think it's easy.  Nope.  It takes a lot of time and effort to keep this site up.  I went through and unfollowed a majority of them. I now follow about fifteen and a couple of those aren't blogging but I hope they come back. (Hint Chloe's Nails!)

Two weeks from the day I'm writing this, I will officially be in Canada fishing. I wait all year for this and it always goes by so fast.  I am off for twelve days straight but will only be gone seven days as my mom is going on an Alaskan cruise and I'm worried about leaving my cats for longer than that as they've been sick.

I am continuing on my Cypress Hill kick.  Just watched some videos and chats with B Real. Love me some B Real!

Oh and has this ever happened to you? I literally went into Target after work Friday ONLY to buy sugar as I have six hungry hummingbirds and I was almost out.  I walked by the women's section and saw my tank top shirts that I like to sleep in on CLEARANCE.

Ever since I started using the acne.org regimen the benzoyl peroxide has bleached all my sleep shirts. So yeah, I took it as a sign and bought nine of them.  When I went to check out, the cashier was brand new told me it was her first day on the register.  When she was ringing up my shirts, two rang up not on the clearance price.

She called another worker over and he showed her how to fix  the price.  What she didn't realize was that she only rang up eight shirts and I had bought nine.

Do you think I pointed that out to her? Hell no.  I figure that Target can afford to give me a free $6 shirt.  And no my conscious does not bother me whatsoever.  So instead of buying sugar, I walked out with nine new shirts and $50 poorer.

Oh but I needed them bad, so it's all good.  What I didn't realize was they are 39% modal.  I've had issues with those breaking down with washing, but so far, they are soft as all get out.

Today we have another Nails Inc polish. Savoy Hill.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Such a gorgeous orangey red creme.  I decided it needed to be holo-fied.  I added a layer of Unicorn.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I did a very light layer as these types of top coats tend to change the base color.  I didn't want that. Isn't this much better? I certainly think so!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Nails Inc St John's Wood, Nine Zero Twinkle Lights

It has been so incredibly hot here that I have not been able to mow my yard at all.  It's way overgrown and it's going to take several passes to get it back to where it should be. I'm hoping that the temperature will drop and I can get out there as it doesn't look all that nice.

Checkers is doing better with her bladder infection. Sam is another story.  I had started giving him so much laxative to make him poop that I didn't see that it was making him sick.  I was up to 7cc of Lactulose a day and he still wasn't pooping. What he was doing was puking and acting sad and staying to himself.

I did some google searches and came across a website dedicated to all things cat constipation. It made me realize that no amount of laxative will work if there isn't enough water in the body to help things along. Being a nurse, this made sense to me.  There was also a section on how to massage the colon to help the poop come out.

Yeah, I went there.

So instead of the laxative the past few days, I've been forcing water down him and massaging his colon. You would think it was a new cat. He perked up, he talked to the birds that he hasn't done in months. He's eating good as he had lost another pound and he's pooped. I realized that I was trying to force him to poop daily and who am I to say that's his norm? It's not Checkers norm at all and I don't go nuts over her.

I'm going to continue with the water feeding as Sam has never been a good water drinker and see how he does.  The research said cats need 5-10oz of water a day.  The first day I got 1oz in him-we are talking 6ccs at a time.  Which to put it in perspective is six times a day to reach the 1oz.  Yeah not fun to get Sam in a half nelson hold to syringe force water down him.  Today I'm trying to use a larger syringe to see if that's better.

I'm just trying to get them to a place where I feel good about leaving them alone for my fishing trip.

Here's a funny that happened where I live.  There's this commercial for this bail bondsman who's motto was "because you're needed at home." Not sure about that, crooks may be better kept in jail, but who am I to judge?

So I'm reading the newspaper-yes I still actually read the paper-and there's the same bail bondsman, but this time, he's the one who's been arrested! Why??? Because he was propositioning sex in lieu of paying the bail money.  I burst out laughing it was so absurd to me!

Anywho, remember when I told you that Nails Inc commented on my NexGen post? I said I should pull out a few and wear them again.  Here's the first one, St John's Wood.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yup, here are my new gel nubs.  And you can see here, that cremes show all my gel mistakes. I should have glued tips on.  Maybe next time.  Anywho, this is a stunning color right????

Here's what happened when I added Nine Zero Twinkle Lights.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now this covers up all those mistakes in my gel!  Oh how I love this glitter! I swear to you this is my favorite thing ever!  I need a back up bottle big time!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Enchanted Polish Miami Peach, Lynnderella Connect the Dots

Today we shall be seeing glitter.  We all know that is a rarity here. Since I've not been in the mood for nail art, I figured I'd try to jazz it up somehow for you.

I promised you coworker updates today. Oh and there is so much to tell!

First, let's update on my back hurts.  This past Friday, she once again had a melt down crying hysterical yelling how she knew 'this place would f*ck up my vacation' and on and on. I was on the phone with a patient and turned around gave her the look of death and stuck my hand up in her face in essence telling her to shut up.

She kept on.

The others in the room were all coddling her and telling her not to worry that all will be taken care of. But she's still crying yelling carrying on.  I'm wondering if she's on some sort of pain medicine and it's affecting her this way as she's never been like this before.  I've worked with her for seven years now and this is the first time I've seen this type of behavior from her.

She had a clerk who was supposed to help her but come to find out my back hurts was a b*tch to work with, sending nasty emails if this poor clerk did something wrong. Now this clerk came from the cafeteria and had NO medical knowledge of any kind. So to expect she would know what a pathology report is or a CT scan report is is ludicrous.

So that clerk now refuses to work with her and is looking for another job. Isn't that nice? So my back hurts is so awful she is making people want to quit. Her hysterics are all about her and for some crazy reason she thinks the place would absolutely stop running with her not there.

No one is that important.

No one.

I have to admit, I lost my sh*t over her behavior.  It has been three weeks that this literally has been going on and I can't take it any more.  I went straight to my boss and tattled. You bet I did. My back hurts has gone too far this time and she isn't the only one in this office of twelve people.  It seems the boss had just gotten off the phone from someone else complaining about her so it wasn't news to her.

I know my boss didn't talk to her on Friday so I'm thinking she will this week as her f*cking Hawaii vacation starts this weekend.

I told my boss there is no way she will come back from vacation all healed and her back better. And the new hired nurse to do breast with her will start while she's gone and I swear right now that I bet my back hurts will scare her away.

Shall we make a wager now?

I promise you I'm at the point that if she does this sh*t again, I will get in her face and tell her off.

Now the other coworker who I thought was sane until she sent that ultimatum email? Let's call her Ms Princess has gotten into it with a nurse practitioner over patient care.  Apparently there was a screaming match literally while there were patients in exam rooms.  Not cool.  So that NP went to my boss and tattled on her.

Yeah it's been hell at work lately.

Let's look at Enchanted Polish Miami Peach.


Now I love cremes but damn they show off all the bumpies from my gel technique! And no I'm not loving this by itself.  So let's see what happened when I added Connect the Dots.


Actually, I did add a layer of Colors by Llarowe Aliens and Outlaws first but it wasn't enough. I have totally forgotten how much I love Connect the Dots.  I even own a back up bottle of a glitter!!

I wish the sun had been out as you would have gotten the holo sparkle in this too. Oh and this is the last one with my long nails.  Next few will be with way shorter nails!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chanel Cavaliere

I'm sitting here chair dancing to "Insane in the Brain" by Cypress Hill.  I had TiVo'd their twenty fifth anniversary concert and watched it yesterday.  I was dancing in my living room. My cats were looking at me funny but I didn't care! Damn I've been listening to them for twenty five years!!! Makes me feel old-but yeah they still freakin rock!

I love Cypress Hill BIG time.  Since seeing that concert, I've been non stop listening to my collection and bought some singles I didn't have.  They are coming out with a new CD at some point too. Am excited for that!

So what should we talk about first? My evaluation or my stupid coworkers?

It may have to be split into two separate posts.

I had my evaluation last Thursday.  However, before I met with my boss, she had sent me the filled out evaluation so I knew what was coming.  At least I thought I did.  Another "fully meets".  Plus some negative comments from her.  I've never gotten my eval before meeting the boss.  I'm not sure if I like that or not.  I spent several days upset wondering if I'd try to fight the evaluation or not.

When I finally did meet with her, she was first off, apologetic that she hadn't checked on how I was doing for most of the past year. But then she said that I'm one that she doesn't have to check on as I do very good work and don't need to be watched.

Say what??????

Here I was sitting there thinking I'm about to be crushed when a total 180 happened.  She told me how great a nurse I am and that my patients love me and there are many surveys where patients actually state how awesome I treated them.  I've not seen any of these, nor even knew about these so I was taken aback.

We got into the fully meets vs exceeds rating.  I told her I felt I deserved an exceeds rating as I bust my a** and do more work in my 28 hours a week than BOTH of my two full time coworkers do. She actually agreed with me!

Say what??????

It seems that because I was under the impression that I wasn't even going to get this evaluation this year due to earlier meetings telling me that I've got a bad attitude that I filled out my self evaluation fast and furious not really putting any examples or documentation to prove I deserved an exceeds rating.  I asked, but it was too late to fix it for this year.

What she told me was to keep a file and every extra thing I do, to put it in that file and next year when I fill out my eval, to promote myself big time and I'd have the proof saved up from the past year.  I'm going to put in for exceptional which is the top rating and has to be signed off by the director of nursing not just my boss. Gonna aim high big time.

I have to say I did not expect this meeting to go this way obviously as I've told you all what I thought would happen.  I was definitely happy that she said those nice things about me.  It's validation for what I do.  I don't do it for the money.  I take care of dying cancer patients.  I want to make sure they are well taken care of and I think I do that.

I did ask her to get me those surveys so I can see exactly what people said about me. That would be a nice thing to save for a bad day sort of thing.

Since I've now rambled, the coworker update will be next post.  You will want to stay tuned!

Today we have Chanel Cavaliere.  A gorgeous chocolate brown shimmer.  I did not capture its beauty to the fullest.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Maybe I did capture its beauty in the second picture! To me, this is the perfect brown polish. You all know how I love me some brown!!!

Seems I got almost 800 hits this past Thursday.  Anyone know why?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Unorthodox Annie

I ended up having to take both of my cats to the vet this past week.  It's hard enough taking one cat to the vet, but two in the car at the same time? Insane.  Checkers is the truly awful one.  She pees, poops, pukes and foams at the mouth all while whining this awful sound.  Sam wouldn't make much sound except Checkers was freaking him out so he was whining too.

By the time I got to the vet, I admit I was pissed at them and yelling at them.  Stuff like, "yeah like I really want to spend my time off driving in the car with you." kind of stuff.  People were looking at me funny.  Then they made me wait almost forty minutes to be seen so that wasn't helping.

Finally we got to see the vet.  Checkers is brewing a bladder infection and I noticed the same signs she was doing back in April when I didn't know what was happening then.  She got antibiotics. Sam is still constipated and I needed the vet to tell me it is OK to give him laxative daily and what dose to give him.

Why? Because as of 9/3/16, I am on vacation and I don't want to have to worry about these two while I'm fishing.  Sam will just have to go a week without laxative as I certainly won't ask my neighbor to shove laxative down his throat like I do.  I needed the peace of mind so I can take off with little worry.

Guess who commented on my original NexGen post from 2014? Nails Inc nail polish! They were dissing that it's safe, that's it the filing that hurts your nails and I was like well duh, but it's Nails Inc!

Back when I was still buying every polish in sight, I was trying to get stuff from all over the world. Back then, you could only get Nails Inc in the UK.  This was before the ban on mailing polish from the UK started.  I still have those original bottles and they have their own place in my collection.

I may have to bring one out to wear for posterity.  That post has already gotten 41,585 hits since it posted in September 2014! I'm in shock.  But if you google NexGen, my blog comes up!

Oh and I've decided to clear out the inactive accounts on my Instagram.  I had 3800 followers, but would only get maybe 12 likes a post.  So I downloaded an app to clean it up.  It's going to take a few days, but when it's done, I should be right around 1000.  Unless I get rid of the ghost followers too. But I can't figure out if the people who look at my posts, but don't comment or like, are they considered ghost? Even though they were there?

I'm not blocking, just removing.  So if you should get deleted, please don't take offense!

Last update for today.  Last weekend, I spent about $30 downloading music I had on old cassette tapes from my youth in the 80s.  Jesus Jones, Jesus and Mary Chain, Souxsie, KonKan etc. I listen on the way to work and back as it's an hour each way.  I don't do shuffle as shuffle skips songs and plays the same ones over and over.

I listen A-Z so I hear every song. Do you know that a whole week of listening and not one new song has been heard yet???? It's killing me! So freakin my life.

All right, it's a purple day! Here is Colors by Llarowe Unorthodox Annie.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
First how freakin long are my nails here? Am missing them already! Anywho, this purple is stunning and I had missed this one!

What's new in your life? Talk to me people.  I've not gotten a comment in ages!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Enchanted Polish Lost Boy

Today's polish is a stunner people!!!

But first, an office update.

My damn coworkers have lost their damn minds.  I swear they are going to be the death of me one of these days!  My back hurts had a nervous breakdown in front of everyone this past Friday.  She was crying hysterically while loudly saying "I hate this place." She then would say that she was going to have to come in to work on the weekend as the work isn't getting done.

Um ya think? You chose to do half days.  Did you think your work would magically get done?

I shudder to think that in two weeks, she goes on vacation for two weeks, flying to Hawaii.  Hm, you can fly hours on a plane, but can't come to work? Anywho, you know she ain't going to sit on her a** and rest her back while on vacation.  So she won't come back any better and it'll just be chaos all over again.

I'm scared that myself and the other coworker are expected to cover her job while she's gone.  It's going to be hell for those two weeks.  Light a candle for me people!

Now the other coworker had applied for the official job she is doing to get the title and the pay. She had her interview and I don't know if they are stringing her along or if there are other candidates to interview, but they ain't telling her nothing.

She decided to email them telling them she is looking for another job that she isn't going to sit around and do the job she's been doing for a few years without the title and the pay raise.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  What are you nuts???????

You do not ever send an ultimatum like that and hope they will give you what you want.  It is just wrong and stupid and I was shocked when she told me what she had done.  I was literally speechless.

The other thing is, she only needs four years and then she can retire! So all she needs to do is keep her mouth shut for the next four years and be done! Now she's going to jeopardize her job and if she goes somewhere else, they may actually expect her to do work not just sit and act like she's Ms Princess all day like she does now!

I just keep my head down, but in my mind, I'm just shaking my head at these two.

For some reason, people just tell me their secrets.  I totally know so much more that would shock you! I might tell my boss some of it if and when I have my yearly evaluation.  That will depend on how hard she puts me down.  If I'm crying too hard, I won't say anything! HAHAH!

Now let's look at this gorgeous polish.  I wasn't too impressed by the bottle shot, but putting this on made all the difference.

Here is the Enchanted Polish Lost Boy.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Shall we just take a moment?  Is this not freakin gorgeous? I am in love big time with this one!

Is your work place drama filled like mine? What do you do to get through your day?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, August 8, 2016

EZ Dip Gel Attempt #3

Hey guys-today we have the third attempt at my doing EZ Dip gel nails at home.  In actuality, I've already done them again since I took these photos.  I'm behind in my posts.  So these photos are two weeks old. The ones I did yesterday, I did not take pictures of as I figure three times is enough and don't want to bore you!

Yesterday's nails got cut down to the quick.  Not intended, but I ripped two when removing the gel and didn't feel like gluing tips on.  So in future posts, you will see much shorter nails.

Now first this attempt- I was going to go back to the pink gel.  I just felt that three dips of the clear made things too thick.  The craziest thing happened when I was soaking off the clear gel.  I got all this "stuff" stuck to my ring and my fingers and when I dumped the leftover acetone down the sink, all this crud stuck to the drain.

It was like sticky cotton candy.  I could not get it off me and had to get tweezers to pick it out of my drain as I didn't want it going down to my septic.

My thoughts are that maybe I didn't use enough acetone? I try not to waste any and I think the combination of the melted gel and the cotton mixed to make an awful substance.

The set I did yesterday I used more acetone and while the crud still happened, it wasn't to the degree of this past one.  I also made sure that I "stayed within the lines" as it were and attempted to keep as much off my cuticles as possible.

I think I did pretty good.

This is two dips of pink gel.

As you can see, I pretty much kept it off my cuticles.

Here is the side view so you can see it's way thinner than the three dips of clear.

I was way happier with this set than the set before.  See how much thinner it is? Of course I was terrified I'd break a nail with it being this thin, but I didn't-until soaking these off two weeks later!

My thoughts so far? I have GOT to stop using acetone for my polish cleanup.  What is happening is the gels are lifting from the cuticle area.  I know part of this is that I am still getting gel on my cuticle itself and part is using acetone for cleanup and it is getting under the gel.

My other issue is the longer my nails get, they curve down add this to the lifting at the back and I was doing some damage to my nail bed itself.  I was using nail glue almost every day of the second week wearing these. Not cool.

When I soaked these off, my nails were super duper long.  While I liked them, I don't like the curve down thing. Where they curve combined with the gel lifting, I had a weak area of bendyness.  So that's why I cut them down so much as I needed to clear out the damage and start over.

Am I going to stop doing this EZ Dip process? Oh hell no.  Not right now anyway.  I love the length I do get too much.  Plus my polish lasts oh so much longer without chipping.

So in closing, I am still loving this process and the more I do it, the more I learn and the better I will get. If you have any questions, ask away!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?