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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anonymous Lacquer Moonwalking/LSL White Christmas

I'm continuing on with showing you this new indie brand, Anonymous Lacquer.  Today's mani is also the white holo challenge for my Facebook group.

Now we all know there is no true white holo.  I so wish there were, but alas, we have to play with greyish whites.  I thought about taking a regular white polish and adding a holo topcoat, but then changed my mind.

It's my third day off in my three day weekend and I'm wishing I had more days off! HAHA!  My big vacation is always in September, where I take 12 days off.  Have to get through summer first.

Already have a funny online dating story for you. As my favorite saying goes, "you can't fix stupid."  One of my patients last week actually had a t-shirt on that said that.  I so wanted to ask him if I could have it!

I used the photos I showed you last post with the caveat that it "took a team of professionals to get me to look like this."  Most guys get the humor, but not one guy. He wrote me saying, 'but don't you still look like that?'  I guess he missed out on the humor. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

Onto the mani.  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer White Christmas, Anonymous Lacquer Moonwalking, Glitter Gal Light as a Feather and Colors by Llarowe Black Gold.

I started with skittles.  The middle finger is GG, while the rest are LSL.  They are dupes people!



Indoor Sun
This Moonwalking is a chrome holo.  Thicker than a normal holo, not quite a frost, but you do have to pay attention for brush strokes.  It's seriously blingy for sure!

Next I did some dots and some fancy pictures.

Indoor Sun



Indoor Sun
And just for fun.......

This is Sam, my 26lb big boy.  He hasn't thrown up in two days.  Hopefully, he's over it. I love him!

Please check out Anonymous Lacquer's facebook page for updates on when her shop will be open.  I'm told she will be doing up some dark and vampy as I've requested! Woohoo!

Stay tuned for one more post on this brand!  It's the best one yet!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anonymous Lacquer Debut!

People-have I got exciting news for you!  I was asked to swatch a brand new indie polish called Anonymous Lacquer.  She will have a place on Store Envy very soon! Since I am a self proclaimed holo freak, of course I was happy to play with new holos!

First up though, remember the photoshoot I told you about?  I have the finished photos. I wanted to share them with you.

Am certainly NOT going to show you the before, nor will I be boring you with all the photos.  Just know that these are my faves.

I am using them for my profile pics on the online dating sites.  Yes I am back at that again.  Sad but true.  Oh and these pictures were taken by Crystal Reyns Photography. She does amazing stuff.

My mom hates the pics in the white shirt and this one with my bare feet showing. Remember I showed you my toes for that?  Well here they are.  Picture Polish Kryptonite!

Oh well, it was a fun experience.  I'm glad I got to do it once.  My great aunt once told me when I was a little girl that I'd be a model someday.  I guess she was right!  Just took longer than was thought! HAHA!

Now back to the amazeballs that is Anonymous Lacquer.  Oh and BTW, they aren't all holos.  There will be glitters and flakies too.  I have a flakie to play with as well.  I chose not to do the glitters as you all know I'm not a fan.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

Now this is a mini bottle-not sure what the full size will look like yet.  This is Anonymous Lacquer Purple Rain-bows and Colors by Llarowe Woman From Tokyo.

I love that the ones I got are all based on 80s music.  As I'm still stuck there, I love the concept.

I started with Rain-bows and an accent of Tokyo.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
I still can't get over the amazing pictures my camera takes.  I still have so much to learn though! Now this Purple Rain-bows is a lighter purple holo.  As you can see, just as strong a linear as CbL is.  Note these are true purples.  I can't tell if I see this accurately or not.  Cameras tend to show purples as blues.

Next I didn't want to cover this up much, so I simply added a couple of dots to my pointer, and my infamous Funky French that I haven't pulled out in awhile.



Indoor Sun
And just for fun, and it turned out to be an amazingly beautiful picture..........

Even though this is in the shade, I think this is a gorgeous picture and I'm damn proud of myself for taking it. This was in my garden with my lily of the valley ones.

Overall, I am in love with Anonymous Lacquer's Purple Rain-bows.  I think it's a stunning purple holo and I look forward to showing you many more.

Please stay tuned to her Facebook and Store Envy links I provided you above for when these will be available to buy!

I hope my mug didn't break your computer!  HAHA.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

EP Dime Piece, CbL House of Blues

It's been a bad week for my babies.  It's shedding season and both are puking all over the house.  My one cat Checkers normally pukes, it's her thing.  But Sam never does and he's been bad the past few days.  He's showing symptoms that Checkers had when I took her to the emergency vet that turned out to be constipation.

I've been brushing both of them twice a day.  Checkers also has arthritis problems in her hip and last night she was in a lot of pain and had trouble walking.  She's fine this morning, but last night with the both of them sick, I was not happy.  You see they are both going on 12 years old.  It just reminded me that they are getting up there in age. Sam did manage to poop some, and hasn't thrown up since yesterday so hopefully he's ok for now.

What I ended up having to do this morning was vacuum up all the flying fur as well as scrub the rug stains again that didn't come all out the first time.  Always a pleasant chore.

Oh and at work this past week?  At least six of my patients died.  Not good there either. I'm happy to have this three day weekend to just veg and I have a pile of magazines to get caught up on.  I'm way behind in my 'zine reading.  Too much Facebook and Instagramming.

Anywho, let's do this shall we?  Here is your silly bottle shot.

As my title suggested, here is Colors by Llarowe House of Blues and Enchanted Polish Dime Piece.

I started with skittles.


Indoor Sun
YOWZA! Pass the sunglasses people!  I am in love with this combo!

Next I just dotted and taped.  Here are the results.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
I am so impressed with CbL!  I think I should have been collecting them for a much longer time!  Trust that I have been making up for lost time!  Also there is a presale today (monday) for the new summer colors.

I believe seven are calling my name!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Black Gold and XTC

This week's challenge for my Facebook group was pink holos. Not my favorite color at all, but I made up the challenges, so it's all my fault!

More work stuff coming at you-I hope you aren't tired of this topic as it's all I have right now.

I had my yearly evaluation yesterday.  You know the one where they give you a raise and tell you what you're doing right and/or wrong?  Yeah that one.  My new boss thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread. She thinks I am fabulous, and of course, she's right! HAHA.

It's just nice to finally have validation for all the work I do.  That's the good part.  Now the not so good part. I've told you how my coworkers who have the same job title but don't do what I do story.  My boss wants me to write down all that I do, so that she can rework the job title position definition.  She will then tell the others that they are to do what I do, or find another job.  Now mind you, these are my coworkers I share an office with.  Two of the three have been there longer than I have.  Now I'm coming in there messing up the works! My boss wants me to then train them how to do their job like I do mine.

And this is supposed to be a good thing?  I can see how it's a good thing from an administration stand point, but not from the people I work with's stand point.  They will hate me, resent me and it will most likely be an uncomfortable situation.  I mean I'm very proud of the work I'm doing and it's really nice that I've recreated the job duties to what I feel are what should be done.  The person in my position before me?  Did very little, and the MDs have told me they love how I have taken over and turned the job around to something that is very helpful for them and my patients.

I really do hate that they have gone years doing very little work while I bust my ass. Maybe this is a good thing that will just take time for them to get used to the idea and maybe not hate me so much.

On to happier things!  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer XTC and Colors by Llarowe Black Gold.

I started with mostly XTC and an accent of Black.


Indoor Sun
I must admit, this XTC has some serious bling to it!

Next I taped and dotted. Here are the results.

Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
Man that Black Gold is awesome!  Which pose do you like?

What do you think about my work sitch?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Me Jane-Homemade Lotion

I hinted a post or so ago, that I was going to attempt to make homemade lotion.  This post is the foray into that adventure.

I started by ordering raw, unrefined organic shea butter from Africa.  Damn Fingers-where am I supposed to get that?  Why Amazon.com that's where!

This is the label on the bag it came in.

Here it is, a pound of raw shea butter.

It gives you a link for recipes-I didn't really follow any of them, just the method of how to do it.

First I got a bunch of my used containers all washed up.

These are old lip balm tins and sample containers, all washed up.

The instructions call for a double boiler-here is my rigged version.

I got out my oils, which I had because I've been making my own cuticle oil as well.

This Wellspring company is awesome!

Here's some melting.

After the butter is melted, I then added the jojoba, Vitamin E, a bit of Apricot and Avocado oils.  About 2 parts butter to one part oils.  Then you put it in the fridge til it starts to solidify.

Here it is fresh from the fridge-then you beat it for at least 5 minutes.

Don't lick these beaters!  Although my brain kept trying to tell me it was frosting!  Then I added a few drops of sandalwood oil.

Here are the containers filled with the lotion.

Last but not least, the mess left over.

This was a pain to clean since it's oil and it didn't want to come off!

Was it worth it?  Oh yeah people.  It's a nice lotion-you need very little and so far I'm in love with my creation.  Now I just wish I had written down what I put in it!

Have you ever made your own lotion?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CbL Burnt Sugar/Young Grasshoppa

Today is a mani that is all me.  I needed to do one with colors I love. Plus I did a bunch of really cool background pics for you to tell me which ones you like again.

I left you last post, hinting about the new work issue.  It seems that every day there is a new bad thing.  It's kind of getting old.

This new topic?  The dress code.  Yes people, none of us are in compliance with the dress code.  We are to be naked from the elbows down.  Yet the dress code states that this is a RECOMMENDATION from Epidemiology, not mandatory.  You've all seen my bracelets-I am not giving them up without a fight. Plus, I don't do the patient care they are talking about.  If I were, it would be different.

There is also no way I'm taking off my Pandora bracelet.  Nope, not happening my friends.  Plus, my BFF just got me a new blue bead with hearts on it for my birthday.  I just got it and put it on the other day.  She rocks!

Why the issue with the dress code now?  Apparently, one of the workers in the chemo room wears a wrist brace for medical reasons.  This is NOT acceptable according to people who have NEVER worked on a patient before.  Don't you just love how the bureaucracy makes up policies and they've never even done the work they are making the rules for??  It's a load of crap that's for sure.  So that person has been banned from giving chemo now due to MEDICAL issues and having to wear a brace-and this brace is washable mind you.  It's so stupid.

So now there is one less nurse able to hang chemo and this nurse has now made it her mission to get the rest of us in trouble for wearing watches, bracelets etc.  How can you be a nurse and not wear a watch?  It's unthinkable.  All I know is I'm not changing a damn thing until someone comes to me and says that is unacceptable.  It's just like when I got in trouble for having pink in my hair.  Until someone said to me-you can't do that, you bet I'm going to do that.

Until then, the bracelets stay on people!

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Colors by Llarowe Young Grasshoppa, Liquid Sky Lacquer Head to the Bahamas and CbL Burnt Sugar.

I started with skittles.

Indoor Sun

Holy crap, look at all that bling!  I am in love with this color combo!!!!

Next I did tape and dots and a bunch of backgrounds. You tell me which ones you like.

Indoor Sun



Indoor Sun

It's insane how holo-y these polish are.  I am in love with this one for sure.  I could not stop staring at them.

Which picture do you like?  I had more, but decided not to overwhelm you!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?