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Saturday, July 4, 2015

SinfulColors Out of this World, Mint Apple, Copper Pot

Remember I told you there would be more SinfulColors polish to show you? Today's mani is a gorgeous one if I do say so myself!

I told you how I had stayed away from Facebook for a long time and now I'm in a bunch of groups and even have my own group.  Another I've stayed away from until now is YouTube.  I never understood why it was so popular.  There is even a TV show that shows nothing but freakin YouTube videos.


I hang my head in shame as I tell you this, but I have been watching a sh*t ton of videos lately.  I even subscribed to a few channels.  I added the app back to my iphone.  What the hell is wrong with me???  Oh and most are not even nail polish channels.  I know how to do most of the art out there, I just don't have the talent or the patience.

What I've been watching are makeup videos. I have always been one who just slaps makeup on, not really giving a sh*t and not really taking the time to even try to make it look good.  I've never been one who wants to wear a ton of makeup, but I know I could do better.  Two in particular I've been watching is NikkieTutorials and Stephanie Lange.  If nothing else, please go watch Nikkie's Power of Makeup video.  It's amazing and powerful to all women out there.

So yeah, I've been watching their channels like I have nothing better to do.  I can't see myself watching anything else on YouTube, however there was a funny one about that doctor who hates me I told you about last post. You know the Snickers commercials where the person isn't themselves until they eat the Snickers? Yeah the medical residents did a mocking one using that doctor as the angry guy that he is.  I wish I could link it for you, but I better not.

If any of you out there really loves a particular makeup channel, let me know!

All right, on to the cool mani for today.  Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is SinfulColors Out of this World, Mint Apple and Copper Pot.

Remember when I bought OPI Kyoto Pearl as I wanted a frosty white? And remember how that was an awful brushstrokey mess? Wait til you see this one.  I wish the sun had been out for this.


How beautiful is this???? This is part of the July 4th set coming out in July. You need this people! I just went out in the sun and yes there are glittery sparkles in here too!  No brushstrokes either. And no I wasn't careful about it.  Yeah I'm in love.

Next I wanted to do just a color block as I thought these three colors go great together.


Look closely and you will see the pretty shimmer in this Mint Apple.  Copper Pot is a gorgeous metallic shimmer. I think these three go great together.  Apple and Copper Pot are already out for sale from the summer collection called Street Fusion.

I love these together.  I have to say, that I have never tried SinfulColors before as you guys know I don't do drugstore brands.  BUT, after trying these that I've shown you so far, I've really been impressed with these. They go on nice, last without chipping the three days I wear polish and for the price, how can you go wrong??

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?