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Monday, January 28, 2019

Chanel Cavaliere, Polish My Life Milk Chocolate Goodies

Today is one of those mani for me days.  One where I choose colors just for me.  Usually, I try to rotate shades and do holos if the sun is out.  This day I wanted my favorite color brown.

Yes I know it's weird I love brown.

I've officially found and hired what I hope to be a good petsitter who will be around for awhile.  She does this on the side, so not dependent on petsitting for income so hopefully won't stop doing it for a long time.  So Myrtle Beach in February here I come!

Yeah I know, I took a week off.  I started this post last weekend and just had nothing to talk about, nothing to say.  Listening to the new part one EP from Julia Michaels.  So love her music.  Been waiting months for this album to come out and it's a part one? Dude WTF? Anyway, am on the second listen so can't say how I feel yet.

Her first EP had the song Pink, Make It Up To You and all the rest BUT the song Issues.  I read yesterday that Issues was number eleven on the Top 100 BillBoard.  Huh.  It seems that every song I really like is never the one that the world likes.  Oh well.

Driving home from work last week, I had the tire low light come on.  It was like 20F at that time and I just figured I needed to add air as it didn't feel like I had a flat tire.  I made it to the gas station near my house thirty miles away on the highway and saw that I was actually driving on a very soft almost flat tire.

My first thought, well my second thought after I thought sh*t, was damn I hope I didn't ruin my rims. I was adding air to the tire and it did come up, but it was so cold and the air thing was metal and my hands were numb that I just couldn't hold the thing long enough to try to get it up to the forty pounds it needed to be.  All I wanted was to get home and warm my hands.

It held the air for me to get home and knew I would have to call the tow truck in the morning. Next day, it was back to flat.  Called the tow guy and he was able to put enough air in so I could get to the garage near my house.  Turns out I had run over a nail so it was a slow leak.  It was also near the outer rim in a place where it just made it legal to patch it.  Otherwise I would have had to buy a new tire.

Now I know I already need new tires this Spring as I'm hitting 50,000 miles on my car.  I just wasn't ready to buy one then. You feel me?

So $100 later, I was finally on my way to work.  It was one of those days.

All right, let's get to the silly bottle shot.

This is Polish My Life Milk Chocolate Goodies and Chanel Cavaliere.  Here is the base.

Notice I actually took the time to file my nails into a nice shape.  They have since split and broken back down to nubs.  The Milk Chocolate Goodies leans khaki to me.  You can see in the second photo there is holo in the bottle.  It's very subtle.  Cavaliere is a gorgeous deep brown with shimmer.  I love it. 

Next I just added dots and my funky.

You can see the shimmer in the Cavaliere in these pictures.  Still working on a pose. 

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?