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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Camo Funky French

I am continuing on with my new fall colors from Zoya. Today I wanted to try something new. The idea came from Erika at Chloe's Nails. She is the mastermind of the Funky French and many other cool designs. I had told her that I would try her designs just not with her pink!

I started with Zoya Dree which at first I thought would be similar to Gemma but without the shimmer, but this seems darker and more olivey. (Is that a word?). It may be similar to Chanel Khaki Vert so I am adding these to my duplicate day posts coming up.

Here it is before I added anything. It's a true olive khaki creme that reminds me of army colors. I think it's pretty, and I can never have too many green polishes!

Then I grabbed my trusty Essie Little Brown Dress and stamped the design using Bundle Monster plate BM 203. Here are the pics of this step. I thought it would show up darker than it did. I tried several times but this is what I ended up with.

After waiting for that to dry, I then used Erika's scotch tape method to do my tips. I was afraid the tape would pull off the design, but it really only affected one nail. I was nervous about that. So I then topped it all off with my normal Seche Vite and this is the end design. I think it came out a lot better than my first try with the tape. Note to self, tear the tape off first for all your nails so you aren't trying to rip tape with wet tips.

I'm sure with more practice, I'll get faster at it as well. This took me a long time to do. What do you think? Do you guys like this? I think it's pretty cool. Something I will definately do again.


  1. I like it a lot...it's different and I like different! When I use tape for a mani, I use painter's tape. I get anxious about it so I usually wait until the next day lol, just to make sure it won't pull up the color.

  2. I don't have the patience to wait! Maybe I do need to try a different tape though. Thanks for the tip!

  3. cute mani, i like this color a lot...

  4. Thanks I really really love this look! And the colors are my faves!


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