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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Putting Your Face On-Part 2

Less than one month away and I'm on vacation!!! Woohoo!  I'll finally get to use my new fishing rod. For those who don't pay attention, every September, I go home to visit my family and go to Canada to fish.  I'm a fishing fool for a good 3-4 days straight and love every damn minute of it.

The only thing this year? It will be without my dad.  I cannot believe it's already been eight months since he passed.  I still cannot wrap my head around that fact and I still am deep in grief.

Nothing too exciting going on.  I'm babysitting my neighbor's two cats.  They are so skittish, they won't come near me. One of them I've yet to even see! He apparently is still a bit feral and doesn't come out for anyone.

So my insurance people called me at work yesterday saying they are shopping for a cheaper car insurance for me.  There's that one where you plug in the device and they monitor your driving and your rate is based on that.

I immediately said no way to that one.  Can you imagine? Me, Ms Speed Demon self proclaimed road rager and flipper offer having someone monitor my driving? Yeah that would not be a good idea.  I can just see the report now.  Ms Fingers was driving an excessive speed, flipped off five people on the way to the grocery store, we cannot give you car insurance.  HAHAHA!

If only I were joking..........

Now remember where we left off last time.  Our foundation and first highlighting had been completed. Now it's time to do more contouring and start our eyeshadow.  Here is the look we are going for.

Now after you've set your foundation with powder, the next thing to do is the under cheekbone contour.  You want to pick a matte color, you can even use eyeshadow for this.

This is the IT contour palette and I'm pointing to the color I will be using today.  You want to use a thinner angled brush or the corner of a bigger brush if that's what you have.

You can either make the fish face and put the contour there, or I'll show you exactly where to put it.

Now note where the handle of the brush is. You start at the bottom of the ear cartilage area above the earlobe and it goes to right before your cheekbone. Exactly where the brush handle is in this picture. You don't want it to be under your cheekbone but stop right before it.

Next is blush.  Now this starts on the apples of your cheeks and sweeps back to the top of your ear. That's the angle you are aiming for.

Here I am using Nars Orgasm.  At least I'm getting one somehow! HAHAH!  I actually went out of order here. Thought I could just swap the pictures around, but it wouldn't look right.  BEFORE you blush, you need to do bronzer (if you want).  Bronzer goes around the periphery of your forehead, around the sides of your face under the jawline, perhaps down the neck if your foundation isn't the right color and some on your cheeks.

I'm using theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer.  I'm still looking for the perfect bronzer.  Next is the highlighting.  This is my favorite part.  I go to town and highlight the hell out of my face.  Tops of the cheekbones, above the eyebrows, tip of the nose, cupid's bow if you're me, if you want subtle, just the tops of the cheekbones.

Here I'm using theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer.  I am in love with this one.  There shall be no other for me.  At least right now! Again, you don't want to extend this to the above the apples of your cheeks. It should stay right where I'm showing you with the brush.

Next we are going to start on the eyes.  First this is to put on an eyeshadow base.  I like MAC paint pot in Ochre. I use my fingers, but others use a brush.

This really does work great.  It keeps your eyeshadow from creasing and I really see a huge difference when I use it versus skipping this step.

Next, we have the last step we will be looking at for today.  The base eyeshadow color.

I have put this color I'm pointing to into the crease of my eye and on the corners.  This is from the new Kat Von D Shade and Light eye palette.

OK people! The next post we will finish off the eyes and lips and the look will be complete!  I sure hope you have been enjoying this!!!!

I can't believe I'm showing the world my unmade up face!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?