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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Duochrome Eye Look

Woke up this morning to find that at 0400, I had over 700 hits to my blog.  I've no idea why or what caused it.  I so wish I could find out!

So I told you that I have been having eye issues with them being beet red and I'm trying out different lash glue. I'll get back to you on that.  The other issue I am having is driving me even more nuts.  I'll have my eye makeup all done and I'm trying to get out the door for my hour drive to work and I'm always running late when it happens.

My right eye tears up but instead of the moisture running down my face, it tracks up the crease of my lid essentially washing away all the damn shadow I put on my lid.  So now half of my lid has shadow half is back to bare skin.  It's driving me absolutely bonkers.  I cannot figure out what to do to stop it

Yes I use a MAC eyeshadow base and set that with powder.  I do all the right steps.  I'm not sure if this is related to the lash glue or not.  I'm still testing out that theory.  I have tried all different eye makeup removers thinking that had something to do with the redness etc.  But this weird tear track thing hasn't stopped.

One day I took my whole palette of shadow to work just so I could fix this.  I am not going to start doing that every day.  Bring 27 shadows to use one.  Yes I'm looking into a smaller palette for carrying purposes.  But that doesn't fix the underlying issue.

I do have dry eyes and I do the non preservative drops a few times a day.  I wouldn't say they are sensitive eyes.

Anyone have any ideas out there as to what could be going on here?

My other life issue at the moment is having two senior kitties who are both constipated.  I've told you before they are both on special bladder food which makes them pee more and therefore have a harder time pooping. Well they both have been having issues the last few days.

I put out one of my measuring cups full of water.  For some reason, they drink more water out of this thing instead of their normal water dish.  I've also been playing with them a lot more.  Getting them to jump and run and play with the toy that is a long stick with a cord and a feather on the end.  They go nuts over this thing.

I'm a bad mom as I should play with them more.  It's funny to see them acting like kittens again when they're both 13.  Since I started doing these things, both of them have pooped and you can see how much better they feel.

Yes I know about the pumpkin trick and the oil trick and other things.  The problem is my cats are spoiled rotten and only want what they want.  I can't make them try anything else!

Today's look was spectacular when I had finished, then the eye tearing thing happened and it was south from there.  I used a very cool duochrome shadow from makeup geek that is a green shimmer with a red pink flash to it.  Just like a duochrome nail polish.

I also used a foiled metallic yellow green in my waterline.  I wish you could catch the flash of the shadow better!

Here is my face.

You can maybe see it some here with my eyes closed.  I'm wearing Ofra Americano liquid lipstick.

Let me know if you have any eye makeup ideas for me! I'd appreciate it!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?