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Monday, August 17, 2015

Zoeva Brush Set

Remember a couple of posts ago where I said I was going to sell back the MAC brush sets I got on Ebay? Yeah. The day before the auction was to end, I got an email from Ebay saying they took my listings down as I was trying to sell counterfeit stuff.


The second time I ever tried to sell something and I get dinged for it being counterfeit? And I just bought it from Ebay three days prior?

Something fishy here people.

I called Ebay and was like WTF? They were jerks to me.  I was treated like I was the one knowingly selling fake crap and I should be shunned and if I dare to relist these two items, I will be barred from Ebay.  Gee that would be awful now wouldn't it?  (Not really).

I scared the first guy as I was a yelling beeyotch trying to explain that if you're telling me I'm selling something fake, then that means I bought it as fake to begin with.  Dude wasn't hearing me. He finally transferred me to someone else snarkingly saying "have a nice day ma'am".

Anyone else out there HATE being called ma'am?????

I digress.

The next person sort of understood what I was trying to explain to them.  I was trying to tell them that the two accounts I bought from sell the same exact set over and over and I see the same set all over Ebay.  Why are you coming down on me and not those people?  I'm still having a hard time believing they are fake as there are so many of the same sets on different Ebay accounts out there for sale as I write this.

I get transferred to a third person.  I've now been on the phone with them for an hour.  I say either let me sell my two things and leave me alone, or I want my money back as I bought fake crap from your website.  I finally got someone in the Resolutions department who isn't an idiot and she gets what I'm saying.  But I still don't think they are going after those accounts as an aside.

She says I need to do the return thing and if those people don't reply, they will get my money back. However, the more I asked about the time frame, the less she could tell me.  Like these people are selling fake crap-why would they cop to it and pay me back?  Simple logic people.  I do what she says as I have no problem returning said items, but I don't believe for a minute I will be contacted.

The next day I call PayPal and start a case with them.  They have set time frames.  I get my money back in ten days whether or not those people reply.  That's all I'm asking.  For the record, one dude has replied and given me a funny address to return the item to. Certainly NOT the address it was "sent" from.

How can you tell when a MAC brush set is fake? I'm still unconvinced.  All I know is it was a sh*tty experience and I am loathe now to even buy anything else from there.

Now onto better things.  I got my Zoeva set the other day from Germany and I am thrilled.  I wanted to show you the set and tell you what each brush is for.  It is one of those brands, that is just now getting recognition so the VERY NEXT DAY after I ordered it, it went up 30 Euro.  No joke.  That's about $34 USD.  So yeah.

It's a set of 25 brushes, so it was an investment definitely, but I sold off some stuff to pay for it.  I also figured out if you paid in Euro and not USD you saved a bunch of money as well.  Not sure if that is still true, but it was when I bought it.

Here is the case it comes in.  This case has three layers and can hold a ton of makeup as well as these brushes.

It's not leather, but it's not that cheap nasty plasticy material you get sometimes.  It's actually quite nice.  One of the zipper pulls was broken when I got it.  Yes it shouldn't arrive that way, but coming from Germany what the hell was I going to do? I just took a paperclip, bent it into a new jump ring and reattached the zipper pull.  Voila.

First portion I want to show you are the synthetic face brushes.

Synthetic brushes are used for liquids and creams as they won't absorb those things.  These are for foundations, cream blushes that sort of thing.

From top to bottom:
Buffer-this can be used for foundation
Defined Buffer-am assuming for corners of the face
Petit Stippling-foundation
Face Shape-countouring
Concealer Buffer-concealer

These are the face natural hair brushes.  These are for powders.

From top to bottom:
Luxe Face Definer-finish powder
Luxe Face Paint-contouring the cheeks (love this)
Luxe Highlight-for highlighting  (love this)
Luxe Sheer Cheek-for blushing
Luxe All Over Shader-more contouring

Now we get into eye stuff.  These are the natural hair ones.

From top to bottom:
Luxe Pencil-for undereye shadow
Luxe Soft Crease-crease of the eye shadow
Luxe Crease-crease of the eye shadow
Luxe Petit Crease-again for the crease
Luxe Soft Definer-corners of the top lid
Luxe Smoky Shader-for smoking out color

These are the coolest ones I think.  These are a mixture of bristles.

From top to bottom:
Petit Eye blender-blending shadow
Smudger-for smudging
Cream Shader-for cream eyeshadow
Brow Line (love this)
Detail Shader-for detail work
Wing liner-duh
Detail liner-this one is so tiny-like a nail polish art brush tiny.

So there you have it.  My new complete set of Zoeva brushes.  All I will need for the cool eye looks I have planned.  I bought Dr Bronner's Castile Lavendar soap from Target as the YouTubers say it works great cleaning these brushes without damage.  I hope you have enjoyed this!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?