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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chocolatey Goodness with a Swirl

First I wanted to start off by saying thank you to my newest followers.  You guys have made me very happy!

For this mani, I knew I'd be wearing it for more than just a day. So I wanted colors that would make me smile until I changed my polish once again. This is my favorite color and my favorite brown polish. It's Essie Little Brown Dress. It's a deep dark chocolate yumminess that looks like candy on your nails.

The formula was a little thick, but so pigmented that one coat would have sufficed. I was quite sloppy in my application cause I was rushing. So I had to take more time in my cleanup. Should have paid more attention in the first place!

As much as I love this color, I am on a Bundle Monster kick. So I added Rescue Beauty Lounge Decorous and plate BM 206.

Aren't the two browns awesome together?  I saw this in my sleep and thought it'd be pretty. Yes I dream of polish combinations, doesn't everyone?

I still haven't gotten the hang of lining up the pattern. I'm sure there's a trick but I don't know it! If anyone out there has tips for me, I'd really appreciate them!

I hope you are enjoying my blog's new look and updated features!

Right now I have pretty nails to look at.  Don't you think?


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