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Saturday, August 1, 2015

EPs, CCs and A Englands Oh My

Two million bucks if you can guess the movie I've alluded to in my post title for today!  I'll end the post with the answer.

I hope you have been liking my makeup posts.  I'm sure there are some of you who hate them. I have been wearing polish, just not doing any nail art at all.  I've run out of ideas and the mojo to even try to do any.  I actually am contemplating taking off my gel dips.  As much as I love them, every two weeks dollar wise adds up. Plus, I broke three nails one particularly bad this time and I wonder why I try to have long nails when I just break them.

But then I realize it's that time of the month for me.  All you women out there know exactly what I'm talking about.  Every third month or so, I get a bad one.  That's what caused my two day migraine last weekend, that's why I cried at my desk, my PMS was kicking my ass.  It may also be why I just don't give a sh*t about polish at the moment.

I told myself I would not make any big decisions while this is going on.  So therefore, I kept my gel dips but cut my nails way down to barely any free edge and just did two layers instead of three.  In my imagination, this will let me go three weeks, but I know me and I know I can't take the cuticle gap.  So far now, the nails stay, albeit way shorter.

Work this week has been much better.  I am still way behind but I'm going with the flow and just not letting it get to me like I did last week.  It's nice that Stupid is gone.  Her desk a fond empty site to see.

Future makeup posts I have coming for you are how to choose a foundation, bronzers and luminizers, my new eyeshadow palette and the Naked palettes compared.  Oh and the complete set of steps to put on your face. That last one is gonna be a long one for sure!

So before those happen, I wanted to show you some of the polish I've been wearing the past couple of weeks.

First up we have A England Ascalon.  I kept this one when I sold most of my A Englands a while back.  Can you believe all the colors in this? Man I did good with capturing the rainbows in this one!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Next we have A England St George and Enchanted Polish Daydream. I'm a sucker for George.  Yeah I was on an A England kick.

Indoor Sun
Next is Enchanted Polish Desert Sunset.  Which is more a coral salmon than an orange as I had hoped for.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Lastly, we have Chaos and Crocodiles Reconnaissance.  Be prepared for amazing awesomesauce people!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Oh yeah.  This is exactly the kind of holo that makes me smile.  I love the hard core linear rainbows. Oh and get this.  I was waiting for the outside elevator at work and whatever lighting was going on there made this into double rainbows.  I so wish I could have captured that on camera.  It was so freakin cool!!!!!

All right.  Those are the polish I've been wearing lately.  Stay tuned for more makeup stuff!

Oh and the answer to my post title? The Wizard of Oz.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?