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Monday, July 4, 2011

Dupe dupe duplicate day

Today I wanted to do something different. I wanted to play with similar colors to see if they are dupes. I did three different categories of colors, blue, green and khaki. These are all done without base coat or top coat. Good thing you can't see my nails now, cause they're all stained from no base coat! Note to self- always use a base coat! Good thing I'm not doing clear polish! Who does clear anyway? My mom says I should!

First up, I redid my walkoff from before. I realize my pictures from that post sucked and you couldn't see the difference. I used RBL No More War and Chanel Khaki Brun. As before, I said that the No More War has more yellow in the base, where the Khaki Brun is a darker color with more brown. There is more of a difference in the first coat than after the second. Plus, after drying, they are similar but not dupes. The formulas on both are awesome and I love these colors. They are in my favorites pile.

Then, I moved on to the blues. Again I used RBL but Dead Calm and American Apparel Passport Blue. These are for the most part, dupes. I can see the AA is slightly darker but it's negligible. Can I get my money back? Just kidding. I love deep dark blues and I almost never regret a purchase. I said almost never! I'll get back to that at a later post. Both formulas are great, no complaints from me.

Last up, is the triple green challenge. RBL Recycle, AA Hunter and Nubar Forest. The Nubar formula was runny and the pigmentation was lacking. I definitely needed more coats. The RBL and AA are almost dupes, the AA slightly darker maybe, but the Nubar is much lighter and more a kelly green than a forest green.

I do have more dupes to do- but I got my Bundle Monster plates and I've already moved on to my next mani. Stay tuned to Tuesday's post for that!

Do you guys like the dupes post? Want me to do more?


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