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Monday, July 25, 2011

Skull and Crossbones Funky French

By the time you read this post, I will have already had my awesome workspace with private bathroom reduced to a cubicle farm amongst many others.  I decided my mani today would reflect my mourning of my office loss.  It may seem silly to you, but for two years, I have enjoyed my own office, my own bathroom and a large desk with plenty of room to work. Now I am part of a cubicle, half the desk space and no more bathroom.  I am very sad.

I thought I'd also share why I go by Fingers on this blog.  It was my high school nickname.  I am a classically trained pianist.  I wanted to be Liberace when I grew up.  I played for the choirs, was in all the bands and played piano any time and any place I could.  Hence the nickname, Fingers.  When I started this blog, I decided to reprise the name.

Of course, I didn't grow up to be Liberace.  Things happen and dreams change.  I decided after years of drifting to become an RN.  I have been an RN for 15 years now.  I have seen and done it all.  Nowadays, I work with lung cancer patients.  I really hope I am making a difference in their lives.

This blog is something that I use to vent, tell you my thoughts, show off what colors I like on my nails and hope that someone out there wants to try some design I've done.  I like to see what others are doing on their blogs too.

Anyway, this design starts with another Zoya fall color.  This one is Cynthia.  It is a very dark blackened blue.  It is hard to see the blue unless you are in the sun.  So I will show you indoor and outdoor pictures.





I think this is a beautiful color.  I want to just wear it as is.  I will do that later this week.  But for today and my office mourning, we are rebelling against the man! So I used Essie Blanc and Bundle Monster plate BM 211.

Maybe I should have done the skulls the other way around, but then it'd be upside down for me!!  Lastly, I took the same Essie and added my Funky French touch and voila!

I need to work on my scotch tape method.  My lines are definitely not straight.  But I think this is a pretty cool mani. I just hope my boss doesn't see and I get in trouble! Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep mine hid when she's around!


  1. thank you!
    I like your blog too.

  2. I am waiting for the nail art brushes I ordered so I can try it out!

  3. I have this Bundle monster image plate and I so hope that image works. A lot of my bundle monster plates seem to be defective! I love the blue color!

  4. Did you take off the protective plastic? This was hard to use, I kept swiping off the skull head! I ordered Ghost Ship thru Netflix today-will watch maybe wednesday!

  5. You might also try those French tip adhesive guides that are sold here and there. Seems silly to buy such a one-trick pony, but I'll tell ya, they're AWESOME!


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