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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Purple Eye, Stupid Hair

We all have them.  Bad hair days.  Well this post is showing the world my bad hair day.  It was the day before hair dye day and I didn't really do much with my hair and boy does it show!

I also decided to wear a pink shirt and do purple eyes.  You all know how I feel about pink.  It's the same in clothes.  I'm not a fan.  But for some reason, I thought yeah pink and purple.

Just realized that I'm writing this post before Christmas and it will post New Year's Eve.  Like I said last post, I may have a few of these go up once a day so they aren't posting so far out after I've written them.

Nowadays, New Year's Eve means nothing to me.  I'm in bed so early that I never see the ball drop. Back in my party days, it was just another excuse to party.  When I was living in St Louis, I would be walking home at midnight while people were shooting their guns in the air.  It was always scary wondering if a bullet would fall and kill you.

Yes this does happen.  It actually happened where I live now about three years ago? A little boy got killed when someone shot their gun in the air and the bullet came down hit the four year old boy in the head and killed him.  They still haven't found the person who did it.

I'm not a fan of guns.  There I said it.  I just think they're dangerous and the wrong people get their hands on them and chaos ensues.

Will I be making a New Year's resolution? Nope.  I've tried, I've failed and I decided never to make one again.  As I mentioned last post, I do want to try to up my makeup photo taking game and perhaps try a video or two.

Those are my thoughts.  We shall see if the actions follow.

Now ignore my stupid hair and enjoy this very cool purple eye.  Why purple? Because I bought a butt ton of new colorful eye liners for my waterline.  They are from Colour Pop and they are very cool.

Here is the eye look first.

This is Makeup Geek High Wire and Caitlyn Rose with Colour Pop liner in No Shame.

Here is the full face.

This is Ofra Bel Air liquid lipstick.  Yes my pose is awkward and my hair is awkward.  The eyes are cool though eh?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Blue/White Look

Today I'll be showing you another work look.  I have four others ready to be posted.  I've been stepping up the color in my looks.

Wow my brain has totally gone blank and I can't think of a damn thing to talk about.

Let's play a little game of ethics.

I ordered a few items online.  These items then shipped out in two packages.  For some reason the items I ordered didn't all ship in the same package.

Anywho, I got the first package with no problem.  The second package however got rerouted all over the country and back.  After literally 7 days, I contacted the store and was like WTF? They were very nice and sent out a replacement with two day shipping.

I got the replacement package two days later but in this package, they had also sent me the same items from the first package that I had already received.  So now I have duplicates.  I did the right thing and emailed the store.  I was told they would send my email on to the proper people.  I have not heard anything back.

Yesterday, I finally got the lost package after 14 days.  One of the items was broken as they had sent these in a flimsy envelope.  I told myself I would email the company in the morning.

Well, I went online to the store and went and found this order and the replacement order and it says don't worry about returning, replacement has been shipped.

I get that I'm being vague.  Obviously I don't want the store to read my post and be all like 'she's scamming us' sort of thing.

So my ethical question to you is this-do I do the right thing and return these items even though the store isn't expecting them? Or do I keep them and give them to friends who want them?

Ethics 101 people.

All right now that I've scrambled your brain, let's look at an eye and full face look.

Here is the full face look.  I did two versions.  One with a dark lip, one with a nude lip.

This is Ofra Bel Air-the nude lip.

This is Ofra Havana Nights-which is not the color that was advertised.  This was shown as a gorgeous brick red brown but it came out as a wine.  I had bought two so I returned one.

Here is with my eyes closed.  I used all makeup geek eyeshadows.

I've gotten questions about how to do the waterline.  It's easy-if you have a colored eye liner, just put that on your waterline.  To make it stay all day, put eyeshadow on top.  I use the tiniest brush ever for that. It's a Sigma E17 waterline brush.  I'll link it for you.

I don't quite remember the colors I used-I seriously need to write these things down.  I'm thinking it was Rockstar and Center Stage.

Which lip do you like better? Light or dark?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Joe Fresh Ink, Liquid Sky Lacquer Swerve

It's the weekend before Christmas and I've got seven posts to write.  Not sure I have enough material in my head for all that.  I've got three loads of laundry to do, so depending on how long that takes, will be how many posts I write.  I spent hours yesterday getting all the pictures edited.

That's the b*tch part.

What I've noticed on Instagram is that I am getting very few likes on my eye looks and face looks.  I get that I'm no model but damn it sucks when no one likes your stuff.  I get that I pulled a fast one and switched from nails to makeup so I realize I have to take a bit of flack for that.  I'm still losing followers left and right.

I think what I've decided to do is to post my daily work looks on here and try to do better quality looks using my camera and ring light.  I don't have time in the morning in my rush to get to work to take pictures with my camera.  Plus, my two cats are naughty so I can't leave my ring light and camera set up on the tripod and expect it to stay standing.

Of course, I will still post those looks on here for you guys to see too.  Instagram will just get way fewer posts.  I don't know, it's a thought.  I'm still debating on YouTube as well.

What do you guys think out there?  With these work looks, I could almost post here daily.  What would get lost though is the story part.  It takes time to write a post and to post daily would be a lot more work.

As you can see, my mind is in flux.  I think a lot of people think about doing things differently at the end of a year.  Usually those thoughts start off great in January but by February, it's back to how it used to be.  Yes I am rambling.

So back when I first became a polish addict, I made it my mission to have polish from around the world.  I have my Puerto Rican Bettina, my Netherland KOH, my Brazilian HITS and today I pulled out my Canadian Joe Fresh.

This brand is Canada's grocery store brand.  I haven't worn them in forever. I don't even think I've worn this particular one ever.

Here is Joe Fresh Ink.


This has the prettiest shimmer to it.  I just love it.  I also realize I've worn quite a few blues lately and need to step away from that color for a minute!

Next up, is Liquid Sky Lacquer Swerve.  I had to have this as I love that song Swerve.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Whoops, speaking of too many blues-

How gorgeous is Swerve though? So amazing.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's a Massive Blog Sale!

It's that time again people! I weeded out a massive haul from my polish collection.  Once I see how this goes, I may add more.  The problem is, I had too much left over that no one wanted.  I may have to just throw the left overs out this time.

Another issue is, I don't have a printer nor a scale to determine shipping prices.  I know the rates have gone up. What I do know is that I will try to use this link-so you can check the rates like I do.  Now of course, this is for USA people.  I normally can get up to 6 polish in a small flat rate priority box. International, honestly I will need to package your polish up and take it to the post office get a price then have you pay me before I ship.  Here is a link I will try to use for International.  Unless you have another link.

I use PAYPAL only.  If you want an invoice, you pay all fees.  Once it has left my hands, I am not responsible for damages.  What I will say is I have successfully shipped to over 25 countries, even Italy and not once had something break or get lost.  I will also haggle. Use my MESSAGE ME tab under my profile picture.

Oh and first come first served.  I won't hold something if someone else wants it as well.  If the name has a line through it, it's gone.

Some of these will ONLY be sold as a set.  I will keep them before breaking up the set.

Shall we get started?

This is The Devil Wears Polish Inky, Hayride, Pumpkin Carving, Equinox and a group custom "No Freebies for A**holes" $8 each.  Swatched only.

Sinful Polish Star Blast Off, Out of This World, Ruby Ruby, Snow Me White, Color Tag swatched. $1 each.  Last one is a brand new Sinful Prosecco $5.

This is ONLY as a set.  Six NCLA Nudes I-VI.  Retail $75, swatched 2&3 only rest new. $60.

OPI Funny Bunny, Cement the Deal, Dark Side of the Mood, Embrace the Grey and Kyoto Pearl. The greys are new, the outside two swatched.  $4 each.

This is as a set ONLY. VERY RARE HTF set from 2011.  Almost brand new.  These are the complete set of ORIGINAL Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies.  Motley, Flecked, Flashy, Twisted, Asylum. I even bought sets and shipped them overseas when these came out to Jeannie at Swatchaholic!  $75.

This is China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald, Mahogany Magic, Street Chic, VII and Loft-y Ambitions. $2 each.

These are rare BLACK LABEL OPI.  Not sure there is an interest.  Don't Whine Yukon Do It, Romeo and Joliet, I'm Not Really A Waitress and Lincoln Park After Dark.  $2 each.

These are green label OPI. Danke Shiny Red, A Taupe the Space Needle, Swimsuit Nailed It, Espresso Your Style, APiers to be Tan, Die Another Day and Suzi Loves Cowboys.  $2 each.

This is Color Club Lumin Ice-cent, Perfect Molten, Smitten Blue Footed Booby Dance (new), Pretty & Polished Black Swan, Pure Ice Heartbreaker, Girly Bits Emerald City Lights $3 each.

The entire Zoya Naked Manicure set. Set ONLY.  Retails $96  here $75.

Barielle Boho Chic, Moda Bleu, Soho at Night, Berry Posh, Putt E On Me, Make it a Latte, Vintage Gown, Taupe Notch, Out Grey-geous.  $1 each.

Inglot Brown, CND Amethyst, Midnight Sapphire, LCN set of four minis.  Rita, Marilyn, Audrey, Liz $2 each.

Liquid Sky Lacquer Thinking of You, Sleigh  Me, Twilight Peacock, Twilight Plumage, Twilight Hummingbird NEW.  $7 each.

Orly Enchanted Forest, Wandering Vine, Naughty, Le Chateau.  $2 each.

Essence Prom Berry, Miss Universe, Red Ahead, Barry M Indigo, Cobalt Blue, Spring Green $2 each.

Dermelect Moon Kissed, Head Turner, Nails Inc Serpentine Rd, Kensington, Kabaret, Lush Lacquer Salt N Peppa, Beyond the Nail Salt and Pepper $2 each.

Seche Warmand Cozy, Collistar (FROM ITALY!!!) Petrolio Perla, Melanzana Glitter, LA Colors Amethyst, Painted Polish Sea Lavender, Honeysuckle. $2 each.

Zoya  Electra, Storm, Pretty & Polished Valentino, Nails Inc Snowflake, Colors by LLarowe Y U All Up In My Grill, Ciate Jewel.  $3 each.

Essie Spun in Luxe (new), Wrap Me Up (new), All Eyes on Nudes (new), Aruba Blue, Vested Interest.  $3 each.

Essie Very Structured, Shearling Darling, For the Twill of It (new), Antique Rose, Twin Sweater Set. $3 each.

 This is Chick Biker Chick, Rocker Chick, Hen House, Raven's Egg, Baby Cakes $2 each.

 This is Chick Hipster Chick, Honey Bunch, Gavie Green, Moss, Wild Rooster $2 each.

This is Cirque Fascination Street, Lonesome George $5 each, Literary Lacquers Phenomenal Woman $2, ILNP Fall Semester, Black Orchid, Homecoming $4 each.

This is Jaded Co Custom, Too Fancy Lacquer Teal Me A Sea-Cret, Keep Calm and Be Fancy, Glitter Gal Marine Blue, Red $4 each.

This is Jessica Brown Sugar, Seche Up Close and Personal, Jessica Crimson Tattoo, Seche Silly But Sensible Alessandra Hurly Burly (new) $2 each.

This is  Mischo Beauty Backstage Beauty, Front Row, Estee Lauder Blue Blood, Bete Noire, Black Plum $3 each.

 This is YSL Matte Black, Shiny Black $5, BB Shaded Ash, Smoke, Revlon Royal $2 each.

There you have it.  My huge freakin blog sale.  I really need you guys to take these off my hands so I can add more!  This is 40 pictures of polish!!!!

Remember contact me using the message me button under my profile picture.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Neutral Eye and a Merry Christmas!

I just realized as I write this post on 12/13, that it will be scheduled to go up live on 12/25 Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all of you out there! I hope your holiday is a good one.

Anywho, this day's look was one of simplicity, one of I was big time late and had like fifteen minutes to do my hair and face.  So yeah, no blush, no contour nothing fabulous but you know what? It didn't turn out all that bad.

So my brother reminded me of some Christmas music we used to listen to as kids.  Dad had a huge collection of records from the 60s.  We always listened to Elvis Blue Christmas but another one I hadn't thought of until I was reminded was the Lennon Sisters.  Just went on Amazon and did the sampler stuff and man did I go back in time.  Those songs just screamed Christmas.  It was played at our house growing up and then at Gramma's house for Christmas dinner, which is where we go every year still to this day.

The one song Christmas Island was the one I always liked the most on that album.  I haven't bought the CD yet, but it's in my cart just in case.

Yes I'm still one of those people who buy CDs.  I want to hold it in my hand, just like a book.  I just can't ever see myself with a Kindle or not buying a CD.

I remember back then that my brother and I used to search the house looking for our presents.  One year we found them and I knew I was getting the clock radio I wanted. (Sorry mom!) Then mom was on to us and started using a numbering system.  Like one year I'd be the numbers 90-100, the next year 1-10 etc.  Yes mom outsmarted us.

My brother and I also would practice going down the stairs, learning where the creaks were so we could sneak down in the middle of the night Christmas Eve and see all the presents there.  It was so cool as a kid seeing the presents under the tree.  My parents wouldn't let us get up before 0500 so we would lie there just watching the clock til it was time to open presents.

It's just not the same as an adult.  You're told that you're supposed to live through the kids blah blah blah.  I miss that rush on Christmas morning and all the presents and being in your pajamas. Sometimes being an adult is way over rated.

Now onto the eye.

This again is Makeup Geek shadows.  I used Desert Sands and Homecoming.

Here is the full face.

This is with Ofra liquid lipstick in Americano. Even without all the contour and blush and layers, it still was a respectable work look.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Boxing Day and a Merry Kwanzaa. Which ever you celebrate, I hope it's great!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Yellow Gold Eye

Forgot to tell you the other day I was running very late for work.  This  has been happening so often lately that I've had to change up my morning routine.  Back in the day, I used to be one of those people who was never late, always a few minutes early.  Nowadays, I can't get anywhere on time.

Are you like that too?

Anywho, this particular morning, I was rushing to go and it was densely foggy out that morning and my car's windows were literally fogged up without any sense of being able to see through them. I didn't care, I was late. I figured the car would warm up fast enough.

I got to the end of my street where it meets the main road out of my complex.  I barely even stopped as I didn't want to get stuck behind the car coming from my left. All I saw was headlights. I then proceeded to go about 32mph in a 25mph zone,

Can you guess what's coming?

Yup, it was the Man behind me.  Since I couldn't see out my windows, I had no idea.  He flashed his police lights and I immediately thought sh*t please don't pull me over please don't pull me over.  I set my cruise control at 25mph and just kept saying that same phrase over and over.

Thankfully, he let me go with just that flash of his lights telling me to slow down.  Phew.  That was a close one. Next time, I'll at least make sure I can see out my windows!

So for today's eye look, I used my newest Makeup Geek Foiled shadows and did a metallic bright look.

This is a mix of the duochrome Karma and Fortune Teller with some Untamed and Flame Thower on the edge.

Here is the full on look.

See how bright it is? I wore Ofra liquid lipstick in Miami Fever to go with the Fall colors.  I thought this came out really cool!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Desert Sands Eye

So my mom put an idea in my head that I can't stop thinking about.  She is of the notion that you should trade in your car every couple of years to then always have the latest but also get better trade in value for your older car instead of what I do which is drive the car into the ground and it dies.

As of January, my 2012 Honda Civic will officially be mine.  Yes I will proudly own my car.  But then mom's idea came along.  I looked up the Blue Book value of my car and it's roughly $9000USD right now.

I looked up the new 2016 Honda Civics and boy are they pretty.  Honda has totally changed the exterior as well as put a new engine in it.

So what's the problem you ask?

The problem is, I drive a stick shift.  I learned on a stick shift, I would like to die by the stick shift. However, it seems that Honda is phasing out the stick shift.  WTF?????? Tell me it ain't true!  Oh but it is.  It seems you can get the very base model-which is the one I normally get anyway, is the only one that comes as a stick shift now. Every other one is an automatic.

I googled and read an article about how only about 5% of all car sales in the USA are stick shifts yet they cost so much more to make and to maintain.  Seems the rest of you out there drive an automatic. So boring.  I like the feel of the changing gears and feeling like a race car driver every day I go somewhere.

Oh and the last sad thing? The color I am lemming something called a deep burgundy pearl doesn't come in the base model.  So I'm screwed all around.  What I need to do is go to my dealership and see what's what before I decide on anything.

Do I really want to have another car payment?

OK.  Now today's eye look was one of simplicity.  I was running late and really just wanted one or two colors.

Here is the close up.

This is Makeup Geek Desert Sands for the most part and a hint of Cocoa Bear.  I did a too thick line of liner, but it's all good.

Here is the full on face.

This is a little dark-but you can see the mustardy yellow eyes.  I am wearing Ofra Miami Fever.  I so love that color!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Enchanted Polish Pinecone, LSL Rock My World

I am now writing my fourth post in a row.  I'm trying to get ahead as I'm taking off time at Christmas and don't want there to be any lag time for you my peeps out there.

What I haven't told you before now is that on the day I am writing this, it's actually my dad's birthday. 12/12 is his day.  It's the first birthday that he's not here.  Then it'll be the first Christmas without him here and then unbelievably, it'll be an entire year since he passed.

That is the part I can't fathom.  That almost a year has gone by.  I am still not dealing well and still seeing a shrink.  The only thing I see right now is the last three days of his life.  I can't see anything else right now and I want to.  Hopefully with time, I'll be able to think about the other things.

I think about what I got from him.  I certainly got his blue eyes and his pale skin and his premature gray hair. I got his love of music.  He used to sing these stupid songs that you would swear he made up.  But in fact they were always real songs from his youth.  I have no idea how he remembered them all.

We all got his stupid humor such as "who's buried in Grant's tomb?" and "how many shots in a six shooter."

I just miss him.  Happy Birthday Dad.  I so wish you were here.

Well now that I've become a huge crying mess.  Let's look at some pretty polish eh?

First up is Liquid Sky Lacquer Rock My World.  A stunning light purple holo.  Oh and a warning-super nubs are a coming.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous is this color?????? Even on the nubs!

Next is a color just for me.  It looks like I dipped my fingers in chocolate.  This is Enchanted Polish Pinecone.


Yes I get that I didn't do the greatest clean up.  Those that know this, dark creams are the hardest to clean up well.  Some A-hole on Instagram made a nasty comment about this.  I blocked and deleted them.  I don't play that on my social media.

I am a place of happy and truth.  Not that nasty crap.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?