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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Putting Your Face On-Part 3

YAY! We've made it to the final part of putting your face on.  Now trust me, I don't expect you guys to follow all these steps.  There are parts that can be skipped and shortened etc.  I takes me a GOOD thirty minutes right now to go from start to finish.  I am getting better and faster the more I do it.

I've also figured out one thing.  I've decided it's way better to use a damp beauty blender to put on your foundation.  I have found that the water in the sponge helps diffuse the foundation and keeps me from putting too much on.  It gives me a more natural finish and just a better all around look.  I will not go back to a foundation brush.  I also use the sponge for the highlighting part I showed you with the triangle under the eyes. I just flip the sponge around and use the tip of it to get under my eyes.

It really is an amazing investment.

The next post will be a high end slightly used makeup blog sale.  I have a ton of eyeshadows and blush that need to go.  Most of them hardly even used and a couple never used.  So I hope you will come back for that and help me get rid of  this stuff!

I've put my MAC brushes I got from Ebay back up for sale on Ebay.  This will be my 2nd time ever selling on there.  I hope it's painless but more importantly I hope it sells.  I'm simply trying to get what I paid for it.  I'm not trying to gouge anyone else.  I did get my set of brushes from Zoeva-only took ten days to arrive from Germany! How awesome is that????

That will be an upcoming post as well.  Showing off all the brushes before I start using them.

I shall remind you of the look we are going for,

When we left off last post, I had put down my first eyeshadow color.  Next I add more color to my crease.

Please note-I have now since realized I am using the wrong type brush as well as holding it the wrong way.  I should be holding it horizontal not have the bristles vertical like they are here.  That would help the color stay concentrated where I want it in the crease.

I am still totally learning!

Next, I add more color to just the corner of the eye.

I am pointing to the color I used to darken just the edges.  Next I add some black eye liner to the top lid. I used gel liner and a pencil and did what's called tight lining.  Which is hard to do.  You put the liner in the waterline of your top lid.

If you're going to tightline, make sure you have a very soft pencil.  It just makes your lashes look fuller.  Next I added some of the same eyeshadow color to my lower lid and added mascara.

I also added liner to my lower waterline.  Don't my eyes look all smokey and cool? The other day I was leaving for work and totally realized I had forgotten the mascara! HAHAH! Whoops!

Next I fill in my brows.  Right now I'm using a combination of powder, pencil and wax.  I'm also still a brow work in progress.  If you want, I can do a whole post on putting your brows on!

All right, last step is lipstick and lip liner.  I do not do the draw outside the lines lip thing.  My lips are big enough already! I used MAC Spice liner and Bobbi Brown Heather Mauve lipstick. You will also want to do one last powdering for the road and you're done!

Now I shall change my shirt and transform myself into a made up forty something. And I'll even smile!

The middle picture is with my baby Checkers.  This last picture is my next challenge.  Trying to learn how to put on false lashes. Oh and just in case you noticed? I got lipstick on my teeth in the second picture.  How to prevent that in the future? A trick I figured out is to put your finger in your mouth, close your mouth and pull your finger out of your mouth.  There should be some lipstick on your finger and therefore won't get on your teeth.  I neglected to do that here!

My next goal is to do those super cool eye looks you see on Instagram and I've been told lashes are everything. So we shall see how that goes!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?