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Monday, December 14, 2015

Liquid Sky Lacquer Raspberry Dawn, Colors by Llarowe Army of One

Yeah I thought you could use a break from my face at least for one post! These polish were before the supernubs happened.

I've been good this weekend and washed all of my makeup brushes.  It actually doesn't take me that long, it's just a damn pain in the a**.  All I do is wear my kitchen gloves use Ivory soap and a bit of my hair conditioner and then set them out to dry over night.  It works for me.  I know there are special brush cleansers and special cleaning pads that companies sell, but for me right now, my method works.

I have officially figured out what was causing my red eyes and the tearing. I'm allergic to the House of Lashes lash glue.  Which sucks as I really like it.  I have switched to the Duolash glue and ever since then-POOF, no more problems.  I've no idea why that particular brand causes me issues, but I am very glad to have figured it out.

I just realized I have enough content ready to be able to post 8 posts! Which is a good thing, but for the fact that I have to come up with enough witty content to go with said posts.  This method of taking a picture at work with my face of the day is really helping me have stuff to show you.  I hope that you aren't tired of my face! HAHAH!

Today I thought I'd show you two fabulous holos.  The first being a pink for those of you out there who love your pink.  This is for you!


Ugh, isn't this just stunning? I broke my holo rule for this as there was no sun out that day but I just wanted to wear a holo! This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Raspberry Dawn.

The next one is a khaki olive green holo.  It's Colors by Llarowe Army of One.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I don't think I've ever shown you this one before! I bought it off someone who was selling it and it was totally worth it!

Stay tuned for more of my eye looks!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?