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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

So I just freakin realized my eye looks were out of order.  It was supposed to go Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday.  Instead it went Monday Thursday Tuesday Friday.  Which means my stories were out of order and probably confused the world.


I've been watching YouTube makeup videos still, and thinking that I can do that.  I've gone back to the beginning of the popular ones to see where they started. BUT, when watching the setups that people have, I ain't got that kind of dough to purchase fancy stuff like lighting, mikes etc.  I do have the camera already, and I wonder if I could just go simple and use my laptop? Either way, I still need practice before I can teach you guys anything!

You certainly don't want me showing you my floundering do you? Or do you???????

I got carried away with Ebay.  I really don't use it as often as I should so I don't know the ways of the bidding arena.  What I was doing was purposely upping the bid if someone outbid me on what I wanted, which was a MAC brush set.  I came way too close a couple of times to actually winning but having to pay an exorbitant amount of money because of my own vindictiveness.

You outbid me? Now you will pay! HAHAH!  Yeah I was getting some fun and joy out of it.  Then my fun backfired on me.  I had bids on four of the same item in different auctions.  I figured someone would outbid me at the last minute, but oh no they didn't.  So karma got me back big time yesterday. I ended up winning two auctions. One happened because someone retracted their bid.  I didn't think you could do that???? I thought about doing it for mine, but read the rules and knew I had to take my lumps as it were.

At the same time, I found the makeup brushes I wanted and they weren't these MAC sets.  So once I get them, I'll just turn around and sell them back on Ebay.  The brand I found? Called Zoeva and it's a German brand that has good quality for a better price.  MAC brushes sell for $25 a piece?? That's insane! I'm sure they are great brushes, but people you've got to buy by the set and on Ebay for that.

All right.  Now I wanted to show you the entire Naked eyeshadow palette collection.

Here is all of them together.

Here is the Naked Basics.

This is a set of lighter colors in the neutral zone.

Here is Naked.

You can see that I got one of the very first ones of this, as it has the eyeliner in it.  Nowadays, it comes with a brush instead.  You can see the third one in is my favorite-I'm hitting the bottom of the pan.

Naked 2.

Another set of neutrals.  You can see a majority of these have shimmer.  That's why I got the Kat Von D one to have matte shadows too.

This is Naked 3.

This one is more pinks and purples.  I just realized the last deep purple one is cracking out of the palette.  That sucks.

And finally, the newest one Naked Smoky.

I have yet to really play with this one, but I will be!

I hope you have enjoyed this.  I will probably get a bunch of hits for porn since this post is full of the word naked.

Boy will they be disappointed!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?