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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Two eye looks from last week-

I have a few updates for you today.  First one is about my new skin care routine.  Remember I told you I bought the Ole Henricksen kit? I literally just used up the last of each bottle today.  I received this kit on 7/7/15 and today as I write this, it is 8/29/15.  That is 7.5 weeks this set lasted me.

I faithfully used this set twice a day without missing once.  When I first got the set, I was worried that one would be used up before the other and that sort of thing, but nope, they all finished at the same time.  I love it when that happens.

Now, when I first started it my face freaked out with acne.  But people, that is normal whenever you start a new regimen.  It is pulling out all the acne that is under the surface that you can't see yet. Now 7.5 weeks later, I still have a few healing spots as I heal slow, but no new spots.  To be honest, I can't really tell if there is a difference in my skin from my other regimen  that was M2.  I already have another Ole Henricksen set so I figured I'd at least try another round before deciding which one to stick with.

I have added back my M2 serum to the OH set and I've also found that the two exfoliants dry my skin out a bit so I added OH Youth Activating Oil to the night time routine.  It is pure rose hip oil and some other oils.  It turns my face orange for a minute.  Kind of funny to see, but it has added back some much needed moisture. Overall, right now, I like it.

Last post I told you about my false lash issues.  I figured out I needed a better lash glue and to use a bit more.  I had been using the sample Eylure glue that came with the practice lash kit (YES there is such a thing) but as I told you, it wasn't holding well.

I bought the DuoLash one that is reviewed as best and damn did that make a huge difference.  The issue though, was the Eylure had a wand that you swiped on the lash band to place the glue.  The DuoLash was a tube and I got glue all over me, the tube and the lashes! It was awful.  I ruined a couple of lashes trying to clean them for another use. But, damn they held well.  I could feel the difference on my lid.

No more whacked out funky lash day for me!  HAHAHAH!

Now I wanted to show you two eye looks I had done this past week.  Yes I wore these to work so I don't have tutorials and I am still saving money to buy a better lighting system.

The first one I chose to wear yellow as I had on a yellow shirt.  Probably wrong to be all matchy matchy but that's how I roll.  Breaking the rules.

This was taken with my iphone after a whole day at work.  These are the Demi lashes which have the longest lashes at the outside corners.  The yellow in the corner of my eye was brighter IRL and the teal liner was as well. But yeah, I was rocking the yellow.

Here is the palette I used.

See the top row? I mixed those two yellows after putting NYX eye pencil in Milk on first.  Doing that makes the yellow pop even louder.  I wish I could have captured it here.

Now the next one, I was wearing blue.  Bottom row of this same palette second one in.  IRL this is a deep dark navy.  That's what I thought I was going to get.  Nope.  But I was running late for work and I couldn't fix it, so I decided to rock the shocking blue eyeshadow.

You ready?

You can already see a vast improvement in my iphone skills here.  Again, this was after a day at work.  I also used the new glue I told you about and these are the full on in your face lashes.  I love them! See how light and blue the shadow is? Not dark navy at all.  But I didn't have time to add more, perhaps with more piled on.  Who knows.

This is also my right eye, which I think makes for better iphone flash shots since my eye is on the same side as the flash.  I just hope I can recreate this lighting as it is way better than the previous one I just showed you!

The weird thing is, IRL my brows were caked with brow stuff.  But here, it looks like I have nothing one.  It's freaky!

Hope you are enjoying these!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?