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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The debut of my new crack

Today I am debuting my first full nail Bundle Monster mani. I am so excited! I have so many ideas in my head, there's no room for anything else. Scary!

I chose to use Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas. This is a color that Michelle at All Lacquered Up designed. Now I'm so not normally a purple person and I wasn't too excited by the color in the bottle. But I wanted to pay tribute to Michelle and her NY Times article that prompted scores of people to say nail polish makes you tacky, horrible people! This one's for you, stupid people! I'm proud to be a tacky, horrible person who loves my nail polish!

I must say, that after doing my nails, I am really digging this purple. It's hard to describe but it seems to have a nice blue undertone that I like. Here it is before the stamping. I am pissed that my camera is making this into a blue. No matter what light or what angle. This is NOT a blue it is a true purple like Barney. Please don't hate the camera!

Then on to the stamp. I used RBL Stormy and Bundle Monster plate BM222. Now be nice people, this is my first try with the full nail stamp. One is perfect - of course it was the first nail I did and the rest not so much. Can anyone help me with a trick to keep the designs centered and lined up each time? Would really appreciate the help.

Isn't it cool? I am so loving this. I can't believe I've never tried this before. I am a new convert and don't think I can go back to plain polish. I think I'm ruined for life. As my title says, it's my new crack. Thanks to Oreo, who is also my newest follower, for the advice on not smearing the stamp when applying the top coat. It worked using Seche Vite. So thanks for the tip!

Since I had a three day weekend, I was knee deep in nail art. Is there anything better than that?


  1. I have some BM plates and they are great! I can never decide which ones to use!

  2. I just got another set in the mail! I now have 50 plates! That's a lot of stamping! Thank you so much for reading and being my 10th follower! My favorite number. I like your blog- the font is pretty!


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