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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friday's Look

Wow people.  I am sitting here trying to keep my morning coffee down as I woke up with my migraine even worse than it was when I went to sleep last night.  I can barely see as the pain is so bad.  I'm going to see how much of this post I can get done, then back to bed I go.

It's also supposed to be a billion degrees outside today.  Man how I long for Fall and Winter already!

I haven't posted on Instagram in one whole week.  I was one who posted every single day.  It was my thing. When I did do that, people never followed me.  This time, I've posted nothing and I've jumped up like twenty new people! I will never understand it.

Oh I have a beef today before we get to my last eye look for this week.  I don't play any iphone games.  I'm talking Candy Crush and the like.  It irritates the crap out of me when people who have friended me on Facebook then use that to "ask" me to help them inside the game.  Apparently you can get others to help you get higher up in the game or whatever.

But when someone solely uses you day after day just for that purpose? Yeah it pisses me off.  I actually unfriended one person for this very thing.  I did figure out that I can also block the game from having people ask me to play along.  Wish I had known that sooner.

Just like I hate being added to Facebook groups without asking, please don't ask me to play in these games unless I tell you it's ok.


Ok.  Here's the last eye look for the week.

This was a heavy blue look.  My mistake for this one was using too stiff an eyeshadow brush and didn't realize it would glop on a ton of dark blue shadow,  At least my glasses hid a majority of the sins here.

Oh and the other fail for this day? I used too stiff  a bronzer brush and had a funny color forehead in spots.  I had to take more makeup to tame the beast! HAHAH!

Here's the colors I used.  MAC Uninterrupted, then Dagger and Slanted from the Smoky palette with blue liner.

Now I have four upcoming posts planned for you.  One is showing off all the different Naked palettes, one is showing you my new luminizers from TheBalm, one is the difference between foundations and how to choose one and lastly the monstrous list of steps to putting on your face.

Oh and I will have a post showing you what polish I've worn.  No art, just color.

I hope these sound exciting to you. If you have any topics or questions, let me know!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?