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Monday, August 3, 2015

TheBalm and Kat Von D- New Stuff

Holy crap people.  I've told you before that although I have a personal Facebook page, I never ever ever go on it.  For some reason today, I decided WTF and logged in.  To my utter shock, in the section called "people you may know" popped a name from my sordid past.

But this time, it's a good one, not a bad one like the one I told you about before.  First of all, how the hell does Facebook link people together? It's really kind of scary and freaky when you think about it. I have all the highest privacy settings on my page so no one can see anything but my profile picture. I do have my hometown and college listed, but neither of these tie into this person.

I swear to you I am freaking out right now.  This person is an old boyfriend.  One I really really liked. I haven't talked to him or seen him since at least 1996.  Do the math people.  That's-wait I need a calculator-19 years! Again I say holy crap!  I did talk to him for like one minute on my 40th birthday when I was in town where he lives-that was 2008, but in reality the 19 years is correct.

He was someone I knew for a month and wanted to go out with really bad.  I would hang out at the coffee shop where he worked and just stare.  One day I got up the nerve and left him a note asking him out in a pack of cigarettes (was smoking back then) and left the shop.  A few days later he called me and said yes he'd like to go out with me! I still remember that voicemail he left.  I listened to it over and over so happy he said yes!

So how the hell is Facebook linking us?????

Can anyone out there explain this to me?  I do know that if you use POF the dating site, that if you use that same email there as with Facebook, you WILL see those people in your "people you may know" list.  That is not cool with me at all.  Facebook is slowly taking over the world and all your privacy and most people don't even think about it at all.

So I know you're all wondering whether I sent him a message.  I wasn't going to, I logged out and left my computer, but then I logged back in and just said hi and that he has a beautiful family, which he does.  Since I never check my personal page, I've no idea whether he will respond or not.

I just tried to find a way to get an email if he replies, but can't find anything.  Is there a way to do that? I don't want to be obsessively checking the damn thing!  Anyway, he was important to me back then and it's bringing back some nice memories.

Ok, enough of that! I wanted to show you some new things I have gotten recently.  The first being the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette.

They say the older you get, you should not be wearing shimmery eyeshadows.  Well I don't follow the rules ever, and even though this palette is all matte shades, they are all neutral colors, which as you all should know are the ones I love.  Brown being my fave and all!

Technically, this is for contouring the eyes, which I am way too lazy to do, but it does come with detailed instructions on how to do different contoured looks.  I cannot wait to play with it!

Next I got the three bronzer/illuminizer compacts from TheBalm.  I haggled on EvilBay and got them for $9 each. They sell for $24 retail! Yeah I did good.

 There is Cindy-Lou Manizer, Betty-Lou Manizer and Mary-Lou Manizer.

Mary-Lou is a pale gold highlight/luminizer.  It goes on the tops of your cheekbones, the cupids bow and the arch of your eyebrow.  I have been using it a ton.  Cindy-Lou is more a rose gold and I haven't tried it yet.  Betty-Lou is a bronzer and dark! For me and my pale skin, I have to be careful when I use this.  Yes I have gotten too much on my forehead and looked funny!

Here they are closer up.  I just love using these.  I need to try Cindy-Lou! They really give the skin a very nice glow and sheen.

I also plan on playing with my new eyeshadows tomorrow!

What do you guys think?  Do you want a tutorial on these or anything else I've shown you?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?