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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Blue/White Look

Today I'll be showing you another work look.  I have four others ready to be posted.  I've been stepping up the color in my looks.

Wow my brain has totally gone blank and I can't think of a damn thing to talk about.

Let's play a little game of ethics.

I ordered a few items online.  These items then shipped out in two packages.  For some reason the items I ordered didn't all ship in the same package.

Anywho, I got the first package with no problem.  The second package however got rerouted all over the country and back.  After literally 7 days, I contacted the store and was like WTF? They were very nice and sent out a replacement with two day shipping.

I got the replacement package two days later but in this package, they had also sent me the same items from the first package that I had already received.  So now I have duplicates.  I did the right thing and emailed the store.  I was told they would send my email on to the proper people.  I have not heard anything back.

Yesterday, I finally got the lost package after 14 days.  One of the items was broken as they had sent these in a flimsy envelope.  I told myself I would email the company in the morning.

Well, I went online to the store and went and found this order and the replacement order and it says don't worry about returning, replacement has been shipped.

I get that I'm being vague.  Obviously I don't want the store to read my post and be all like 'she's scamming us' sort of thing.

So my ethical question to you is this-do I do the right thing and return these items even though the store isn't expecting them? Or do I keep them and give them to friends who want them?

Ethics 101 people.

All right now that I've scrambled your brain, let's look at an eye and full face look.

Here is the full face look.  I did two versions.  One with a dark lip, one with a nude lip.

This is Ofra Bel Air-the nude lip.

This is Ofra Havana Nights-which is not the color that was advertised.  This was shown as a gorgeous brick red brown but it came out as a wine.  I had bought two so I returned one.

Here is with my eyes closed.  I used all makeup geek eyeshadows.

I've gotten questions about how to do the waterline.  It's easy-if you have a colored eye liner, just put that on your waterline.  To make it stay all day, put eyeshadow on top.  I use the tiniest brush ever for that. It's a Sigma E17 waterline brush.  I'll link it for you.

I don't quite remember the colors I used-I seriously need to write these things down.  I'm thinking it was Rockstar and Center Stage.

Which lip do you like better? Light or dark?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?