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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Walk on the Wild Side, Jade Oasis

You guys know how I just love to try different polish color combinations.  Most of the time, they come out great. Today's though, I'm not so sure.

This will be the last post for about a week as it's my birthday in two days and my mom is staying with me for the week.  I'll be taking a short break to do stuff with my mom and go car shopping on my birthday.

I've still got my eye on a 2016 Honda Civic stick in the deep burgundy color.  It's the only color they have right now that even remotely interests me. My only choice is the base model as it's the only one that comes in a stick.  So f*cking sad that the world has lost the love of the stick.

OOH that sounded kind of dirty.............

Although after I spent four hours this past weekend on my hands and knees weeding my long driveway, my legs hurt like hell and driving a stick to work was very unpleasant.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  It's just more fun to drive a stick.  Shifting gears like a race car driver.

My dad always used to say that I should have either been a race car driver or a truck driver.  Almost got busted by the Man the other day driving home.  I was doing 80mph in a 60mph area and he was out there with the stun gun trapping speeders.  I honestly thought as I blew by him that I was busted, but he didn't get in his car at all.  I wonder if he was out there just seeing how badly everyone speeds through that part of the highway.

All I know is I didn't get a ticket that day.

Oh and if I don't buy a car next week, I'm over due for my annual car inspection.  Remember, I'm always at least a month late doing that as it's just stupid and I hate doing it.

I just went on TrueCar.com.  They have the prices you should be paying for new cars.  The model I want, I should be able to get for about $18,340.  My trade in 2012 sells for between $11,000 and $15,000.  So I figure if they give me about $10,000 for the trade in, I can finance the last $8000 or so and the payments shouldn't be too bad.

Cross your fingers people.  I've always been the best haggler in the world.  One time, mom and I were in the dealership for three hours as I kept walking out when they wouldn't give me the price I wanted. They kept calling me back with a better and better price.

Yeah it sucked being there three hours, but so worth that low price!

I'll let you tell me if this color combo works or not!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This Jade is from Brazil and is not three free or five free.  Let me also tell you it stinks to high hell with its chemical make up.  I could hardly stand it! Although it does make for an awesome holo, it just ain't worth the smell!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013, December 2013

Got home from an incredibly busy and stressful day at work and just wanted to lie down and read a book.  That was not to happen as I started to notice my baby Checkers acting funny.  She tried to pee and was crying while doing so.  Not her normal amount came out.  

Then she was whining and acting very different.  She wouldn't purr when I petted her, she was just blah you know? Then she ran down the hall and puked up a bunch of stuff.  She then kept going to the litter box trying to pee and nothing was coming out. Something was obviously wrong and she kept crying and crying.

Those of you who have paid attention, will know that my big boy Sam actually had a bladder blockage a few years back and had to stay in the hospital.  It is a cat emergency.  Also you will remember that a couple years ago, Checkers had a bladder stone and it was right around my fishing trip time of year and I was contemplating not going due to this.

I immediately called the vet as I thought she had a bladder blockage.  She has also been pooping differently lately, but I know it's the start of hairball season.  The vet told me to bring her right in. Ah the joy of Checkers in the car.  


She wails the whole time, and she drools and drools.  I'm always terrified she will have a heart attack on the way.  The way to the vet is through the woods on back country lanes.  I only know the one way. Get this, I get part way there and the damn road is blocked, shut down for bridge repair. I call the vet back asking how to get there, Checkers wailing the whole time.  

It stems from when I first got her and she was so sick with a lung infection that I had to bring her to the vet several times a week and they felt she wouldn't make it at that time.  I boiled water for steam and I fed her with a syringe.  She wasn't going to die on me! 

That was when she was seven weeks old and weighed two pounds and fit in my hand. Now she's thirteen and weighs thirteen pounds.  But still my baby.  

Turns out, she has a bladder infection and constipation.  They gave her IV fluid, antibiotics, steroids and stool softener.  $140.  She's worth it.  

She was mad at me when we got home, but after a couple of hours, she reclaimed her place on my head on my pillow to go to sleep.  She feels better this morning, although I have not seen her pee yet.

Those of you with pets, get to know their pee and poop patterns, size, shape, amounts.  It's important stuff to know.

All right.  Today's mani are my kind of colors.  EP Holiday 2013 and December 2013.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Ugh, I just love these colors! Oh and there are two more posts before the nubs reappear.  I seriously broke them frantically getting Checkers to the vet.  They'll grow back.

I did my funky next.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This Holiday 2013 is a deep raisin holo and one of my all time favorites.  It's just gorgeous.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising, Chaos and Crocodiles Black Ops

I was in a green mood today.  I also wanted to wear a polish I haven't worn in forever as it stains like a mother. I decided I didn't care-I wanted this green.  I did two layers of base coat and it didn't stain nearly as bad.

I have work news that you all will love.  I know I said I wasn't going to talk work anymore, but you'll understand why in a minute.  Yes I got in trouble again-had the boss call me out again.  It's getting to the point where I'm just not happy working there anymore.  My new boss is truly awful.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to share.  There are two listings for positions similar to what I do. Apparently there was a submission put in late last week from someone very familiar with the job and its duties.

Can you guess who?

Yup, Stupid has reappeared.

Now personally, that takes balls to reapply for a job that you left because you didn't want to get off your a** and do a clinic.  I doubt I could do it, but Stupid has.  Now of course, my boss would be incredibly stupid to rehire her, but what kills me more? The other girl who she worked with was gushing about this.  Oh she is such a hard worker and that would be so great if she got the position.


She obviously has hit her head on something very hard.  She has forgotten all the aggravation she used to cause her, the fact that she couldn't make a decision on her own, the list goes on.  I haven't said anything to her yet as she doesn't know I know.

I was texted this information.

I am going to try to somehow bring up the conversation and remind her of how bad Stupid was at the job and to not let them rehire her.  But really, it doesn't affect me one iota job wise.  I just can't fathom listening to her nails on a chalkboard voice and her plain old stupidness.

On the off chance they do rehire her, I will of course have Stupid stories to share.  I hope however with my entire being that she just goes away.

Now here is one of the best green holos ever.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh yeah-this is a true grass green holo and it's amazing!!! I simply did my funky next.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
You bet I stared at this the whole time I wore it! And I still can't believe my nails haven't broken yet!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight and Roses, Wyld Pixie

So I was supposed to write four posts today but my computer had other things on its mind.  I literally just spent the last THREE hours trying to get my computer fixed.  I am now out of time to write said four posts.  Never mind the fact that I am now beyond pissed off at my computer.

I thought I had it all fixed.  I've no idea what happened.  All I know is it wasn't doing anything.  At all.  Nothing.  I tried turning it off and on, updating things, kicking it, nothing.  Finally, it decided it had enough of messing with me and started working.

I tell you this so when some days go by this week with no post, you will know why.  Also the week after, my mom will be here for the week so I doubt there will be anything posted that week.

Good news is, I finally ordered my new mattress set.  I went with the more expensive memory foam one.  I just loved that one more.  It took me four months to decide.  Yup.  I started looking back in December.  I really only went to one store, but I would periodically go in and lie on them to help me decide.

It will be delivered the week mom is here.  So I cannot wait! I decided that I was going to buy what I wanted for two reasons.  One, this is only the second new mattress set I've ever bought my whole life. The last one being with my ex-husband.

So this is the first one I bought just for me.  The other reason is, this may very well be the last mattress I ever buy the rest of my life.  My mattress now is eighteen years old.  Add that to my age now and I will be 66.  Not really the age to buy a new mattress.  So yeah, I figured go for the nicer one as it needs to last me to death.

Morbid maybe.  Practical definitely.

I remember back in the days when I first moved away from home.  Sleeping on the floor, or on a yard-sale mattress on the floor, hand me down sh*t.  Now in ten days I will have my very own mattress and I'm damn excited about it.

It's the perfect birthday present!

Now let's look at some pretty pink holos.  Yup, another damn pink.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Moonlight and Roses with Wyld Pixie accent nail.  You're welcome.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Enchanted Polish Stellar

Today's polish is a freakin stunner.  Sadly, my camera didn't capture this.  I was also very concerned that it would be a PITA to remove as it's a microglitter, but actually it came off very easy.

Yes a glitter I actually like.  Who knew?

First update-I am loving my skin on this new acne.org stuff.  My pores are clean and smaller, I haven't had one single zit in the past 2.5 weeks I've been using it.  The redness on my cheeks is gone. The downside still is my skin is a dry mess.  But that seems to be getting better.  It's not itchy and flaking like before. Just dry.

Oh and the cool thing is I've been using less foundation.  I'm betting I could even go without, but I don't. Instead of two pea size dots, I've been doing one.  At week four, you then add the glycolic acid to the nighttime part.  I did write the company again about the dry skin, but no reply thus far. That's kind of sh*tty.  Overall, I'm ecstatic.

Mom will be here in two weeks to visit and she will be the final authority on this.  I'm betting she will be as amazed as I am.

The other update-I've just suspended my makeup brush of the month club.  You get five brushes a month for $20.  I now have way more than I will ever use.  If any of you out there need some, let me know, I can most likely sell you some! Plus if you're looking for a ring light and stand for YouTube vids or Instagram pictures, hit me up as I'm going to sell that as well.

I may do a blog sale with the brushes and light.  So far I haven't felt like taking all the pictures etc to do that.

I'm looking at trying a perfume of the month club though.  I love perfume! It's called Scentbird, but I can't get the stupid site to work.  It keeps cycling me through the same quiz to get your perfume tastes. From what I gather, you pick out a bunch and they ship you one a month depending on the order you want them.

I'm actually one who loves to wear men's cologne. I love that woodsy spicy stuff.  I've emailed that company too.

Random thought-why don't more men wear cologne? I simply love a man that wears cologne. Anyone I pass in the hall at work that smells good, I always compliment them and ask what they are wearing so I can wear it for myself!

Does anyone out there do this perfume club thing? How is it?

Now for today's mani.  I was so in love with this polish I didn't do any art.  Plus it was hair dye day and I didn't feel like it! I will warn you though, my camera could not capture all the sparkles in this. Therefore, it is not a pretty picture.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This polish has so much holo microglitter in it that as you move your hands around, the different layers of sparkles just mesmerizes you.  There's a depth to the sparkle. It's just impossible to capture without video!

Damn my nails are long! I need to do some shaping.  You will see the filed squares post after next as I've already done the next post.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate For Unicorns and Electric Feel

I've been wearing way too much pink lately so I decided I needed to do a me mani.  I know most of you aren't on the brown bandwagon like I am, but this mani is cool I promise! Plus Enchanted Polish had just restocked the collection from a year or two ago of duochromes so I thought I'd pull one of those out.

I have not been able to do any work outside.  It's been cold and rainy.  Still no grass from my seeds, but freezing temperatures certainly ain't helping things.  My driveway is overrun with weeds as I haven't been able to spray them yet.

I spent yesterday cleaning the crap out of my thirty gallon fish tank.  I figure if one of my fish jumps out of the tank to its death, that something ain't right in there.  Last cleaning was early January. I did a 90% water change, I replaced the impeller and bio wheel.  Now they are swimming around so happy. I'm embarrassed to say it was filthy in there.

I plan to add some fish this week.

No change at work.  Same stupid crap.  I was going through old emails and found one from 2013 to someone who's father had just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  I was reading the advice I was giving her such as, it's his cancer so it's his decision about what to do and you have to be supportive no matter what he chooses etc.

It made me cry as I realized that two years after I wrote this, my father passed away and I didn't follow my own advice.  My response was to yell at him to try harder to get better.  I feel the guilt everyday for that.

I wrote this person back telling her this.  She in turn called me right away, first telling me that there is no handbook on what to do when you lose a parent.  To not feel guilty etc.  She also told me her father is still alive and that I had saved his life.  I didn't really, not in my mind anyway.  I didn't know her father was still alive and in my mind that kind of made things worse as my father didn't have cancer, but died anyway.

It was not a good day.

It's been fifteen months or so and I'm slowly coming to terms with things, but I'm still far from ok.

Enough of that.  Let's look at today's mani.  First up with no design.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now for me, the brown here is my favorite.  Electric Feel is a green leaning duochrome that flashes all sorts of amazing color in the sun.

Next I added some tape and came up with this design.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Not perfect, but pretty cool I think.  I've no idea why my nails are so long.  It's blowing my mind. You all know I normally sport nubs.  You should see my pinky on my other hand.  It's super long.  I'm using the Zoya Naked Base and oiling every morning while I drink my coffee. I just got two more of that Zoya as I've no idea if that's doing it, but I ain't changing what ain't broke!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chaos and Crocodiles Never Give Up On A Miracle, Enchanted Polish Winter and a Jigsaw

Remember when I told you that I had tried upgrading to Windows 10, hated it and went back to 7 and had a bunch of conflicts and broken programs? Well it got so bad that I was having to restart my laptop several times just to get itunes to work so I could sync my iphone.

I decided I was going to try to fix it.  It was either that or give this computer to my mom and buy a new one.  I went thru all the programs, especially the troubleshooting ones.  A couple of programs had been disabled, which I enabled, then there were drivers that needed updating.  I think literally 32 of them had been wrecked.

Then I was having a major conflict with disk defrag and the task scheduler.  It kept saying you can't use this as another program is using it.  So I did what anyone else would do, I googled my question. Can you believe that google found me a dude that had written a program to fix this issue as everyone who did what I did with Windows 10 got the same corrupted files.

It took me a minute to figure out what the guy was saying.  I know my way around a computer, but I'm no expert in these things.  You had to download his zip files into a new folder and then follow his steps.  It was the last task that got me stuck. Finally I figured it out.

There are still 11 corrupted files-but the guy's website said this would happen.  There was a long list of people thanking him for creating these programs.  If any of you out there have this issue let me know and I'll send you the link I used.

All I know is my laptop is working better than it has in quite a long time.  It wakes up like it's supposed to when you open it, that hasn't happened in eons.  The fan isn't making this godawful noise and it is just running so much faster and smoother.

Stupid Windows 10.

All right.  Today's mani features a jigsaw. I remember when I was a newbie and first saw this I was awestruck.  I thought it was the most intricate difficult design ever.  I never thought I'd be able to do one myself.  Then I saw a tutorial and realized how damn easy it is to do.  It's like a trick of the eye thing.  It's just intertwining dots that make it look like a jigsaw.

I love it.

Here is the mani before the design.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Chaos and Crocodiles makes the most stunningly strong holos! She just had another sale.  Hopefully you got yours! Winter is gorgeous as well.  Such a lovely blue grey.

Here is the jigsaw.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome is this?  Take a close look-you can see the jigsaw is just dots.  You tape off half the nail and polish that, then dot. I should have done the opposite here.  Should have done the darker color with the bigger dots.  That's just my preference. But damn was this cool to stare at for the days I wore it!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Painted Polish Peas in a Pod, Bettina Giacinto

Wow do I have nothing to talk about today.  The grass seed I planted has done nothing and it's day twelve.  I've texted my lawn boy about whether or not to scrap the project and just have my yard mowed, but he hasn't replied yet.

Stupid grass seed. That was a waste of time and money.

It's been overly sh*tty at work.  I'm really not going to go into detail about it.  Let's just say, I've been singled out by my boss to be harassed and picked on.  It's been exaggerated that I have a bad attitude and am being forced to attend the morning meeting which I have never ever gone to since I was hired in 2009.

It's never related to my job and not everyone else goes, but my new boss got me in so much trouble that I am now attending them.  I was also told I would not be getting a raise this year just like I didn't get one last year. Oh but not one patient has ever complained about me since the day I was hired seven years ago.  In fact, I have gotten several praising emails and cards over the years.

Apparently, that don't mean sh*t.

Oh but I can keep my job just as long as I want because-get this-if they tried to remove me, one of the doctors I work with would have a fit.  They tried that once before and yes he did throw a fit.

But gee, that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


It's so ridiculous that it's not worth talking about.  So I most likely won't be talking work anymore as I'm just going, doing my job and leaving.  Keeping my head down seems to be the safest thing for me right now.

Now for today's mani, I felt all pastelly and Easter like so I wore pink yet again.

This is Painted Polish Peas in a Pod and Bettina Giacinto.


These aren't the most color accurate, but look closely and you will see the subtle holo-ness in the green Painted Polish.  Sometimes subtle is good.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Enchanted Polish May 2014, September 2015

A couple of posts back, I was talking about YouTube videos of men wearing makeup.  Personally, this is not something I like watching.  For me, guys shouldn't wear a full face of makeup. Now back in my Goth days, my guy friends wore black sharpie pen on their nails-this was WAY before Chanel Black Satin was vogue and black eye liner.  I even had a guy friend who always wore skirts.

And I was ok with that.

I'm not sure why watching men put on full faces of makeup bothers me.  But the other thought I had when this thought came up was just how different the world view is on the gay and lesbian population.  Back when I was in high school, I didn't know anyone who was gay.  My best friend since we were seven came out after high school was over.  I still love him just the same.

But back then, it wasn't as open and accepted as it is now.   Trust me that I am ecstatic in the changes and am so happy that the marriage laws have changed etc.  What makes me sad is when I remember my best friend from when I was in nursing school in St Louis. He was an amazing person.  He and I hung out all the time and went to the gay bars as you all know those bars have the best music!

But his life was not all fun and games.  His family did not accept his lifestyle whatsoever.  They in fact, cut him out of their lives.  I never understood that.  I never understood how my amazing friend's family could just pretend he didn't exist.  I grew up in a town full of a sea of white catholic people. No other color of people live there, no one was gay (that we knew) and it didn't prepare me for when I got to a big city and I saw first hand the prejudice.

Then one day his boyfriend came to my house-I didn't want to let him in because I was mad at my friend who didn't come to my nursing graduation.  His boyfriend insisted he needed to talk to me. That's when I found out my amazing friend had killed himself.  And I was devastated.

I wonder what his family thinks now.  Do they regret turning their backs on him? Or do they act like before and now in truth, they have no son.

I didn't mean for this post to be so maudlin but it made me remember my friend and I wonder had times been different, had being gay been more accepted like today, would he still be alive?

This by no means explains why watching men put on makeup is not for me.  Apparently, I went way off on another tangent.  This is how my mind works.  I get a thought that is so different from my original thought. But somehow they are connected.

What do you guys think? Do you watch YouTube videos of Jeffree Star, Patrick and the like?

Today we have a couple of oldies but goodies.  I decided to do color opposites and pulled up a color wheel as I was in the mood for orange.  Here is Enchanted Polish May 2014 with September 2015.

Indoor Sun
Indoor Sun
Now for me, I love this combination.  This September blue could have been a one coater it was so pigmented.  I will always be a lover of burnt orange!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Enchanted Polish Tulle, Telenovela

Remember my leaning tree that finally succumbed to the elements and fell down? Well my mom and I had planted fifty tulip bulbs a couple of months ago and they are busting out of the ground with pretty flowers! It's so cool to finally see what all that work was for.

I spent four hours one day last week adding grass seed, fertilizer and watering my yard.  The bad thing is, my hose isn't long enough to get to the very front of my yard.  So I was using my watering can which made for missing spots and not getting enough water on the seeds.  I spent another two hours yesterday just watering the yard again.

Two times now the forecast was for rain and two times now it has not rained! So I hope all my work pays off. My yard is a mess with weeds taking over, taller than the grass now and I have bare dirt patches.  This is the first year of the past 13 years I've lived here that I have done this.  People out there, cross your fingers that it works!

I've also been saving up for a new mattress as mine is from 1998.  It's time.  But I can't decide whether I want to pay the extra money and get memory foam or not.  I LOVE memory foam.  My pillows are foam and the place we stay in Myrtle Beach has memory foam beds.  I just find it so comfortable.  However, it's about $700 more than a regular pillowtop mattress like I have now.

I have to decide soon as Mom will be here the end of April and they only deliver on a day that I'm at work.  So I'll be getting it delivered while she's here.  I've gone several times to the store to lay on them to try to decide which one to get.

What would you do??

I am also planning on going Honda shopping while my Mom is here.  I'm eyeing the 2016 Honda Civic STICK in burgundy.  You KNOW I only drive a stick!!!!  My 2012 just hit 80,555 and I'll get better trade in value now rather than later.

Now let's look at these two beauties! I am in love with both of these big time.  This is Enchanted Polish Tulle with Telenovela funky french.  Need to wear Telenovela on its own for sure!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How gorgeous are these two??? These are true holo, no microglitter and just so stunning I could not stop staring!  Tulle is a gorgeous pinky nude, Telenovela  deep purple.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bettina Sunkissed and Green-Plus Return of the Funky!

For my people out there who battle acne like I do, I've switched to something new.  I went fourteen months straight using Ole Henricksen.  Twice a day without once missing a day and it worked at the beginning, but then the acne started back up.

I was watching YouTube videos, Wayne Goss, who does makeup and he was touting Acne.Org. I went to that site (I linked it for you) and read from top to bottom.  What this guy had to say made sense to me.  He says that irritated skin is acne skin and the ProActiv is too strong in it's Benzoyl Peroxide, which I have to agree as I tried the updated version and my face was red and flaky in like one day.

This Regimen they call it, is three steps.  Wash, treat, moisturize.  The concept is using way more cleanser than you would imagine as the more you use, the slippery it is and the less likely you are to irritate your skin by rubbing it.  The thick lather just glides over your skin and you literally only wash for ten seconds! Now I will say it does NOT remove eye makeup.  I tried.  I also am not sure ten seconds is enough time when you have a full face of makeup on, so I have been doing a few more seconds on those times.

The first week, you only do the Benzoyl Peroxide once a day working up to two full pumps, like the cleanser twice a day by week two.  Then the moisturizer-two full pumps! At first, I was like damn that's a ton of product, but if you think about it, dry skin makes oil which makes acne and the Benzoyl is drying the crap out of your skin so you have to replace that moisture.  I got the Jojoba oil with my kit to add that to the moisturizer.  My problem is trying hard to not get it around my eyes. There is so much product you are using, that I'm having difficulties!

It takes a lot longer to do your face because you have to wait 5-15 minutes between each step for your face to dry and absorb that step.  So far it's been a week and I can already see my nose black heads are cleaner.  I cheated and decided I'd skip the week-by tomorrow, it'll be time to increase the Benzoyl to two pumps twice a day. My current issues are eye dryness and neck dryness.  I'm extremely conscientious of not getting the BP on my eyes or neck, but since you are using so much moisturizer, it must be creeping as I have had a red neck rash and dry eye lids from hell.

I wrote the company and all they did was copy and paste the detailed instructions to say make sure you are following this to the letter.  We know the beginning sucks as you will have dry skin, but keep it up and you will see results.  All I can say right now, is my skin is clearer than it's been-but it's only been a week so far. I didn't appreciate the non answer I got from the company.

The other thing is you wash your hands between each step.  So you don't add bacteria to your clean face.  My big thing is that I touch my face a lot-plus I'm a horrible picker.  I'm trying very hard to not do that! I got the 16oz five piece set on subscription as it was the most cost effective. Note that this is not fancy packaging whatsoever.  That is to help pass on the savings to you.  Personally, I just want something to work, I could care less about the packaging.

Oh and those of you who watch YouTube makeup videos-do you find it weird to watch men put makeup on?

I ain't going to lie, I do.  There are two I like, one is Wayne Goss, which I mentioned but also MannyMua.  At first I was like-nope I just can't, men shouldn't wear makeup, but Manny's personality cracks me up big time and I've gotten to like him a lot.  I tried watching Jeffree Star and nope, just couldn't.

Don't hate me for that.

Now those that have been with me the LAST FIVE YEARS, will remember my funky french. It was my way of easy nail art and I loved mixing different colors together.  I thought bringing that back would maybe keep me going for now in polish.

Here is Bettina Sunkissed and Green.

I just felt like Spring yellow and green! I hope you like this!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Enchanted Polish Faerydae

Now for those of you who pay attention, you know how important music is to me.  Plus you should know that since I was sixteen, the Violent Femmes has and will always be, my all time favorite band.

Just imagine my total and utter happiness when I found out that they had put out an EP of four songs and a brand new album early March!!! You bet I bought it the second it was released.  I then proceeded to listen to it on repeat for four days straight.  Yes I now have all the songs memorized. My faves are Good For/At Nothing, I Could Be Anything and Issues.  Of course, I love all of the songs.

I bought both the digital version and the CD. I was hoping the CD would have an insert with information, but it didn't.  It just showed how rode hard and put away wet they look now.  Gordan Gano has the voice of a god in my opinion.  I cannot stop listening to it.  It's on now as I've been typing these last three posts.  I had no idea they were even working on an album.  It's been fifteen years and they haven't even been playing together for years.

I've seen them at least five times in person.  I just hope they keep making music.  It makes me happy.

OH!!! And for those who got on the adult coloring book wagon with me-Johanna Basford has put out another book called The Lost Sea.  She also has two on preorder at Amazon.com.  One is a jungle theme, the other is a Christmas one.  I haven't preordered yet, but they are in my cart.  I also bought a big box of crayons, thinking that would be better than the pencils.  I haven't tried them yet.

The pisser is that when I got the box of 96 crayons, the outside picture shows the colors all sorted. Well they aren't on the inside.  I felt that was kind of sh*tty.  So I dumped them all out and organized them myself.

Yeah, it's the OCD in me.

For those who read Stephen King, he has a new book on preorder for June.

Now, let's look at this beauty for today. Yes it's pink, but man is it a stunner.  My only complaint it that it is another microglitter.  So yeah, it's a b*tch to remove.  Worth it more than last posts blue one.

Indoor Sun
Indoor Sun

Oh how gorgeous is this???? And check out my nail length.  I did some filing and the three weeks I went without polish, I technically was wearing the Zoya Naked Manicure collection.  Since then, I've still been using the naked base and I'm not sure if that's helping, or just the warmer weather.  But for now, I'll take the nail length! Someone please let me know when Zoya is having a sale so I can buy more of that base!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?