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Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's a Massive Blog Sale!

It's that time again people! I weeded out a massive haul from my polish collection.  Once I see how this goes, I may add more.  The problem is, I had too much left over that no one wanted.  I may have to just throw the left overs out this time.

Another issue is, I don't have a printer nor a scale to determine shipping prices.  I know the rates have gone up. What I do know is that I will try to use this link-so you can check the rates like I do.  Now of course, this is for USA people.  I normally can get up to 6 polish in a small flat rate priority box. International, honestly I will need to package your polish up and take it to the post office get a price then have you pay me before I ship.  Here is a link I will try to use for International.  Unless you have another link.

I use PAYPAL only.  If you want an invoice, you pay all fees.  Once it has left my hands, I am not responsible for damages.  What I will say is I have successfully shipped to over 25 countries, even Italy and not once had something break or get lost.  I will also haggle. Use my MESSAGE ME tab under my profile picture.

Oh and first come first served.  I won't hold something if someone else wants it as well.  If the name has a line through it, it's gone.

Some of these will ONLY be sold as a set.  I will keep them before breaking up the set.

Shall we get started?

This is The Devil Wears Polish Inky, Hayride, Pumpkin Carving, Equinox and a group custom "No Freebies for A**holes" $8 each.  Swatched only.

Sinful Polish Star Blast Off, Out of This World, Ruby Ruby, Snow Me White, Color Tag swatched. $1 each.  Last one is a brand new Sinful Prosecco $5.

This is ONLY as a set.  Six NCLA Nudes I-VI.  Retail $75, swatched 2&3 only rest new. $60.

OPI Funny Bunny, Cement the Deal, Dark Side of the Mood, Embrace the Grey and Kyoto Pearl. The greys are new, the outside two swatched.  $4 each.

This is as a set ONLY. VERY RARE HTF set from 2011.  Almost brand new.  These are the complete set of ORIGINAL Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies.  Motley, Flecked, Flashy, Twisted, Asylum. I even bought sets and shipped them overseas when these came out to Jeannie at Swatchaholic!  $75.

This is China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald, Mahogany Magic, Street Chic, VII and Loft-y Ambitions. $2 each.

These are rare BLACK LABEL OPI.  Not sure there is an interest.  Don't Whine Yukon Do It, Romeo and Joliet, I'm Not Really A Waitress and Lincoln Park After Dark.  $2 each.

These are green label OPI. Danke Shiny Red, A Taupe the Space Needle, Swimsuit Nailed It, Espresso Your Style, APiers to be Tan, Die Another Day and Suzi Loves Cowboys.  $2 each.

This is Color Club Lumin Ice-cent, Perfect Molten, Smitten Blue Footed Booby Dance (new), Pretty & Polished Black Swan, Pure Ice Heartbreaker, Girly Bits Emerald City Lights $3 each.

The entire Zoya Naked Manicure set. Set ONLY.  Retails $96  here $75.

Barielle Boho Chic, Moda Bleu, Soho at Night, Berry Posh, Putt E On Me, Make it a Latte, Vintage Gown, Taupe Notch, Out Grey-geous.  $1 each.

Inglot Brown, CND Amethyst, Midnight Sapphire, LCN set of four minis.  Rita, Marilyn, Audrey, Liz $2 each.

Liquid Sky Lacquer Thinking of You, Sleigh  Me, Twilight Peacock, Twilight Plumage, Twilight Hummingbird NEW.  $7 each.

Orly Enchanted Forest, Wandering Vine, Naughty, Le Chateau.  $2 each.

Essence Prom Berry, Miss Universe, Red Ahead, Barry M Indigo, Cobalt Blue, Spring Green $2 each.

Dermelect Moon Kissed, Head Turner, Nails Inc Serpentine Rd, Kensington, Kabaret, Lush Lacquer Salt N Peppa, Beyond the Nail Salt and Pepper $2 each.

Seche Warmand Cozy, Collistar (FROM ITALY!!!) Petrolio Perla, Melanzana Glitter, LA Colors Amethyst, Painted Polish Sea Lavender, Honeysuckle. $2 each.

Zoya  Electra, Storm, Pretty & Polished Valentino, Nails Inc Snowflake, Colors by LLarowe Y U All Up In My Grill, Ciate Jewel.  $3 each.

Essie Spun in Luxe (new), Wrap Me Up (new), All Eyes on Nudes (new), Aruba Blue, Vested Interest.  $3 each.

Essie Very Structured, Shearling Darling, For the Twill of It (new), Antique Rose, Twin Sweater Set. $3 each.

 This is Chick Biker Chick, Rocker Chick, Hen House, Raven's Egg, Baby Cakes $2 each.

 This is Chick Hipster Chick, Honey Bunch, Gavie Green, Moss, Wild Rooster $2 each.

This is Cirque Fascination Street, Lonesome George $5 each, Literary Lacquers Phenomenal Woman $2, ILNP Fall Semester, Black Orchid, Homecoming $4 each.

This is Jaded Co Custom, Too Fancy Lacquer Teal Me A Sea-Cret, Keep Calm and Be Fancy, Glitter Gal Marine Blue, Red $4 each.

This is Jessica Brown Sugar, Seche Up Close and Personal, Jessica Crimson Tattoo, Seche Silly But Sensible Alessandra Hurly Burly (new) $2 each.

This is  Mischo Beauty Backstage Beauty, Front Row, Estee Lauder Blue Blood, Bete Noire, Black Plum $3 each.

 This is YSL Matte Black, Shiny Black $5, BB Shaded Ash, Smoke, Revlon Royal $2 each.

There you have it.  My huge freakin blog sale.  I really need you guys to take these off my hands so I can add more!  This is 40 pictures of polish!!!!

Remember contact me using the message me button under my profile picture.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?