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Friday, February 1, 2019

More Nail Polish Custom Holos

Today we finally see what I wore for myself on Christmas Day.  I had most of these manis I've shown you done over Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year's break.  I still have seven stored ready to go, I just need to type the posts that go along with them.

I'm sure most of you know of More Nail Polish either via her blog or Instagram.  She has 110,000 or so followers on IG.  It's amazing for sure.  I'm quite jealous LOL.  Cathy if you're reading this, how often do you do your nails? Is it every day, several times a day? Inquiring minds want to know. 

Anywho, back when the make your own nail polish craze hit around 2013ish, Cathy asked me what color holos I would want should I be able to pick any colors I wanted.  You know the first color I said was chocolate brown.  If you didn't know that, you must be new here.

Hi my name is Fingers and brown is my favorite color.

The other colors were forest green, a burgundy and a couple of reds.  She had named them after different things from my blog.  For example the brown holo was named "Dust and Cat Hair." This because I had written about how I had vacuumed under my bed and it was tumbleweeds full of cat hair. 

I was so thrilled she made these for me and still love these five polish made just for me.  Sent all the way from Australia!

When you read this, I will have already been to the vet and back with Checkers.  Hoping that everything goes ok that day.  She once again got a roaring bladder infection.  She gets them once or twice a year.  It's a problem that can't be permanently fixed.  I had given her a week of antibiotics, that by the seventh day, it makes her sick to her stomach and she throws up.  She's already lost weight so I hate for her to throw up and not eat. 

Four days later, the infection was back with such a vengeance that I called the vet in a panic.  Oh and this was the same day that I had the flat tire I told you about.  So it certainly wasn't helping my day get better. 

She's back on her meds and has two days to go.  So the vet check is to make sure that the infection is gone, however Checkers hates the car so much that she pees and poops and pukes the whole way there and so there is never any pee left to test.  If I don't take her, they won't refill her medicines and knowing I'm going away for a week, I need to have her antibiotics for the sitter just in case. 

I'll update you in a later post. 

Here's what I did for my Christmas Day.

Aren't these freakin gorgeous?????? Now Cathy named the green one "He Said What?" and this red one is called "My Favorite Color Is Holo." Now there's truth in that name! 

Please go show her some love.  I linked her Instagram at the beginning of this post.  Cathy, I thank you all over again for making these for me.  I will always cherish them.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?