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Monday, December 28, 2015

Joe Fresh Ink, Liquid Sky Lacquer Swerve

It's the weekend before Christmas and I've got seven posts to write.  Not sure I have enough material in my head for all that.  I've got three loads of laundry to do, so depending on how long that takes, will be how many posts I write.  I spent hours yesterday getting all the pictures edited.

That's the b*tch part.

What I've noticed on Instagram is that I am getting very few likes on my eye looks and face looks.  I get that I'm no model but damn it sucks when no one likes your stuff.  I get that I pulled a fast one and switched from nails to makeup so I realize I have to take a bit of flack for that.  I'm still losing followers left and right.

I think what I've decided to do is to post my daily work looks on here and try to do better quality looks using my camera and ring light.  I don't have time in the morning in my rush to get to work to take pictures with my camera.  Plus, my two cats are naughty so I can't leave my ring light and camera set up on the tripod and expect it to stay standing.

Of course, I will still post those looks on here for you guys to see too.  Instagram will just get way fewer posts.  I don't know, it's a thought.  I'm still debating on YouTube as well.

What do you guys think out there?  With these work looks, I could almost post here daily.  What would get lost though is the story part.  It takes time to write a post and to post daily would be a lot more work.

As you can see, my mind is in flux.  I think a lot of people think about doing things differently at the end of a year.  Usually those thoughts start off great in January but by February, it's back to how it used to be.  Yes I am rambling.

So back when I first became a polish addict, I made it my mission to have polish from around the world.  I have my Puerto Rican Bettina, my Netherland KOH, my Brazilian HITS and today I pulled out my Canadian Joe Fresh.

This brand is Canada's grocery store brand.  I haven't worn them in forever. I don't even think I've worn this particular one ever.

Here is Joe Fresh Ink.


This has the prettiest shimmer to it.  I just love it.  I also realize I've worn quite a few blues lately and need to step away from that color for a minute!

Next up, is Liquid Sky Lacquer Swerve.  I had to have this as I love that song Swerve.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Whoops, speaking of too many blues-

How gorgeous is Swerve though? So amazing.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?