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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's a Smurfy flash back, Papa Smurf

This post is dedicated to my brother, the professor. Growing up he made fun of my overzealous addiction to all things Smurf. I had Smurf sheets, Smurf posters, was a member of the Smurf fan club and collected Smurf figurines. I still have those figurines! My mom wanted me to give them to my nieces and I said hell no. These are staying with me! They are from 1983, maybe now I can sell them for profit?! NOT! Wasn't it always great how they used all versions of Smurf as verbs, nouns, adjectives etc? Pretty Smurfy if you ask me.

Recently, my brother texted me after he'd seen a commercial for the new Smurf movie. I knew someday, the world would revisit my favorite childhood characters. I saw the commercial and I have to say they are not doing the Smurfs justice. Then the other day, he sent me another text that he saw Smurf cereal at the store. I used to eat only Smurf cereal. Back then, it was similar to Cap'n Crunch, but it had Smurfberries. My brother told me what he saw was more like colored rice krispies. Why not just bring back the original? Why change a good thing?

To prove my dedication to this blog, I went through my back closet with 9 years of crap saved in boxes. Now that's true dedication! Of course, I found my Smurfs in the last box I looked in. Isn't that how it always is?

Now I was always partial to Papa Smurf and his Smurfy wisdom. So for today's mani, I am using Deborah Lippmann My Old Flame and American Apparel Peacock. The DL polish is so old, I think it is from before everyone went 3&4 free. It also smells bad, not sure if that's a good thing to be inhaling! The AA Peacock is a beautiful teal blue, while the DL My Old Flame is a hot cherry red.

The left hand, I did all red with the ring finger blue. The right hand all blue with the ring finger red. This is not a look I could wear to work, so I've just done this for you, my brother! Here's how it looks pre nail art. You didn't really think I'd do a mani without adding a little something something did you?

I have to say, these two colors really are damn close to perfect Smurf colors.  For this special Smurfy look, I am using Bundle Monster plate BM 201. I just used the same colors I used for the mani. I have to admit, I don't like this at all. This is not something I would reach for to wear for real. The colors just don't play well together. Too dark on dark. It ruins the pretty lacy design.

So while this mani isn't Smurfy, I will proudly admit my lifelong love of the Smurfs. But I don't think my brother will ever let me live it down. Hope you enjoyed this post. I love you!

See Mom, there was a good reason to keep these figurines after all these years!

Think this'll keep Gargamel and Azriel away?