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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Enchanted Polish Blackberry Jam, Literary Lacquers Lake of Shining Waters

Oh yeah people.  Today we have an oldie but a damn goodie.  It almost went into the blog sale pool, but then I thought nope.  Not this precious beauty.  It's on the thin side, needs a few layers for full opacity, but when you see it, you will know why I am holding on to it for now.

They are doing a free HBO and Cinemax weekend on my TV.  Mom and I always TiVo tons of movies for future viewing when these happen.  It's just so funny how different we are in our pickings.

Mine this time was Fifty Shades of Grey-just so I can say I've seen it, the uncut original Poltergeist and Altered States.  If you haven't seen Altered States people you are missing out! William Hurt, 1980 and sensory deprivation and hallucinatory drugs.  Oh yeah, I've been waiting years to see this one come on again.

I cannot wait!

Oh mom's picks? Taken 3 (I'm sorry but Liam was too old in part one that I just can't), Bird Man, American Sniper, Lucy and the Stephen Hawking one.  Can't remember the title right now.  She likes her action.  You all should know by now I love my horror.

So seeing Altered States come on, reminded me of another movie I saw once and longed to see again. I couldn't remember the title and I googled it and found it.  It's simply called Cube.  Oh and it's a classic.  I had no idea there was a part two and three! Yeah it's in my Amazon cart for next time I place an order.

I don't really remember the movie too much-for all I know I might think it sucks today, but I doubt that.  It's a random bunch of people stuck in a cube where the walls are all made of smaller cubes leading to the next room.  However each room has a trap and people die and the last person standing gets out.

Too bad that ain't playing this weekend as I'm dying to see that now!  Anyone out there who's seen part two and three? Are they good or just weak sequels living off the success of part one?


Right now I'm reading a new Lisa Gardner book called Crash and Burn.  This woman has this memory issue from too many concussions and isn't sure if her husband is a good guy or a bad guy causing the concussions. She also believes she has a daughter but her husband tells her the kid doesn't exist.

So far it's a very cool premise and a good story.   I hope it ends well as some books start off really cool and then the author realizes it's been about 350 pages and just ends the story.

I hate that.

All right, let's do this.

First up is EP Blackberry Jam. This is a gorgeous deep dark vampy purple cream.


Ugh this is so beautiful!!!!!

Next up is Literary Lacquer Lake of Shining Waters.  This was from when this brand first started.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
OMGOMGOMG! This is almost color accurate, perhaps a bit more green IRL.  But yeah it's a stunning teal green holo.  I had forgotten just how gorgeous this is.

Oh and for those that celebrate like my family does on 12/5-Happy St Nicholas Day!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?