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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Desert Sands Eye

So my mom put an idea in my head that I can't stop thinking about.  She is of the notion that you should trade in your car every couple of years to then always have the latest but also get better trade in value for your older car instead of what I do which is drive the car into the ground and it dies.

As of January, my 2012 Honda Civic will officially be mine.  Yes I will proudly own my car.  But then mom's idea came along.  I looked up the Blue Book value of my car and it's roughly $9000USD right now.

I looked up the new 2016 Honda Civics and boy are they pretty.  Honda has totally changed the exterior as well as put a new engine in it.

So what's the problem you ask?

The problem is, I drive a stick shift.  I learned on a stick shift, I would like to die by the stick shift. However, it seems that Honda is phasing out the stick shift.  WTF?????? Tell me it ain't true!  Oh but it is.  It seems you can get the very base model-which is the one I normally get anyway, is the only one that comes as a stick shift now. Every other one is an automatic.

I googled and read an article about how only about 5% of all car sales in the USA are stick shifts yet they cost so much more to make and to maintain.  Seems the rest of you out there drive an automatic. So boring.  I like the feel of the changing gears and feeling like a race car driver every day I go somewhere.

Oh and the last sad thing? The color I am lemming something called a deep burgundy pearl doesn't come in the base model.  So I'm screwed all around.  What I need to do is go to my dealership and see what's what before I decide on anything.

Do I really want to have another car payment?

OK.  Now today's eye look was one of simplicity.  I was running late and really just wanted one or two colors.

Here is the close up.

This is Makeup Geek Desert Sands for the most part and a hint of Cocoa Bear.  I did a too thick line of liner, but it's all good.

Here is the full on face.

This is a little dark-but you can see the mustardy yellow eyes.  I am wearing Ofra Miami Fever.  I so love that color!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?