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Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Neutral Eye and a Merry Christmas!

I just realized as I write this post on 12/13, that it will be scheduled to go up live on 12/25 Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all of you out there! I hope your holiday is a good one.

Anywho, this day's look was one of simplicity, one of I was big time late and had like fifteen minutes to do my hair and face.  So yeah, no blush, no contour nothing fabulous but you know what? It didn't turn out all that bad.

So my brother reminded me of some Christmas music we used to listen to as kids.  Dad had a huge collection of records from the 60s.  We always listened to Elvis Blue Christmas but another one I hadn't thought of until I was reminded was the Lennon Sisters.  Just went on Amazon and did the sampler stuff and man did I go back in time.  Those songs just screamed Christmas.  It was played at our house growing up and then at Gramma's house for Christmas dinner, which is where we go every year still to this day.

The one song Christmas Island was the one I always liked the most on that album.  I haven't bought the CD yet, but it's in my cart just in case.

Yes I'm still one of those people who buy CDs.  I want to hold it in my hand, just like a book.  I just can't ever see myself with a Kindle or not buying a CD.

I remember back then that my brother and I used to search the house looking for our presents.  One year we found them and I knew I was getting the clock radio I wanted. (Sorry mom!) Then mom was on to us and started using a numbering system.  Like one year I'd be the numbers 90-100, the next year 1-10 etc.  Yes mom outsmarted us.

My brother and I also would practice going down the stairs, learning where the creaks were so we could sneak down in the middle of the night Christmas Eve and see all the presents there.  It was so cool as a kid seeing the presents under the tree.  My parents wouldn't let us get up before 0500 so we would lie there just watching the clock til it was time to open presents.

It's just not the same as an adult.  You're told that you're supposed to live through the kids blah blah blah.  I miss that rush on Christmas morning and all the presents and being in your pajamas. Sometimes being an adult is way over rated.

Now onto the eye.

This again is Makeup Geek shadows.  I used Desert Sands and Homecoming.

Here is the full face.

This is with Ofra liquid lipstick in Americano. Even without all the contour and blush and layers, it still was a respectable work look.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Boxing Day and a Merry Kwanzaa. Which ever you celebrate, I hope it's great!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?