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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ole Hendricksen Skincare

So last post, I introduced you to the skincare line I've been using the past six months.  Like I told you, I do love it, but I am still getting one or two cystic acne spots once in a while.  While that may be my new norm, I wanted to at least try something else.  I had seen on a YouTube video this girl who says she has cystic acne use a brand called Ole Hendricksen and in particular the Three Little Wonders set.

She claimed it has changed her acne so much so that she is using less makeup etc.  While I am mostly happy with my M2, I just had to try this brand to see if it would help those last few spots I get.  I have only been using it so far for less than a week as I write this, so I will add an edit before this posts with an update.  The site claims to change your skin in one week.

It is also an all natural brand.  I kind of like that.  Oh and here's a little secret for you.  The set I linked you to? That's the cheapest way to go.  If you buy the products full size, you will pay way more.  So while that is an awesome thing to know, realize you will run out of the cleanser and moisturizer first as they are twice a day.  So I figure at some point when I have too many serums, I will buy a full price cleanser and moisturizer, then go back to the set.  It is also in a good price range, so not too expensive.

Just helping you guys out! Yes I did the math AND asked the company and they agreed!

Here is what you get in this set.

First, how pretty are these colors???? Even with my stupid camera!  I will now go into each one separately.

First is the winner of the best all natural cleanser ever.

This is the African Red Tea Foaming cleanser.  It does what is says, when you pump it out, it comes out as a foam.  Personally, I hate that, but I do really like the cleanser.  Now I do like the M2 brand says which is to leave it on for 30 seconds before rinsing.  I think that is a very good idea and gives this the chance to get past just the top layer of dirt.

Next is the day serum.

Now I did tell you I like as few steps as possible, but I do like the idea of a day serum different than a night serum.  This does absorb quickly, so it's not a big deal.  This is the Truth Serum with Vitamin C.

Next I'll show you the night serum.

This is the Overnight Resurfacer night serum.  I use one pump of each of these serums.

The final step is the moisturizer, which is used day and night.  Yes I prefer that to a separate day and night cream.  Simple is what I like.

This is the Sheer Transformation moisturizer.  Again this is for All skin types, which I like.  I can never figure out what my skin is doing from day to day, so I prefer one that's for all types.

What I know after this five days of use, is my skin feels absolutely clean and soft.  However, when I get up in the morning, it feels soft, yet I see the dryness around my eyes and tops of my cheekbones.

I did not get that with M2.  But I did get a new Deep Pore head for my Clarisonic and cleaned the hell out of my face, so that may be a contributing factor. I do know it takes a while for skin to get used to a new routine etc, so I've told myself I will give it a month.

Then I will decide if I keep this, or go back to my M2.  It's not a good idea to keep switching it up!  I do know that if I do reorder, I will add some eye cream and make myself use it.

**EDIT** I am LOVING this brand.  My skin is even better than it has been with my previous M2. I have been using this now for two weeks or so and I think this is the one for me!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?