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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Brown Eyed Girl

My blog sale started off really well, then withered to nothing.  It happens. I guess I was hoping that all my bottles would magically disappear.  The crazy thing though is I literally had seventeen packages to go out all in one day.

I got to the post office right when they opened with two grocery bags full of boxes.  People would come in, see my pile then turn around and say I'll come back later and leave.  I just kept saying they're Christmas presents! There was a line behind me and I just kept saying I'm sorry over and over.  It was kind of funny but kind of not.

The other sucky thing was that I got the slow clerk.  It wouldn't have been so bad had the faster clerk been working that day.  But after thirty minutes, they were all posted and then the receipt started printing.  And printing. And printing.  All in all, it was about a two foot long receipt.  The people in line behind me were giggling.

I have broken several nails so I am back down to super nubs.  Would you rather not see polish when I have super nubs?  It happens.  I've started back on a treatment that I've used in the past called Trind. It has formaldehyde which isn't the best for your nails, but it does help strengthen them and help them grow. What I plan to do is make sure I moisturize tons to counteract the chemicals.

It's worked for me before but I didn't moisturize enough so my nails got brittle. This time I know better.

I have officially cleaned up all the spider webs on my front porch and back deck.  It has finally gotten cold outside and the spiders have gone.  I've told you before how I think they're pretty so I don't take them down until they are done for the season.  I still need to figure out how to prune my new rosebush.  I have the book Roses For Dummies-yes there is such a thing-so I just need to consult it but I'm always worried I'll be lopping off the wrong parts.

It's supposed to be a bush versus my other rose plant which is a climber. But the bush has decided to grow straight out horizontal instead of in a nice rounded bush shape.  So I need to figure out how to prune it so it grows like that.  That's for another day.

So today's look is one of my go tos.  It's neutral, it's brown and just like my love of brown nail polish, I have the same love with eyeshadow.  I still need to work on my pose.  I still take fifty plus pictures and have a hard time even liking one of them to show you.

But here it is.

This is all Make Up Geek eyeshadows once again.  They are pretty much all I use.

And here is the full face look.  I'm wearing a new Ofra liquid lipstick called Bel Air.  I also got Rio which in another photo you will see it's maybe a bit too salmon colored for my taste.

Hope you've enjoyed this one!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?