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Friday, August 7, 2015

CC Sleeper Cell and Unicorn Symphony

Just when I thought my life was going to be Stupid free, she showed up at my doctor conference this past Friday.  Damn my luck.  I was cordial-I have that ability.  Later, she happened to find me near my office and asked if I would put her on all my conference lists.  Great. Now I have to see her in my conferences.

Oh but you know what the new fun thing is? It's called "what is Stupid wearing today?"

Before she quit, I never really paid much attention, I just know she wore pants.  But lately, now that she has this new job it seems she has been trying to be me with long skirts etc.  The other day, my coworker said to me, let's say it together people! "Did you see what Stupid was wearing today?"

We both literally said at the same time in unison, "a Little House on the Prairie" dress.  It was hilarious.  I was laughing so hard I was crying. That we both said it at the same time was priceless. The dress was just awful and you know the best part?? She wears black Nike sneakers with her dresses.  Apparently, no one has ever taught her that you don't wear sneakers with dresses and skirts.

Again, yes I know I shall be going to hell.  I'm OK with that.

Since Stupid quit and I've had way more work added to my plate, it hasn't been all that great at work. The new conference prep I have taken over would be fine but for my coworker being so damn nitpicky about how things need to be.  Hey I'm busting my ass here, can I at least get a thank you?

I thought I'd show you two more polish I've worn lately.  The first one is Chaos and Crocodiles Sleeper Cell.  An insanely strong blue holo.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
I was asked if this was taken with flash.  No, this is via my sun roof in my bathroom.  It is just that strong a holo!

The next one is the same brand, but Unicorn Symphony.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This is from her more subtle holo set.  This is also more green IRL. I really love this!

I hope you have enjoyed this and my new work game! The next three posts will be the detailed steps to putting your face on.  There were so many pictures, I had to cut it into three parts!  You will see my before face and after face with the steps in between.  I hope you like it!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?