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Friday, August 21, 2015

Enchanted Polish Entwined, July 2015

Today I have two more EPs for you.  And the super nubs.  Be prepared people.  It's not pretty.

I told you last post that I had several bad news stories.  Today's story is the fact that I am sick with a summer cold and fever.  Damn it's been a long time since I've been sick and it's not fun!

I had just finished taking all the pictures for the two eye looks coming up next two posts and was cleaning up the mess I made when all of a sudden my throat started hurting like a beeyotch.  I realized that's why I'd felt overtired the past few days.  I knew I was going down as it were.  My temp was 101 last night and this morning it's 100.5F and I ache all over.  

But I forge on for you my readers.  I knew if I didn't get these typed, you'd have nothing to read.  We can't have that right????  All I know is I feel like crap, should be in bed as I got no sleep last night and not sure I can work tomorrow.  I can't work if I still have a fever.

I actually have just enough saved paid time off for my fishing trip in 3 weeks.  I can't miss a day now!!!

Had the pleasure (NOT) of Stupid coming to visit the other day.  No she was not visiting me.  What kills me is the woman who's back she stabbed when she left still coddles her.  It's messed up for sure. Stupid asked me about conference that day and I was like don't you check your email?

It seems the hospital has moved everyone over to a new email system, but it's still in process and not all have made the transfer.  So I'd been writing to the wrong Stupid address.  So I write her a test email right?

Wait for it people-this is good.

I email her current email address just making sure I have it right so I can add her to my group lists. What does Stupid do? She replies to said email and write out what her new email address is.

A moment of silence for you out there to catch on............

Get it?????? I had just emailed her correct address.  She is so stupid that she didn't get that and wrote me the email address I had just written to.

I just had to shake my head.

It makes for an unboring work day.

All right.  Here are two EPs I've worn recently.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
 This is July 2015.  A gorgeous sky blue holo that I am in love with.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is Entwined.  To me, it's 2AM with holo and microglitter holos.  A blue purple duochrome with a loose linear and scattered holo all in one.  I could not capture all it's awesomeness!

I hope you have enjoyed this.  I am off to bed to sleep off this fever.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?