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Monday, July 18, 2011

I feel cooler in this Vampy color

I hate summer. I hate being hot and sweaty. It's been 100 degrees here the past two days and I wish I were some place where summer never happens!

I know I've told you that I live for dark colors and I love fall and winter. But I don't understand why people say you can only wear seasonal colors. Who made up these rules? The nail polish police? If I wear fall colors in summer, will I be arrested? I think some of the fashion/makeup rules are archaic and silly. I say wear what you want when you want! I used to wear shorts all winter long in the cold and snow. I was goth and wore black nail polish way before it became cool. My point? Not sure, maybe the heat has fried my brain.

Today in my way to beat the heat, I am fantasizing that it's fall outside and a cool, crisp day. Since it's fall in my mind, it's ok that I wear a fall color right? I got my first set of the new fall colors and they are awesome! I can't believe how pretty they are. I am excited to wear these and show them off.  Look how excited my babies are watching me polish my nails.

Can't you just feel their excitement?!?!?  Aren't they cute the way they snuggle?

My first pick is Zoya Anja from their new Smoke and Mirrors Fall 2011 collection. Now I am not a fan of glitter so I bought 5 of the 6 smoke colors that are all cremes. The mirror side of the collection are all glitters. The one creme I didn't buy was just not dark enough for me.

Anja is a vampy, dark burgundy red. The formula was nicer than I usually get with Zoya so I was pleasantly surprised at that. I am loving this color, but am thinking it might be a dupe for Essie Wicked, Deborah Lippmann Dark Side of the Moon or Essie Material Girl. I have added these for my next dupe day coming within the next week or so. In the sunlight, more purple can be seen so that may make it different from the others but we shall see in my next Dupe Off.

Because I am loving this color, I didn't want to cover it up with a large Bundle Monster design. I just wanted something very subtle. I used Spa Ritual Pebble which is a light tan gray color. I used BM plate 225 . It doesn't detract from this beautiful color, but adds to it a little bit.

Colors like this make me so happy. The darker the better. I feel cooler already.  How many days until fall gets here?

Watch for my second installment of duplicate day coming very soon.  I have several more installments coming.  So I hope you guys like them.

Plus I ordered some nail art brushes today.  I think I may try my hand at free style.  My mind is ablaze with ideas-


  1. I dark vampy colors! They are my favorite. This collection has just been wish listed!

  2. Thank you for being one of the few who comment! I am doing these new fall smoke colors all week. Plus your dupe day part 2 is coming Thursday! Part 3 in early august- hope you like them.


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