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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Barielle Pretty Woman, Enchanted Polish To Die For

So I've been wearing my new eye makeup looks to work finished off with my false lashes.  Now the thing is, I wear glasses. Bifocals as it were since I'm freakin old.  The young things on You Tube don't have that problem when they wear the lashes that hit their eyebrows.  Yeah I tried that.

The first time I don't think I had them centered correctly so when I blinked hard, I could feel the band in the corner of my eye.  The first time I wore them to work, I was still sick and no one noticed. The second time I wore them though, I got all sorts of compliments.  How awesome your lashes look and do you find it hard to apply them and I really love your new eye makeup. That sort of thing.  Sort of pumped me up, you know?

The next day, I was in a hurry as I had to school a car that was trying to park in my parking spot at work.  Oh yeah.  I have had the same parking spot for years now.  I've been at this hospital now for eleven years so far and yeah, that's my parking spot and don't you dare park in it.

The last couple of days, someone has been in my spot.  So I made an extra effort to leave my house early to get to work early to claim my spot back.  Well wouldn't you know that it started pouring and people drive stupid in the rain.  So the extra time I had tried to get was now gone.  I got to the parking deck though and my spot was there.  Seems that car had someone else take their spot, so they took mine.  See how that works?

Yes we are freakin adults.  But think about it.  We all still park in the same spot, sit in the same spot in meetings etc and get all discombobulated when our spot is taken. Why do you think that is?

Part of it for me, is knowing where my car is. Otherwise, I can't find it! Maybe it's just comforting? Back in grade school you were forced to sit in the same spot, why is it that as adults we choose to do so?

Something to ponder people. And I digress. It happens.

So I was in a hurry and maybe didn't glue my lashes as well as I could have.  So the lashes were hitting my lens and just being irritating.  I then finished my day and went to the drugstore to get my medicine.  I looked in the mirror and the part of my lashes that should be attached near the corner of my eyes was halfway up my lids.   HAHAHAHA.  Damn I looked like a hot mess.  I tried to move them back into place, but yeah it was no use.  So I ripped them off and that was really the wrong thing to do as now my eyeliner was missing spots, like a bad dotted line halfway up my eye lid.

Yeah.  Ain't doing that again.  Learn from my mistakes people.

I need to figure out a way to glue them well enough so they can withstand the fluttering against my glasses when I blink.  I do have the demi ones, where the longest part is at the outer edge.  Those seem to work better, but aren't as in your face as the full on hard core long ones.

Hi my name is Fingers, I'm a 47 year old woman trying to be hip for the second time in my life.

Now, today we are looking at another of the Barielle Fall/Winter Mirror Mirror collection.

In case you forgot what they looked like! Today we are doing Pretty Woman.  The gorgeous blue in the middle here.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Once again, if you're careful, this would be a one coater.  I always do two but those looking for cheaper stamping polish? This set is it!

Next for fun, I added Enchanted Polish To Die For, which is a blue hologlitter fest.  Yeah imagine me with a hankering for glitter! I've never worn this polish so I figured today was the day.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now that I can use acetone again, it's not so painful removing glitter like this.  Oh and yes I again photoshopped out the chewed parts.  I'm trying really hard to stop again.  They are almost all healed. I've been oiling and doing the heavy lotion with gloves at night.  Seems to be helping.

Eight days til I'm on vacation!  WOOHOO!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?