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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swirl a with goodness chocolatey

Please don't think I've gone off the deep end! Yes I know the title makes no sense but hear me out! My last post I used Essie Little Brown Dress as the base with RBL Decorous as the stamp. I thought it'd be fun to switch them and see what happens. That's why the title is backwards. Clever eh? Only in my own mind, yes I know. Plus I wanted to continue on my brown streak!

Before we get to the pictures, I wanted to talk about my other fave thing. It's called "hair dye day". There is nothing that makes me happier than freshly dyed hair. It's been 27 years dyeing every 28 days. It started innocently enough on vacation in Myrtle Beach and a bottle of Sun In. Then it escalated to Sun In at home with a blow dryer, then on to the hard core drugstore hair dye. I was born a blond, and back then, my hair was white!

Then in 1992, I grew tired of being a blond and went red.  I've been red ever since.  I feel I am a redhead not a blond.  I've been every red you can think of. Flame orange, red wine, you name it, I've tried it.  I change the formula every month, in pursuit of the perfect red.  My hairdresser loves doing my hair cause we get to play. Thanks, Becky!! Lately, I'm a 3:1 mix of red to red violet with a pinch of brown, but today instead of the brown, we added a bit of copper. It's our own creation, you rock Becky!

Outdoor Light

Indoor Light
See the difference in the indoor and outdoor light? Cool eh?

I get very sad and depressed in the few days before hair dye day. If I didn't dye it, I'd be full on gray like Heloise. Not a look I'm going for right now in my life. Plus I don't have pretty gray like some people do. In the days before, I'm sporting a skunk stripe down my part and if you don't know, red fades the fastest. It only looks good for the first 10 days, then fading takes over.  Ah the price we pay for beauty!

Like Lady Gaga says,"I am my hair".

I hope that diatribe didn't bore the hell out of you! Here are the pictures of RBL Decorous before the stamping. It's a coffee with cream color with slight shimmer. It's beautiful.

Here it is with Essie Little Brown Dress stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM 19 .

I think I like the other design, color combination better.  I think the lacy design was nicer and I am a sucker for the Essie LBD as a full on mani.

I have also received my other set of Bundle Monster plates. So I now have 50 plates which makes about 350 different designs to try.  Damn I'd better get busy!


  1. That's such a cute manicure. I love the little dots!!! By the way, I am your new follower. Check out my blog too!!! =)

  2. Lucky number 13! I checked out your blog! I love your banner design. Maybe I need to fancy mine up to get more followers. We started the same time and you have 72 followers! Any suggestions to help make mine better?


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