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Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Mani is Groovy

I had a hard time picking what color to wear today. I knew I'd only have it on for one day, so I didn't want to do a new color since I was saving those for longer wear.

I looked and looked over my growing collection.  I even spent a lot of time playing with all new backgrounds for my blog.  I've run across some new blogs lately, and they really have some cool stuff going on.  But alas, that means all the cool stuff is taken! I would see something I liked, and then remember oh yeah so and so is already using that on their blog!

I realized I was wasting time and not quite ready to give my blog it's third overhaul.  So I chose a color that I hadn't tried yet.  I felt like being loud today, especially when it's 100 degrees outside.  My choice is China Glaze Starboard from one of their more recent collections.

This color reminds me of spring and fresh green all over the outside.  My yard is certainly not looking so green in this heat lately! It's a true straight on green, the color of new grass.  I actually really like it.

The more I looked at this green, the more I was reminded of the 70s.  Wasn't this green popular back then? In kitchens, on clothes, it seems to me that this green was everywhere back then.  Am I wrong?

So to add to my disco green, I used Bundle Monster plate BM 203 and the special white Konad polish and really made my mani psychedelic.

Can't you just hear Kool and the Gang singing "Jungle Boogie"?  The more I look at this, the more I want to wear it and the more I think of kitchen appliances as well! Don't ask me why, it's just the thought that comes to mind.

Regardless of what my crazy mind thinks up, this came out way more awesome then I thought it would.  I wish I were wearing it for more than a day!

Plus I wanted to add, that I just saw my first swatches of Essie's new fall collection and I was hasty in my rantings the other day. I have ordered 3 of the 6 colors and they seem to be their own and not dupes.  I will show you them when I get them! This does not mean I will stop doing dupe days.  There are always dupes to be had!

What do you guys think of this? Am I alone in thinking of the 70s with this? And isn't it a really cool look?


  1. Looks really good and I love the color. :)

  2. I have used this stamp before, its one of the ones I can actually manage to get right :-p love that green!!

  3. That stamp is great with that color! Sooo 70s!!!!

  4. I'm old enough to have been in junior high & high school in the 70s. :) The green I associate with that time is avocado--yellower and a bit lighter than Starboard. My mom still has a couple of her avocado appliances from back then.

  5. Wow-I don't think I've had so many comments all in one place! Thanks you guys-you've made my day.

    @KarenD-I was in junior high as well-but I think that you are correct-avocado with THE shade at that time! It still reminds me of the 70s with the design on it! Scary your mom still has the appliances!

  6. It looks great..I am a huge fan of green in general. Love that design.

  7. @P&C- you and me both blog buddy! I have an enormous collection of green and brown polishes, blue is catching up!


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