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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Enchanted Polish Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Yes people, I have actually polished my nails.  The issue is, either I've forgotten how to take a damn picture with my camera or my camera is being a b*tch.  I could not get a good picture if my life depended on it.  I did get a halfway decent one using my iphone, so that's what I will use for today's post.

It seems I am flip flopping on whether to keep going with this blog or not.  Who the f*ck knows. If there's a post, rejoice, if not, maybe one is coming!

I did mention I have several EPs I haven't even worn yet so since the sun was out, I polished for the first time since May 1st.  My nails have been growing out the gel dip damage and I've finally stopped chewing the skin around my nails for the moment that I can actually show off my hands.

Issue is, my nails are all different lengths and shapes. For now, I'm just letting them be.  So no negative comments about the sh*t storm that are my nails at the moment.

Since I wanted to show you something else in this post, let's look at this new EP now.

Indoor Sun

I'm going to see if I can add the quick vid I took showing off the holo happiness of this polish.  Not the strongest in the polish world, but it shows you just why I love holos so much.  Now IRL, this polish is more purple than shown here.  I'm just happy I even polished! Sad that I have to take it right off though.........................let me know if you can see the vid or not.  It's my first time adding one.

Now, I've told you that I'm still a makeup junkie right? I actually found a rainbow highlight.  No it's not holo, but it's a rainbow on my face.  Yes you have to work really hard to get it to show just right. This is the only picture I have that shows it off very well.

Oh and warning, it's my face!

See the rainbow on the top of my cheekbone? There's also a bit in my inner eye as well.  It made my day when I caught this picture!

Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing my face with different makeup on schizz.

I'm off to watch the episodes of The Mist by Stephen King that I've missed.  And Spike it's not a novel, it's a novella.  Please correct that.  Drives me nuts.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Enchanted Polish June 2014

This is the last of the polish pics I had saved from before the ban.  I'm not sure how many posts I'm going to continue with.  Is anyone out there still reading these? I did get a couple of comments so thank you to those who did! My NexGen gel dip review is still my most popular post.  I still get at least 500 hits a day just to that post.  If you google NexGen, my blog pops up.

Which I guess is a cool thing, but people aren't staying to read other stuff, just that one post.  I also think I may be getting too lazy to keep up with this blog.  As much as I love it, it's s sh*t ton of work. People who don't blog have no idea just how much work it takes.

Have you heard that Kesha is coming out with a new album in August?  Yes I have already preordered.  I have listened to her single Praying that has been released.  I have only heard it once and my first impression is meh. I love the TikTok Ke$ha, not this cleaned up, totally obvious what the lyrics are about Kesha.  I so hope the rest of the CD is like the music we've known and loved.

I get she's been through a lot, but dayum people stop changing your sound.

It's like Lady Gaga.  Her first album is so different than her most recent one.  It's like she's gone from backdoor European club sounds to Country and I'm not about that.  I want Gaga to go back to her Bad Romance sound. That's my favorite from her so far.

I started reading the book, Thirteen Reasons Why.  I didn't realize it's a 'young adult' book. I figure it's going to wrap up with a nice cliche ending for all the tweens and teens that are reading it.  So far, it's not bad.  I don't always read popular books as I have specific taste in what I read.

If someone ain't murdered by page ten, I'm not interested! LOL.

I also had to change my ringtone back to Monty Python.  Every time my mom would call me, the damn Eminem ringtone would literally make me jump out of my skin.  It's just a jarring ringtone. But yes I'm still listening to it on repeat.

It's been hot as hell here.  They're calling for 99F by Wednesday.  Too bad I have to be out in it.  My car inspection is overdue.  Those who pay attention know that I do this every single year. I just can't get it done on time.  I just can't.

All right. Here is the old and still awesome EP June 2014.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yeah, I miss my nails.............

Isn't this a gorgeous color? So many colors to be had in one polish.  They just don't make them like this anymore.  LOL! I wouldn't know as I don't pay attention to new polish releases anymore since I can't wear it I don't buy it.

So sad.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Army of One

So much to update you on, I don't know where to start.

I've decided to share my Crohn's disease story and struggles on my Instagram account.  Since I've scared off all the nail polish people, I'm looking to help others and maybe find some who are like me, so I can talk to them.

Back when I was diagnosed, I told myself I would take care of others with this disease but I really haven't. Instead, I've mostly hidden it from the world, pretending all is well.  Reality is, it's not.  I've been through a lot so far in my life-I've talked about it here.

I became a nurse because I had had so much practice as a patient.  I thought I would work on a floor that catered to people with Crohn's disease.  But there really isn't such a thing. So instead, I take care of others, and haven't really talked about what is going on with my illness.

I plan on doing some of that here.  I understand if that's something you don't want to see, but with the nail polish ban, I still want this blog to be active.  I am a work in progress.  My Instagram account has makeup looks, cat pics and Crohn's stuff.  So it's a mish mash.

I'm ok with that.

Now as far as work is concerned, there really hasn't been any huge stories.  They are still interviewing for another navigator.  They finally realized that we should actually interview the candidates since we have to work with them.

Duh right?

One of the ones I was a part of, I was like hell yeah, hire this chick. And they did.

Then I actually had to listen to her talking to patients on the phone and I was thinking to myself, damn, that was the wrong thing to be gung ho about!

Her voice is so nails on a chalkboard and she is too into the patient's life as in why are you taking that medicine and other minutiae which has nothing to do with cancer.  She spent so long on the phone the other day that I was wanting ear plugs!  It was just awful and since I said to hire her, I have to live with that decision!

Oh and Ms Princess is at it again! Remember she's the one who will look you in the eye, lie to your face and then stab you in the back.

She apparently thought that one of the coworkers hated her.  In reality she does.  HEHEHE. Anywho, Ms Princess did her manipulative crying as she does boohooing asking why she is hated. It is so her MO that I was dying laughing.  That's what she does. She cries at the drop of a hat.  It's hilarious. And she's in her low 60s! I mean when does one become a grown up??????

All right. Today we have a gorgeous green holo.  CbL Army of One.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Such a lovely minty light green.  I love these types of colors!!!!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Enchanted Polish Penny Lane

I have realized I have about four Enchanted Polish that I haven't even worn yet! This ban is killing me big time.  I have a HUGE secret that I will divulge to you when I can.  You're gonna freak out big time!

Since I have not had my gel nails on or polish on, I have gone back to my horrible habit of chewing the skin around my nails making them bleed and sh*t.  My nails were crap from having the gel dip on for years, but they are finally looking not too bad.  I actually thought about putting on some polish today but the sun isn't coming out and I don't want to wear a holo without sun!

I just backed up my iphone and I have 122 apps! That's a lot and no I'm not actively using them all.  I figure I have 128 Gb so I can have a lot of stuff on there.  So far I have 13Gb of music on there.

I recently bit the bullet and combined my ATT and DirecTV accounts like you see on the commercials.  They're all like come do this, it's great and it's so easy.

Uh huh.

I called and the first person I talked to wasn't stupid.  She did her part and said she was going to put me on hold while she completed the fusion.  Next thing I know, some dude comes on asking how he can help me.

It was downhill from there.

For the next 2.5 HOURS, I was shuffled back and forth between stupid people.  One after the other. Transferred from here to there, no one able to help me.  I kept getting oh that's not this department you need this other department.  I finally was SO pissed off my coworkers were thinking I was going to get myself into a car accident on the way home.

I would call in and demand a supervisor.  Each person would ask now what's the best number for us to reach you should we get disconnected? I was so mad that I just kept repeating get me a supervisor. I was put on hold and forgotten, or disconnected and I would call right back demanding a supervisor.

The last guy was very calm and took my tirade and kept saying that I had to give him a chance to help me etc, and would ask me questions, to which I would answer get me a supervisor.  Finally I got one and I went off and said it should not take me 2.5 hours to combine accounts like this.

So yeah that day was bad.

Then I got my first bill..............

Twice what I normally pay.  I called in and was like WTF people? I was told oh didn't anyone tell you? You had been paying as you used the minutes, with this new plan of unlimited everything, you pay a month in advance. Therefore, I had to pay two months at one time.  Oh and they still haven't added the TV portion of the bill yet.

That joy comes next week.

I saved an online chat about that and how much that better be or I'd going to go off big time!!

I will say that the change is nice.  Unlimited internet lets me watch all the YouTube makeup videos I want to and when mom is in Canada we can now talk and text for free, which before it was $1 a minute!

Alright.  Today we have an oldie but still a good one.  I have this in the original round bottle.  EP Penny Lane.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh yeah, this is the color of a brand new shiny penny with holo goodness added.  I simply love it.  No it's not pink, it's more a coppery color.  Don't think I've started loving pink!!!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Chillin' In Paradise

Woke up this morning feeling like writing a post or two.  I had nail polish pictures saved from April before the nail polish ban at work.  I have not worn any polish since May 1st when the ban went into effect.  Yes I am still trying to fight that at work.  I'm told that the OR nurses have nail polish on. That's like the one place that you really shouldn't be wearing polish!

I'm obsessed with the Eminem song Love Game.  I printed out the lyrics and am trying so hard to rap the words but dayum I can't talk that fast! I actually made this song my new ringtone.  Now that's a first as my ringtone has always been the second verse of the Monty Python song Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

I have been active on Instagram if you guys are interested.  My account is JenHop13.  I just figured out that people can direct message you.  This brings me to why I decided to post today.  I got a message from a guy and it's the weirdest thing and I need you guys to tell me if I'm being paranoid or if this guy is a lying creep.

First I won't use the real name on Instagram so don't ask.

He writes something like hi how are you can we be friends sort of thing.  Let's just say his account name is John D Smith.  He says on the account he is proud to be Navy.  So I google John D Smith and I find that the real name is John D Smythe and is in the Marines.  So I call him on it and say why the different name and different branch of the military?

Now granted, I don't use my real name either and I have used the handle here Fingers since 2011. So I get that sh*t.

He replies just believe me OK sort of thing, but has changed his account name now to John D Smythe. Curious. People don't misspell their names, unless they are trying to be incognito like I am. Oh and the photos on the account are easily googled. He says he's in Afghanistan on a peace mission.


I google again and find that John D Smythe of the Marines, not the Navy as he said, is to be shipped to Japan WITH HIS FAMILY to be commander of something there.  So yeah I call him out on that too.  He again says, just believe me ok.  I'm like why, why does it even matter if I believe you as either way I don't want to converse with a married man.

He then sends me a couple of photos, again in uniform, easily googled, asking me what he needs to do for me to believe he is who he says.  I don't think there is anything except maybe facetime or something like that, but I'm over it.  He says again, just believe me ok?

At this point, I'm thinking this is so fake that I deleted the message.

So it's at this time that I ask you younger hipper peeps out there, am I being too paranoid or is this just normalcy on Instagram? I mean I get the going incognito thing as I do it but I wouldn't in a private message you know???  Need some advice my people!!!!

Now here is the very freakin gorgeous CbL Chillin in Paradise.  And this is when I was doing my own gel dip nails and I am VERY AWARE they look lumpy and thick.  I don't need the f*cking negative comments ok??

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ugh how gorgeous and freakin cool is this holo happiness??? Yes I miss this sh*t big time, but I'm way too lazy to polish and remove said polish in the same day.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Hey guys. Just an update for you. My job has banned all nail polish. I have removed my gel nails and am back to my sad nubs and chewed cuticles. I don't know what I will do with this blog. While I love it, I don't know what to do without the main focus being nail polish. I'm not one to put polish on long enough to take a photo to them just remove it.

I have been doing different things on Instagram. I've changed the name to jenhop13 if you want to find me there.

Let me know your thoughts on what I should do here.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck

So I told you last post I would tell you about the weird dream I had last night.  Now normally I don't remember my dreams, at least not with this much clarity.  And it's just a freakin weird one. The dreams I do remember always have to do with me peeing in my dream in a weird place or the other night's it was the tiniest bathroom ever and always in these dreams, I make a mess of me and my clothes.

Gross yes, but I realize now that it's my subconscious telling me to wake up to pee.  Remember I told you I am on two liters of IV food every night? Well that makes a lot of waking up to pee and if I don't wake up, the mess in my dream will be reality! So I always listen when my dreams turn to that.

Now on to the weird dream I had.

I don't know how it started, I just know that my mom had no arms or legs and for some reason she had something wrong with her breathing and needed to have the fluid drained from her lungs to breathe.

Since she had no arms or legs, I was carrying her on my back in a backpack I think.  I was running all over the hospital screaming "where's the colposcopy unit?"  Over and over I was screaming this. Finally someone pointed me in the right direction and I ran into the department, throwing my mom down on the table telling them to hurry up and drain the fluid as she's dying not being able to breathe.

The people there just stood around staring at me, drinking their coffee having their lunch not helping me at all. I then swiped everything off that table, got in the doctor's face and demanded he take care of my mom.

I got down to my mom's face and told her not to leave me, that I needed her, but if she was tired and wanted to go, that I would be OK.

Finally, he realized I knew what I was talking about and stuck this huge needle into her lung.  There was this loud pop.  And relief on mom's face as she was able to breathe again.

Then I woke up.

How f*cked up is that?????

First off, why did my mom not have arms or legs? Second, the procedure she needed is called a thoracentesis. A colposcopy is what you get when you go to the Gynecologist for a cootie checkup. So why I was screaming for that department I've no idea.  But while I was dreaming it, it seemed so damn real, it was spooky.

I haven't stopped thinking about it all morning.  What do you think?  Do you think dreams mean something? I know there are people who believe that dreams are your brain working out issues in your awake life.  Not sure how this relates whatsoever.  Maybe mom will have an idea once I tell her about this!

Now for today, I chose another color just for me.  Don't worry, a happy pink is in the works for you out there! This is Vampires Suck and it's a blackened brown with holoness.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
To me, this is a gorgeous color.  I know it's not for everyone!

Do you have weird dreams????

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Enchanted Polish May 2014

Just used my brand new electric toothbrush.  You see, I have a serious fear of the dentist and for many years, I have used a regular toothbrush and brushed the hell out of my gums.  My current dentist told me that if I didn't stop that and start using an electric toothbrush that I would eventually need a gum transplant.

Now that sounds like a party right?


I had a coworker who had to have that done and she said it sucked big time.  For many years now I have been using the same electric toothbrush and yes, it's working.  Now gums don't grow back once they're gone, they're gone.  But they have not receded any more.  And they are healthier than they were before the electric one.

I still brush the hell out of my teeth.  At least five minutes at a time.  The other day, my old electric toothbrush didn't last long enough for me.  It was time for a new one.  I only get the base model.  I don't need bluetooth and the like for my teeth.  I just need something that lasts five minutes!

That's what he said..................................

The base model was $60 and for four replacement heads, $30.  $10 for toothpaste and I have just spent $100 on my teeth.  I'm just happy I get good dental checkups and minimal scraping when I'm there.

So yeah, I couldn't use the toothbrush yesterday as it hadn't finished charging.  So it was the inaugural brushing this morning.  Can I just say DAMN that sucker has a seriously awesome motor to it and my teeth feel cleaner than they have in past days.  Makes me wonder if my old brush has been in need of replacing much longer than I thought or they decided teeth can take a stronger motor.

Something to ponder........................

Had my neighbor's dad over  yesterday to fix my kitchen lights.  Apparently the way I've been replacing blown out light bulbs have been loosening up the nut that holds it together.  Totally something I would have had my dad fix for me the next time he visited.

Made me really sad and missing my dad all over again.

I don't really have any good work stories right now.  Only that the nail polish ban is stuck in HR still. And because of that, I have let my nails get super long.  Long for me at least.  So I've been doing three dips when I do the gel nails as I need the extra strength.

I was in the mood for a color that I like.  Here's May 2014. Picture me chair dancing to Van Halen Top Jimmy as it's happening people!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now this is totally a color I love to rock.  Super orange linear holo happiness all the way!

Stay tuned-next post will be this seriously weird dream I had last night.  Maybe you can tell me what it means!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Enchanted Polish Britney Spearmint

Pulled out yet another oldie today.  It's been fun wearing polish that I haven't worn in forever. Plus I'm not freakin out about the polish ban, so it's been a joy again.

I told you how I decided to cover all those doctors while the nurse is out on FMLA sick time? Well my boss had emailed out Friday who was covering the actual clinics and I wrote back telling her how I had been doing all the triage phone calls.  She wrote back, "you're awesome."


I wrote back to her jokingly how nurse's week is coming up.  Earlier that day she had sent out an email for people to nominate the nurse of the  year sort of thing.  So I was alluding to this when I replied to her about nurse's week.

She sent me back a picture of three tomatoes.  Not rotten ones, just three tomatoes.  Now I don't get that at all. So I wrote back telling her that I didn't get it, but am sure it's funny.  I haven't gotten a reply yet so I can't tell you what she meant.  Anyone out there know what the tomatoes mean?

Totally forgot I was going to show you my new shoes.  I got the chocolate brown ones the other day and it's glorious.  Now I have grey, beige, navy, burgundy and chocolate.  I have my old black ones too until I can replace those.  I think I'm set for years!

Here they are.

Aren't they pretty?  Here is an up close side view.

It's a 3.5 inch heel and they are comfortable big time.  Now you know why I love them so that I bought all the colors I could! The funny thing is, I am a heavy heel walker.  With my old shoes you could totally hear me coming and people would make fun.  These new shoes have all the soles to them and it muffles my footsteps. Now I can sneak up on people. HEHEHE.

Now let's relive Britney.


Sadly, this is NOT color accurate whatsoever.  It is a pale mint green holo IRL.  Stupid sun went away and my flash just washed out the color.  It is a frosty polish as well.

Will have to revisit when I can get color accurate shots.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Tank Tops and Flip Flops

Those of you that look at my blog on different search engines will see that there are changes to my font depending on what you are using at that time. For Safari users, you still get to see my beloved Parisian font that I bought and paid for and now cannot use.  For those on Chrome and Internet Explorer, you will now see the Poiret One font.  I like the Poiret One all right, but it's just not the one I want you know?

Stupid Blogger and Chrome.

It's at least not the plain block font that has been there that was driving me crazy.  For now, I will leave the concept of moving to Wordpress alone, but in the back of my mind, one day I will play with a fake blog on there and see just how hard it is to use.

I cannot believe it's April already.  My birthday month! I love this month just for that reason. My yard is a hot mess.  There are weeds everywhere, and they are at least halfway up my calf in height. My neighbors' yards are the same way so I don't feel too bad, but it's awful to look at.  I have no idea when you are supposed to start mowing the yard.  I'm waiting for someone to do theirs so I'll know to do mine.

Yesterday I washed my floors twice then spent two hours outside on my knees weeding my very long stone driveway.  It's an awful chore but I don't want my driveway to turn into green you know? My neighbor has let hers go and I just don't want that to happen to mine.

Oh here's something to think about........

I was reading the newspaper the other day-yes I'm one of those, and there was this article about this couple who had a one year old baby and they sold all their belongings, car etc and are going to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.  It's like 2200 miles.  Their thought process is this.  Better to do it now while the baby is young and to let the baby have this experience.

Seriously??? I don't know about you, but I don't remember being one. Do you? How is that baby going to remember being out in the elements for 2200 miles? The baby ain't gonna remember. So why?  Just why? I can see the couple going at it, but bringing the baby along? Nope.

The article clearly stated how they have degrees in outdoor sh*t and will have 5000 calories mailed to each stop along the way so they have food and will mail the dirty diapers back home for disposal. Can you imagine opening up that package?

Thoughts on this people????

I don't have kids so I can't really speak on this, but I can only imagine how awful it would be to hike that many miles with a screaming baby along.  But that's just me.

Now let's look at a gorgeous polish shall we?

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this so pretty? And my camera actually got the color right too!  A nice light holo, nice light purple.  Just perfect.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, March 31, 2017

Enchanted Polish Disco H2O, A Little Fishy Told Me

I pulled out an oldie EP for today's post.  Remember how I told you they had stopped the nail polish ban for now? This is the mani I did the next day after hearing the awesome news.  There's even a bit of art included!

I am truly contemplating moving my blog over to Wordpress.  However, I just Googled it and it would be a whole new way of blogging and I'd be like a beginner all over again.  I hate that I can't do some things I want because Chrome and Blogger are being jerks.  Anyone out there using Wordpress? Can you let me know if it's worth the move over?

Work has been busy.  There's a nurse out sick, a nurse practitioner out on medical leave and a doctor out on maternity leave.  This leaves a lot of patients to be seen by people who are not their regular doctors.  Plus a lot of phone calls from patients needing stuff.  For some stupid reason, I have decided I'm the one to take care of all the phone calls for these people. So yeah, my load has gotten exponentially higher lately.

It was one of these phone calls I was doing yesterday that I realized the dude had been put on the wrong doctor's schedule.  His doctor was in fact not out.  I talked to that doctor asking him what he wanted and he wanted the patient put on a day when he was there and not have this patient see a third random person who doesn't know him or his cancer.

Sounds perfectly logical right?

So I put all this down in a message asking the clerk to setup the appointment and his chemo on the day the doctor said to.  Next thing I know, I get a message back that the appointment had been put on the day the doctor isn't here and not the day he asked for.  I'm like WTF people. It was a simple request.

I called that doctor's nurse saying to her, you must not have read my note, but the doctor doesn't want this patient on a day he isn't here.  Her reply? Well you take care of it.

Oh I went off big time.  Next thing I know, she's telling people how I went off on her, but leaving out the part of her not doing as the doctor had asked and not telling that she had told me to take care of her patient!  This is yet another nurse who does little to no work, so I wasn't surprised.

I was recently sent a post on Facebook and it read, "I don't refer to you as my coworker, as you never do any work."  Absolutely perfect for my workplace!  Thank you Jenna!

Now let's look at a couple of gorgeous EPs.  Disco H2O and A Little Fishy Told Me.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now Disco is on my ring finger and Fishy leans a bit more green in real life.  It has been quite a long time since I wore Fishy!  Next here is a bit of dots and a funky for the stopping of the polish ban.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome are these two together?  I am in love!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Enchanted Polish February 2017

For those of you who are old 80s goth kids like I am will die when you hear this! Jesus and Mary Chain have a new CD out!!! And you bet I just bought it! They haven't done anything since the song Sidewalking from 1989. Which by the way is still an awesome song and yes it is on my itunes driving list.

Haven't been on itunes in a while and the new James Blunt album is out as well.  His sh*t always makes me cry. But I love his music so bought that too.  There are way too many bands on there that I've never even heard of before.  I guess I'm just not as hip to today's music as I thought I was.

It was 80F here yesterday.  Hottest day yet this year.  Was too hot for this time in Spring.  I told myself I was going to go work outside on the projects I have half started, but just couldn't bring myself to do them.  Instead I cleaned out my refrigerator and washed the shelves.  It was badly needed.

However, it did give me flashbacks to my youth.  You see growing up, my mom made us do many what I thought were stupid chores.  Some I still wonder why.  She wrote out note cards with all the chores listed and what days of the week they were to be done.  Me and my two brothers each had one with different chores on them.

One of mine was to clean the refrigerator.  So yeah, as I was cleaning my own for the first time in my adult life mind you, I was thrown back to the time it was on my chore to do list.  I think I wanted to wash mine as I bought it with my own money and all fridges before, weren't mine so I didn't care as much.

I have to say though, it looks good.  And it's nice when I open the door to see nice white shelves and glass clean.

I'm also getting these weird tiny beetles in my house.  I know I live in the woods and have made peace with the huge spiders and ants and what not, but these freak me out.  When I first saw them, I thought OMG my cats have fleas.  I went nuts and inspected the crap out of my babies.  They were clean.

Then I went googling and think they are carpet beetles as they fly.  So they aren't fleas as they don't jump and they aren't bedbugs so I think this is a new and fun bug for me to deal with.  I vacuumed the hell out of my house even though I had just done so days before and yesterday kept going through my house and killing the ones as I saw them.

I'm hoping this is just a phase and they will go away. If not, I may just go nuts!

Now here is the full show for February 2017.  The dupe for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  It's pretty but frosty and brushstrokey when not in the sun.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
It is quite pretty in the sun though. A nice light pink shimmer holo.

Oh and if you are wondering about my font still being weird, apparently Blogger and Chrome have decided to make things difficult for fancy sh*t.  I may be moving my blog to a different host and do a few upgrades.  I am still looking into it.  But it will not stay this way with this font as I hate it.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, March 27, 2017

Enchanted Polish January 2017

I wore this polish on the last day before the nail polish ban was to go into effect.  I was in polish mourning as it were...........

So I returned the last two pairs of boots I had ordered to DSW.  I had worn one pair to work for a few hours so technically, they were used.  When I got home that day, I washed the crap out of the soles so they looked brand new again.

The first few I returned all the chick did was make sure the boxes had shoes in them.  This new chick however took them out of the box and inspected them like you would not believe.  In my head I'm thinking damn I'm busted.  She's gonna know I wore these.

But then she put them back in the box and proceeded to credit my PayPal refund.  You have no idea the sigh of relief I had going on.  I have now worn one of the new shoes from White Mountain and they are just so awesome and comfortable the first time you put them on.

Of course they are the same boot I've been wearing for years now.  I wore the dark charcoal gray ones. I have pictures for you, but haven't cropped them yet so I'll add them to a future post for you. Oh but don't tell my mom that I ordered a fifth pair.  I didn't know they had one in chocolate brown and you all know how I feel about chocolate brown!

So now all I need is the black pair and I'll be boot complete for a few years to come.

The chick at work who quit but then stayed and got paid to do nothing? She finally decided that this past Friday was her last day.  Yeah, I'll wait and see when I get to work tomorrow. But man I hope she's finally gone.  It's been comical having a resigned person go on interviews while on the job.

So remember how I started this post? In polish mourning? Yes I wore black polish that day.  But then all of a sudden towards the end of the day? An email appeared.  It was the most glorious email to come yet in this whole polish debacle.

This email said that the polish ban has been put on hold and there is no new go live date.

Trust I was ecstatic and happy and it was a good thing big time.  I don't know what happened but when I find out, I'll let you know.  My theory is that they never told the doctors their plan and when the doctors found out they were pissed.  They carry more weight than I do.

You see they want to ban polish in all entirety of staff.  Not just the inpatient side.  So the doctor who isn't even on campus, who's office is miles away from the hospital will have to not wear polish.

Does that make any kind of sense??

If you are not in the hospital, you are certainly well enough to be around nail polish.  And what about the patients who wear polish and their family who wear polish????  The whole thing is just stupid. What's even more stupid is there are several groups who's manager has banned polish in their section. For example the social workers manager has banned polish for them.  I told them to fight as it's not hospital policy and they can't do that.

Trust me and the assistant boss are not giving up our polish love until it is hospital policy. Nothing else will stop us.

I'm just so happy that I did some nail art!!! That's for a later post.

Here is January 2017.  My mourning polish.  This is a dupe for the early For The Win as I told you about last post.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Isn't this gorgeous???? Such a pretty black holo.  I love it!

Stay tuned for more!

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Enchanted Polish Comparison-Original vs New

If you aren't aware, Enchanted Polish decided this year to remake all her old originals from when she started back in 2012.  I of course, own most of those, except for the pink ones.  I thought it would be cool to do a quick comparison of the first two that have come out so far.  Then in the next two posts, I will show you the new ones in their holo state.

The shoe saga continues.  I showed you last post the two that I would be keeping, however things have changed since then.  You see, the boots I love and am wearing now are White Mountain brand. I thought they were only sold through DSW.  While at work yesterday, I went ahead and googled and found out that White Mountain does indeed have their own website.

I immediately found my boots, extremely similar but for a different pattern of stitching design.  I ordered four of them to replace the ones I have worn so much they are a sad beat up thing. I ordered grey, taupe, navy and a gorgeous burgundy.  I can't wait to see the burgundy ones! The bummer is once again, the black was sold out in my size.

I emailed the company and was told it would be back in stock come Fall.  I shall mark my calendar. Hopefully, these are keepers and will replace the taupe and navy that I own now.  If they are, those other two boots I showed you will go back.  I returned the other four pair yesterday.

Trust it made my day.

I don't really have work stories for you as we are all getting along and it's really nice.  Oh a little funny happened yesterday.  Remember Ms Princess? Well she's now doing clinic nursing and was going to cover the doctor she used to navigate for.  The one who is an a*s and made me cry back in the day.  Well he told the boss that he didn't want her in the same room as him and definitely didn't want her sitting next to him.

I kind of felt a bit sorry for her as that was kind of sh*tty of that doctor to do, but I guess she should have known this as she no longer does that job with him.  Dude could have at least told her to her face and not gone behind her back.

Oh and the chick who quit but is still working there is still there doing nothing.  Damn I'm doing something wrong here!  LOL

Now back in 2012, I bought Midnight which is a black holo.  This year, January 2017 is a black holo and I could have sworn she was remaking Midnight.  I even went on several Facebook groups insisting I was right.

I wasn't.

Turns out, January 2017 is a remake of her For The Win holo that only two bottles were made.

Then February 2017 came and it is a dupe for Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, which I do own.

Here are the bottles side by side.  Remember the originals were in fat round bottles.

This is Midnight, Jan 2017, Feb 2017 and Lucy.

Here are quick swatches of them.  These are without topcoat.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
As you can see, my first finger is greyer and not as deep black as my middle finger.  Midnight is on my first finger. January on my middle.  So they are not dupes.  However, my ring and pinky are dupes. Ring finger is the original Lucy, pinky is February 2017.

While Lucy looks pretty here? It's quite frosty and brushstrokey when out of the sun.  But in the sun, it's a gorgeous subtle pink holo.

Stay tuned for separate posts on January and February 2017.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Enchanted Polish House of the Rising Sun

I got the six pairs of boots I ordered from the DSW sale.  The two cheapest ones I ordered as an after thought are just that.  A cheap after thought and will be going back.  I didn't even try those on.  The ones I really loved? Well they both have damage to them which I will show you but when I tried them on? They seem to run big but my real issue with them was how they had the laces strung and with the very large tassel on the end, I cannot restring them the way I like.

Also, I just didn't like the way they felt on my feet.

It's hard to see the defect on the blue shoe but it's a problem for me. The gray pair has a chunk missing from the suede.  The blue has a scruffy hard patch in the suede.

Here are the winning boots.  Which I hate to say, my mom picked out!  HAHAHA! Just kidding mom!

What I may do when I return the four pair that suck, is get the other darker brown in these boot styles. This one.

I'll decide after I've looked through the store again.  This is why I hate buying shoes online.  You don't get to feel them and try them on etc.

And it's a pain to now have to go to the store to return them as I don't want to mail them back.

I cleaned the hell out of my 30 gallon fish tank yesterday.  It was way over due.  I last did it over Thanksgiving. When I went under my house to get the bucket I use, a ton of my fiberglass insulation was hanging down.  It was a weird sight.  At first I was thinking that maybe a critter had gotten stuck somehow under the house and ripped at the fiberglass.  But I realized that wasn't it.

The only thing I can think of is the fierce wind we have had a couple of times this season that somehow was just at the right angle to pull the fiberglass down.  Without thinking, I started pushing it back into place.  No gloves, no mask.

In hindsight I now realize that was very stupid.

Oh and the other night, I caught the raccoon at my bird feeder outside.  I yelled at him to go away and he just looked at me like no way man.  So I threw on some pants and went outside and chased him away.  Not totally sure it's a raccoon, just know it's a big fat critter!

Now here is one of my favorite EPs. I love this color!

Late afternoon sun

Late afternoon sun
Isn't this gorgeous???? I know I think so!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chaos and Crocodiles Wishing Star Sky

For some reason, my blog is not recognizing the font and it's driving me nuts.  I've tried Chrome and Safari and it seems to be across the board.  I've notified the person who designed my blog and hopefully she can fix it. Maybe there is just a glitch in the internet at the moment and it will fix itself.

I also realized that my networked blogs app, isn't posting to Twitter.  I have since fixed that and posted thirteen old posts as I'm not sure anyone gives a sh*t on Twitter about me and I don't want to fill up someone's feed with unwanted stuff.

Remember the chick who quit after being there two weeks? Well apparently, my boss called her and told her to come back to work as it is easier to transfer to another department than it is to quit and then reapply within the system.  Makes perfect sense right??

Um no.

Why would we still work on training her when she has quit? Why would we waste our time as she is leaving? Does this make any kind of sense? It also seems that the past two weeks, she has learned nothing.  She acts like it's her first day and has no clue what to do.  Another reason to just let her go. This past Friday, all she did was sit there on her phone.  She at least made the effort and asked if I needed help with anything.

Um no thanks.

So she has now been on two interviews on our dollar and still getting paid to sit on her a*s.  Damn sign me up for that.

I also submitted this year's self evaluation for my raise.  It was due the end of February but I wasn't going to rush it as last year's didn't go so well.  Back then I was told to make friends with my coworkers, stop using foul language and use examples to prove my point when I say I exceed in all categories.

I never put the top category excels or excellent, I forget which.  I always put exceeds as I am not "just meets" as my boss put last year.  This past year I busted my a*s, covered clinics, helped coworkers, started a few new projects and took over yet another job duty that I don't think my boss is aware of.

All with examples.  I better get something better than just meets this year.  That's all I'm saying.

Now here we are with another Chaos holo, just not a super holo. Still gorgeous though!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This leans a bit more purple IRL.  How stunning is this though???  I am in love all over again.

Hopefully my font will fix itself.  Cross your fingers people!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Chaos and Crocodiles Sleeper Cell

While I was in Myrtle Beach, I was hoping they would have a DSW there so I could buy new work shoes.  Well, they don't so I was bummed.  I really need new work dress shoes as mine are years old.

I went through the DSW online store while in MB and picked out and put what I wanted in my cart as when I got back, I wanted to go to the store here and try on the ones I had picked out.  If I haven't told you before, my clothes philosophy is, if you find something you like, buy it in all the colors available.

I am not a fashion hound for sure.  Hence the three pairs of the envelope culottes I showed you a few posts ago.

So I had picked out two styles of boots but in several different colors.  When I got to my local DSW, the clerk told me they don't have the ones I wanted in the store to try on.  When I went to order them online, she told me to wait two days for that Friday as there is a 25% off sale happening then.

Yes very cool of her to share that with me!

I was ready.  I had the boots and colors I wanted in my cart.  At 0500 Friday morning, I checked to see if the website had posted the sale.  Nope not yet.  At 0800 when I got to work, I checked again and there it was.  The sale! I had five pairs of boots in my cart.  While trying to check out, I got cart jacked!


I went back and tried to put the shoes back in my cart but now they were sold out.  Now mind you, I've had these in my cart now for several weeks and I reput them in my cart that Wednesday.  I was pissed.  I checked out with the four pairs and you bet complained to customer service.

They claim their inventory updates every 24-48 hours.  Uh huh.  I was freakin cart jacked.  Reminiscent of the Enchanted Polish restocks and the frenzy that caused.

Later that same day, I went ahead and ordered two more pairs of boots, so I have six pairs coming. I will try them on and figure out which ones to keep and return the rest.  I did go online yesterday searching for those elusive boots and they are sold out every where in my size.

Had I just bought them in Myrtle Beach online.........

Anywho, today I splurged and used my precious CC holo Sleeper Cell.  Put on your shades people!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Had to add an extra shot of this one as it's so freakin awesome! I wish she would make more of these fantastic super holos.  I'd buy them all!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Polish My Life Milk Chocolate Goodies, Nails Inc Fenchurch Street

Forgot to tell you a funny with my Myrtle Beach post.  Remember I told you I had bought new bras? Well the first time I went to wear one, I could not for the life of me get it hooked in the back.  The band is wider than the bras I'm used to and the hooks are in a little more as well.

Let me tell you I struggled and struggled swearing the whole time and couldn't get it hooked.  I finally had to call my mom in to hook it for me! That's when my first impression was, I cannot breathe in this thing, it's going back to the store.

While I was in the store, I told the woman how I couldn't get the damn thing hooked in the back. She looked at me and said hook it in the front and then spin it around.

It was like an epiphany, a lightbulb went off in my head and then I felt incredibly stupid.  Why hadn't I thought of that before??? I have since mastered the new bra and hooking it in the back as I prefer to do.  I did hook it in the front a few times, but it just wasn't for me.

Only woman can understand the battle of the bra.  So that is my funny.

If the nail polish ban at work goes through, this is my last week of being able to wear it at work. The clerks have already been made to take their nails off.  I told my boss no way was I going to until it is official policy.

A coworker said that she has seen the policy and told me that it is the worst written policy ever. There is no proof that nail polish causes infection, certainly not me in my office in the basement. Their proof is vague and from 2009.  They did not do any of their own in house testing.  They just decided let's do this and they are trying to do so.

If I didn't need the insurance so badly, I would most likely look elsewhere.

Oh and this past Friday? One of the new hires quit.  Out of the blue quit. Said it wasn't for her, that she wasn't happy and didn't even finish out the shift.  How long had she been there you ask?


Now how does one know how the job really is, when you haven't given it time to learn it? Also since she lied during her interview and claimed she knew all about breast cancer and the treatments, I think she realized she was in over her head.  This is people's lives we are dealing with here.  You cannot pretend this sh*t.

All right. Today I did colors just for me.  PML Milk Chocolate and Nails Inc Fenchurch St.


Not the best pictures ever.  For some reason, I could not get any good ones.  But, I love the fug and you all know that I do.  I couldn't decide which one to wear, so I wore both!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Colors by Llarowe JoJo

Spring has come a month early here.  My daffodils have already bloomed, my tulips are coming up and the trees are starting to show their leaf buds.  My yard has been taken over by these tall purple flower weeds that is most likely choking the sh*t out of my grass.

I have yet to finish my front yard project I told you about where I am cleaning out fifteen years of leaves and debris under the trees.  Now that the leaves are coming, I feel pressured to get it done as it will be much harder to get underneath the branches once the leaves are there.

One can only assume this is from global warming or some other such anomaly in the world.  It's probably why it was so nice in Myrtle Beach when I was just there.  As much as I enjoyed the sun, it just shouldn't be this warm in February into March.  I hope it doesn't mean summer is going to be hotter than ever.

What is it doing where you live? Is it early weather there too? I'd really love to know.

So Apple made me broke again.

I got the iPad Pro which is amazing but it needs a case.  I went on Amazon and bought a $12 case and it was OK for about a month.  Then pieces of plastic started breaking off.  Then the case cracked.  I threw it out and wrote to Amazon telling them it's a piece of crap.

They were nice and refunded my money even though I didn't have the case to send back.

I then tried a $22 case but when I got it, it was one of those thick fake leather cases that are really nice, but add so much bulk that it is a pain to hold.  So I sent that one back.

What Apple has done for the Pro, is you either buy a front cover or a back case.  Or you can buy both.  WTF Apple???? My last iPad case came in one piece and yes I did get it from Apple and yes it is still a great case as my mom is now using that one.

But to charge people $120 for two pieces to make one case? Makes no sense to me but I decided to buy them both and they better be the cat's meow or they are going back.  One thing about Apple is their products are top notch.  When you read this, I will already have it, so will try to come back and edit this to let you know how it is.

**EDIT** The ipad case is freakin amazing.  And I hate that it is! I will never say it is worth $120 but damn is it good.

Today we have one of my all time favorite green polish.  CbL JoJo.  It's not a strong holo, but damn is it a fabulous grass green color.

Late Sun

Late Sun


Here I've got two different lighting scenarios for you.  Late afternoon sun and flash.  This is stunning no matter what light you have.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Classic French, Again

The nail polish ban hasn't happened yet.  They are now saying March 20, but I'm still fighting and I heard that there are doctors just now finding out about this and are pissed big time.  I am so hoping they cause a ruckus and help me in my quest to stop this from happening.

Since Ms Princess has left, they have hired several new navigators and I have to say the atmosphere in my office is now so much better than it ever has been.  It's pleasant and we all get along and laugh and help each other.  It's really good.

We are working on getting the different cancer conferences more streamlined and make changes so we have more time for our patients.  The downside is, the boss has decided we need every other week meetings to do this.

Now there is one new hire who is not in my office whom I have already nicknamed Tinkerbell.  She is all about how someday she is going to be the leader of the navigators and she just doesn't seem to do any work.  She just seems to walk around and come up with ideas of things we can do.

She also went to a patient's funeral and I want to know if she was on the clock or not.  I'm all for going if you want to, but not to get paid for it.  Thing is, I can't ask about that.  Or I haven't figured out a way to ask that yet.

So yesterday's meeting she was the one who wouldn't stop talking.  You guys know. Any job you are in there's always that one person who is over the top enthusiastic to the point of nausea.  She was just all about we can do this and we can do that and I'd really like to do this.  But not once was it about the patient.  Not once was it about the work she is supposed to be doing.  And since she is one of the doctor's pets, my boss really has her hands tied and can't do anything about it.

There is a new doctor we hired doing a new cancer technique and there is a poster about it in the clinic.  And her face on the poster.  But not the doctor who does the technique. Does that make any kind of sense????  She was also on TV interviewed about this and again, when are you taking care of your patients?

I'm actually in a good place at work at the moment.  It's been so toxic for so many years, it's nice to actually not hate going to work.

Now, for my classic french, I use my Essie Nude Beach and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.


This is my all time favorite nail look.  I could wear this forever.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?