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Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Hunter triggers another idea

Today I got a new follower! Thank you Nail Newbie! You made my day! To celebrate, I picked one of my favorite shades of green. Of all the lovely greens out there, I am particularly fond of a forest green. Just makes me happy.

I am wearing American Apparel Hunter. Such an appropriate name. This color may be a dupe for RBL Recycle. Maybe that'll be my next walkoff! Hmmmmmmm. A plan is formulating in my head. Now that I have my digital camera, I can do a better job than before. Ok people, stay tuned!

Sorry, I digress. Back to the polish. This formula is great. Very similar to RBL in coverage, one coat would have been enough, self leveling and consistency. My only problem is the shape of the bottle is so tall that if you're not careful, more polish runs down the brush stem and you get too much on your nail. I would have preferred a shorter, squatter bottle. But isn't the color dreamy?

I then decided to add some finesse. I chose Konad plate M15. I used Zoya Gemma to stamp with. I wanted something subtle so as to not detract from the green I so love. I wasn't so great at getting this design lined up since it was so light on the stamper, but from a distance, it doesn't really matter. I have to admit, it came out more subtle than I really wanted. Ah live and learn right?

The official walk off challenge between AA Hunter and RBL Recycle will be this weekend. My early opinion is that RBL is a lighter shade of forest green. Will have to see if I'm right.

Anyone else want to engage in a little early opinion?


  1. Aw you're welcome! Lovely green colour, I don't have enough greens, will have to rectify that!x

  2. You can never have too many greens! I will be doing "dupe day" tomorrow between greens, blues, and anything else I can think of! Thank you so much for reading my little blog. I really appreciate it!


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